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Monday, March 24, 2008


This quartet, made up of "two rednecks and two muthafuckin’ Yankees" came together on the stage and tore into their set with practiced experience.

Rockin out with more than two years of experience, Suborne lived up to the lofty expectations of the crowd.

Frontman Brandon Crable shifted frequently from lead vocals and guitar. I thought there were a few too many pauses between songs to tune the guitar but aside from that, I was impressed with his playing ability and his vocal range.

On the drums was wild child Bill Ford who seemed eager to be in the crowd and I have no doubt if he could have carried his kit and set it on the floor, he would have done just that.

Guitarist Eric Adams was low key on the side of the stage but made his presence known through his strong control of the metal licks.

Bassist Michael Gomez earned his nickname as the Demon as he stalked the crowd and shoved his bass right in their faces.

One would never know of the burden he bore by watching his performance. See the blog titled, "A True Rock Soldier" for more about that.

This band obviously has it down on stage and has been chosen to open for Mushroom Head in Lewisville on April eleventh.

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Subourne (EP) 2007



Since Subourne's humble beginnings in 2005, Subourne has taken the local scene by storm. They had played a many of local shows and still was missing their final piece to the puzzle. In middle of 2007 finding their last member, after going through a few talented musicians, Subourne has taken the scene by complete storm.

Subourne's members consist of four talented musicians. Brandon C., whose screaming yet soothing melodic vocals will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, along with his inspiring guitar riffs. Eric A., with his crushing guitar riffs, will make you wanna jump into the pit and yearn for more. Billcore, a force to be reckoned with behind a drum kit, destroys your eardrums with each hard hitting beat. Finally, last but not least, the latest addition, the Demon of Subourne, whose evil stares and pounding of his bass, will make you apart of the live show that Subourne gives everyone. Each member has their own part and does it well. They do their best by making the audience apart of their live show.

Since 2008, Subourne has began to open for national acts such as Mushroomhead, Divine Heresy, Asesino, Human Factors Lab, The Destro, Within Chaos, and Saint Diablo, with more to come.