Dublin, Leinster, IRL

A traditional three-piece band upon first glance, but in reality they are anything but. A unique and captivating live band, Subplots’ mix of vocal harmonies, keyboards, synths and percussion create a sound that often has audiences searching for another three members on stage.


Subplots are Phil Boughton and Daryl Chaney. Formed in 2007, the band released a string of singles and limited edition EPs before their debut album 'Nightcycles' was released in 2009. Following tour dates in Ireland, the UK and US in support of the release - the band began work on a follow up. Returning to live action in 2014, the band released two critically acclaimed singles 'Colourbars' and 'Future Tense' in the lead up to the release of their sophomore LP 'Autumning' in January 2015. 

"'The aesthetic lies somewhere in the overlap between Radiohead, the National, and the Twilight Sad, and you’d do well to venture into that zone."  
-Chris DeVille, Stereogum

From the first few seconds of the first track, Wave Collapse, you know that good times are ahead on Subplots’ second album. ...the likes of Future Tense, Colourbars, End of Print and Follower unfold with a singular grasp of subtle dynamics and unfussy melodies, part boldly commercial, part offbeat art-pop, and each of the highest order. 
Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times

"Autumning – a very apt name considering the mellow, atmospheric music within – is an utterly captivating album that unfurls rather than explodes. There’s immense craft in the way the myriad of instruments coalesce – and the sophisticated textures never reel forced or contrived." 
John Meagher, Irish Independent

"a nine-track collection of considered music that takes in electronic textures, razor-thin guitar lines, synth passages and falsetto; all set to a nuanced series of percussion and arranged with detail." 


Autumning - LP
(Cableattack!! Attck07)
Released 30th January 2015

1. Wave Collapse
2. The Sunken Wild
3. Escherich
4. Colourbars
5. 9/8
6. Future Tense
7. End of Print
8. Follower
9. Epilouge

Nightcycles - LP
(Cableattack!! Attck06)
Released 8th May 2009

1. 16:9
2. Poltis
3. Leech
4. Anchors & Kites
5. Call to Arms
6. Telephone Wires
7. Tired
8. Remainders
9. Baby Steps
10. Violent Sea

Leech - 7" split w/Halves
(Cableattack!! Attck05)
Released 27th March 2009

Track 1. Leech ( Subplots )
Track 2. Blood Branches (Halves)

We Carved Our Names in Glass - EP
(Cableattack!! Attck04)
Released 15th August 2008

1. Tired
2. All the Rats are Overground
3. Wolves
4. Buildings

Alarm - SINGLE
(Cableattack!! Attck03)
Released March 2008

1. Alarm
2. In Rows of Black and White

State & Nature - EP
(Cableattack!! - Attck01)
Released May 2006

1. Poltis
2. Cost of living
3. Subplots
4. Store in a Dark Place
5. Headstart

All tracks above have received national & international airplay with extensive airplay in Ireland & Spain