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Bengaluru, Karnātaka, India | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Bengaluru, Karnātaka, India | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band World Singer/Songwriter




"Chinwag with Bindu Subramaniam"

Chinwag with... Bindu Subramaniam

She comes from a family of renowned musicians. Bindu and her brother Ambi Subramaniam have established themselves as promising young stars. Violinist L Subramaniam’s children, the siblings, will be debuting their band SubraMania this weekend.

Tell us about your band...
It's a brother-sister band with accompanying musicians. We have performed as a family with our parents and even solo, but never explored our music together as a duo. The idea just crossed our minds and we decided to give it a shot. We have usually performed in concert halls and have never really experienced what it feels like to do a club gig, so this will be a first-of-its-kind experiment for us. In fact, not many know that Ambi plays the piano equally well and is a trained Carnatic vocalist. For the show, he is working on special piano compositions and will be playing the instrument.

Have the songs been penned by the two of you?
Yes. It’s all going to be new pieces, a few written by me and others by Ambi. I am more of a singer-song writer, while Ambi is the composer. Though we have different ideas, we are experimenting with each others’ styles of music.

Highlights of the show?
Ambi on the piano —that will be the biggest highlight. He is usually associated with the violin, but here people will listen to his piano compositions. Apart from that, I will perform the song Right Now composed by my father for an upcoming film by Anant Mahadevan called Gaur Hari Dastaan. It’s a flick based on the life of a freedom fighter who fought for his recognition post-Independence. Right Now is a pop-rock song and I will be performing it first time on stage. We will perform about 15-20 songs for the one-anda- half hour gig.

What are the two of you working on next?
I just released a solo titled Halo and I am working on my next album. Ambi’s first solo Carnatic album is ready, but he is waiting to graduate with an MBA from Ramaiah College and will release the album after that. We are also working on a book that is about teaching music to babies titled SAPA, which will be released shortly.
- Bangalore Mirror

"“Indian music’s crown princess...”"

(About Bindu Subramaniam) - Asian Age

"Bindu Subramaniam's Billboard Award"

The beautiful and talented daughter of Dr L Subramaniam and Kavitha, law trained singer/songwriter, Bindu Subramaniam received an honourable mention from the prestigious 16th Annual Billboard World Song Contest for ‘When It’s Dark’.

It is a deep reaching song that she composed and wrote for her soon-to-be-released debut solo album. Indeed a rare feat for this young Tamil musician based in Bangalore, who obviously shows promise on the very competitive world stage. Her Berklee college of music education has indeed stood her in good stead as she continues on her musical quest.

Here are some of the simple yet powerful lyrics, that obviously impressed industry professionals to dish out the honour to Bindu.

“You give me faith

Reasons to breathe

You are the light

Shining in me

Shelter my soul

Help me find rest

And lead me home”

To add to this accolade, she was also selected as Top 20 Finalist in the performance category, by the 12th Unisong International Song Contest, and is the only Indian to ever have received this honour. She is all about real music and these awards imbibe her natural promise further.

Raised in LA and then Chennai and now settled in Bangalore, she spends a lot of time touring with her incredible musical family, while also working on her own projects – her father has even shared some of his musical talents on her forthcoming album.

The Tamil songstress is most certainly chuffed and articulates in her unmistakably American accent: “To be recognised as a songwriter by American Music Industry giants like Billboard and Unisong is truly humbling. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my music with such a wide audience. I am delighted that my music would be singled out from the thousands of other composers and songwriters and honoured in this way.”

As a talented songwriter, she discloses: “When It’s Dark, is a song that is specially close to my heart, because it was the first song I recorded for my album, and it features some amazing musicians like my father L. Subramaniam, Grammy nominated vocalist Matthew Santos (who collaborated with Lupe on the hit track, Superstar) and Blues Harmonica legend Corky Siegel. The song deals with the issue of faith and our difficulty in sustaining it through our dark moments.”

Her music and lyrics are her passion and she shares the exciting fact that she is appreciated: “The support and positivity I received from people who have heard ‘When It's Dark’ and other songs that I've done is overwhelming, because as a songwriter, composer and singer, the greatest reward is knowing that people can relate to what you're trying to say.”

Smooth voiced Bindu, who has been on stage from childhood has collaborated on projects with many diverse artists, in fact, some of the best in the world, including her own Parents, Al Jarreau, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, Larry Coryell, Corky Siegel, Pandit Jasraj, Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Hariharan et al. - Thamarai


"At 19, Ambi is equipped with the jaw-dropping technique - and expressiveness - that will undoubtedly see him follow the footsteps of his illustrious father" - The Age, Melbourne

"The New King of Indian Classical Violin"

(About Ambi Subramaniam) - Times of India

"Third Generation Prodigy Treads Her Own Path"

(About Bindu Subramaniam) - The Hindustan Times

"A House Full of SubraMania!"

A house full of SubraMania
They have given plenty of performances in the past, with each other and along with their father. But for the first time ever, the eldest and youngest of Dr L Subramaniam’s children are coming together in a band format.

Bindu and Ambi Subramaniam along with other musicians like Alwyn Fernandes, Bethel Tsuzu, Aalaap Raju, Karthik Mani and G Satya Sai have formed a troupe known as SubraMania, and their first gig is on May 25 at B Flat. In case you were intrigued by the band name, rest assured there is a story behind it.

“Years ago, when my father had gone to Russia for a show, his name was misspelt as ‘Subramaniac’! That’s been a family joke since, and we decided that would be our band’s name,” says Bindu.

While her style is more contemporary, Ambi is more of a classical musician. “We are playing with different elements, while trying to strike a delicate balance between our styles,” Ambi says. Their repertoire will be a mix of their father’s compositions along with new material. “Our sound is a mélange of soft rock and acoustics,” adds Bindu, the singer-songwriter.

With their linage, they concur that music came naturally to them. “When you are constantly exposed to something, it becomes second nature to you. My daughter, Mahati is growing in a musical environment. She spontaneously picks up the mike and starts singing Twinkle Twinkle, trying to copy my gestures. Though there was never any pressure on us to pick a certain style or instrument, it was absolutely mandatory to get a professional degree,” states Bindu, who holds a degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music and another in law.

The single mother’s passion for law was because she ‘OD-ed’ on John Grisham novels. Ambi is currently pursuing an MBA in finance. “With our father — a doctor and a musician, being over-educated is the norm. “Had we just studied music, we would never have been able to hold a conversation.” says Bindu.

Next up is a music book called SaPaBaby Book. “It will show different techniques of learning music through writing and illustration.”

- Deccan Chronicle

"Watch world music act SubraMania shine"

On their debut release “Days of the Sun”, the sibling duo SubraMania [comprising vocalist Bindu and violinist Ambi Subramaniam, also progeny of violin virtuoso Dr. L. Subramaniam] sees Ambi craft melancholic melodies and Carnatic-inspired violin passages as they mourn the loss of a late friend and musician.
The song—which is a tribute to their father’s late collaborator and acclaimed jazz musician George Duke—was born out of the news of Duke’s passing in 2013. Says Bindu, “’Days in the Sun’ is a song about loss and longing; it’s not typically what one would think of as a first release because it’s not peppy or up-tempo but it felt true for us.”
“Days in the Sun” was shot in the village of Hampi, Karnataka, and follows the siblings through the sand-struck structures of the sprawling heritage site, along with guest musicians [guitarist Alwyn Fernandes, percussionist Karthik Mani, bass player Prakash and Bharat on keyboard].
Although SubraMania already has a concertful of material which they perform regularly with their live setup of guest musicians, their next video is slated for release only later next year; after taking off to New York for the shoot in February. - Rolling Stone India


Bindu Subramaniam

1. Halo (single)

2. Surrender

3. Global Traditions (DVD)

4. Dr. L. Subramaniam presents the Leipzig Philharmonic (featuring Bindu Subramaniam on Freedom Symphony)

5. Visions of India

6. Athens

7. The Best of Dr. L. Subramaniam (featuring Bindu Subramaniam on Jay Ram)

8. Global Fusion (featuring Bindu Subramaniam on Harmony of the Hearts)

Ambi Subramaniam

1. Indian Violin

2. Aadi Ganesh

3. Global Symphony (DVD)

4. Global Traditions (DVD)

5. Live in Leipzig

6. Violin Maestros

7. Visions of India



"A house full of SubraMania" - Deccan Chronicle

"Don't Miss It!" - Deccan Herald

After it's successful launch in 2013, SubraMania has firmly established itself on the world music scene, building on the multi-generational musical tradition that it takes forward, but with a sound that is distinctly it's own.

Formed by singer/songwriter Bindu Subramaniam ("third generation prodigy" - The Hindustan Times) and violinist/composer Ambi ("the new king of Indian classical violin"- Times of India), SubraMania fuses traditional Indian music with elements of pop, rock and jazz, to create contemporary world music.  In addition to creating their own material in English and traditional Indian languages, SubraMania works with well-known classics and jazz standards to interpret them in a completely new light. 

Both Bindu and Ambi are established solo performers in their own right, with awards, hundreds of stage performances and multiple albums to their credit.  They decided to create SubraMania, to create a new voice for contemporary world music.

SubraMania regularly performs in the United States, India and Europe.

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