huge variety of influences in a mass amount of genre. from Hardcore to Rock, Metal to Punk, Grunge to The Classics. They mix all these styles in every one of their songs.


The story of SubRosa is not as average as one would think. No auditions were held. No music was written, only the faith that this new "project" would somehow work out... and the fact that they had a live show to play within a week of forming.
One day after Louisville's up-and-coming Renalt had called it quits, Richard Hudgins(vocals), Sean Shelton (guitar), and Eugene Barker (bass), had asked longtime friends and fans, Evan Redmon (drums), and Jordan Haynes (guitar), (who were both already in a band together) to start a new project. They quickly obliged. Un-named and without material, they got to work. The chemistry was unexplainable.
Playing under a different name at the show, it was a success. The presence was there, the music was in your face. and it was the start of something they had only dreamed of.
Within only one year since forming, SubRosa has played over 100 shows, a number of which has been with national acts, recorded a seven-track EP, plus a 4 track Sampler to promote their full length they’re releasing in Fall/Summer 2007. Won “Louisvilles Best Rock Band of 2006”. and gained the support of many bands, and promoters in Louisville. They cannot wait to branch out across the country,
and farther with their original style. The rest is up to you.


SubRosa (Self Titled) E.P.
SubRosa 2007 Sampler CD

Radio Play on Louisville's 105.1 WLRS and 93.1 The Fox

Set List

Let's Fly
Mother May I
Lights, Camera, Reaction
Untitled (Ain't No Daisy)
Pull Me A Solid