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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"One Of The Best Unsigned Bands In America"

The SUBSTITUTES are from San Francisco. That's pretty much all you need to know, since the music does all the talking with this band.Their sound is thick, mean and street level. Like the Cult in 85 or Thin Lizzy in '76 and just like those bands The SUBSTITUTES mean every word they say. Pure high grade raunch from one of the best unsigned bands in America. - Classic Rock Magazine


The Exploding Plastic Inevitable

By the name of this band, one might think they’d come off sounding like The Who. Now, I like The Who, by and large, so had this been the case it would not have made me an unhappy man. However, what emanated from the speakers of the proverbial Ray-Blaster when this disc was cranked made me a good deal more than not unhappy. It took me past phlegmatic, rushed me into the HOV lane right by jovial & dumped me smack dab in the middle of a two lane blacktop with the destination orgasmatron! This, my friends is rawk. Pure and simple, what we have here is a 4-piece band, wizened by late nights in bars and infused with the spirit of a bottle broken over the corner of a pool table. It’s 2 guitarists (Joel Proto & Mike McShane) who have worshipped at the altar of Robbo & Scott & who I am sure have played, at least once in their lives, with a cigarette stuck on the tuning peg. It’s a bass player/vocalist named Britt who has seen the seamier side of life & writes about it with a poetic flair that belies the fact that he isn’t about 11 albums into a veteran career. It’s a drummer (Paul Royland) who could look Phil Rudd in the eye & not blink. And, as we always get to this point, faithful readers, it’s about songs. If you can sing along with the chorus to “Down On My Lady,” “Flower” or “God Is Cocaine” & not get goosebumps, you need to go back to your mommy or your Staind CD’s. In retrospect, this should have probably been in my Top 10 for 2005 and maybe in the upper half. For certain, order this sucker now. - Chaos Realm


The Exploding Plastic Inevitable

The Substitutes are a rock & roll band. The San Fran foursome likes loud guitars, hair-pulling riffs, assertive vocals and the classic 4/4 thump. On The Exploding Plastic Inevitable , the boys experiment with funk (check the clavinet on "Wrong Side of the Whip"), and almost get sensitive on "Flower." But they're mostly happy to bang out soulful stompers like "In the City," "Hardcore California" and the snarling "God is Cocaine." I bet these guys tear stages to tiny bits, but this disk will suffice in putting cracks in your woodwork. Accept these Substitutes. - High Bias

"Straight From The Man Himself..."

"The SUBSTITUTES are here to deliver you from mediocrity
to the majesty of rock n roll."

KIM FOWLEY - Legendary Hollywood Guru - KIM FOWLEY


The Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Substitutes - EP


Feeling a bit camera shy



Cut from the same well-worn leather as the Doors, Cream, Thin Lizzy, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The SUBSTITUTES sound like Steppenwolf and AC/DC’s love child.

Insightful inciters, California’s SUBSTITUTES preach a soul-stirring gospel of carnality and liberation, of free choice, and self-possession. Some of their debut album, The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, was even recorded in Jim Morrison’s old room at the notorious Alta Cienga Motel.

Singer/bassist, Britt has an incredibly distinctive voice, somewhere in between Nash Kato and Glen Danzig. The guitars of Joel Proto and Mike McShane slash and burn like Joe Perry and Ace Frehley, while Paul Roybal lays down a huge groove in the tradition of John Bohnam .The Substitutes are bringing back the whole package. That long lost, raw, feral essence of real rock’n’roll that reeks of cheap motels, and the California dream gone wrong.