Imperial Beach, California, USA

We are SUBSURFER - a grit pop band from Western USA. A bit of dirt and a bit of stars puts us exactly where we are. With Dave Montalbano's ingeniuos song writing the catchy hooks and melodic vocal are paired perfectly with the weepy guitar leads.


Influences inclues The Vaccines, Wedding Present, Calla, Autolux and of course Nirvana. What do you get when ex professional surfers dig into their Pop sensibility - you get SUBSURFER. Produced by Brian Karscig of Louis XIV and The Nervous Wreckords. This grit pop four piece have all it takes to bring it to the next level, where ever that may be. Dont miss this band ~


(Demo) SUBSURFER - produced by Brian Karscig - 2011
Full Length - Self Titled - Produced By Karscig release date 10/2011