BandHip HopR&B

The next step in Hip Hop. Our lyrics are poignant and thoughtful. We bring an exciting and vibrant aura to our shows and our music is danceable and uplifting. We speak without boundaries but keep it clean. We put a lot of thought and effort in what we release. We are Subtext.


Subtext is a collaboration of producer and MC in a friendship, constructive environment. We gather influences from life and our surroundings. We produce and write in a group and our dynamic is unparralleld. We stay true to ourselves without alienating eachother. Our lyrics our contemporary and intelligent. We want to make people think and have a good time all at once. We started out as friends just hanging out making music. We were offered a show and so we got our material together and became Subtext. Our first show was a global cooling benefit and all the procedes funded 2 non-profit organizations. The only money we saw was from our CD sales. We completely sold out of all our material and got great feedback from crowd and participants. We just want to have fun and keep making music. Sharing it with others is the next step.


Grey Skies EP is our current release. Tracks from the release can be streamed on our myspace artist page.

Set List

We have about 8-10 songs in our set right now. It spans about 45 mins to an hour with monologue. The set is derived from our EP and a couple of extra songs not released.

Song List:
Intro - WD4D chops on the 1&2's
Atmospheric Lounge
Day In The Life
Hip Hop Head
Self Destructed
Tree Huggers
It's The SUB