Part organic part electronic - a mixture of funk, electronica, deep groove and jazz, sprinkled with samples and crazy improvisations.


subthunk has received critical acclaim in both the US and Europe (Entertainment Today – "…inventive, ear-catching stuff…" and FutureMusic "…brilliant, exuberant and funky…") and is about to release its much anticipated second album, Just a Few Notes Before You Go. The new record showcases the band’s diversity and its electronic meets organic aesthetic. From the drum ‘n bass stylings of "Wobble" to the eerie grooves of "Fuzz" to the intense riffs of "Dogcar" and "Beach Buggy," subthunk seem set to break the barriers between funk, jazz and electronic dance music.

The trio’s unique sound has been heard across the U.S., enjoying airplay on radio and online playlists throughout the country. subthunk has been heard on high-profile stations such as KCRW in Los Angeles on the "Morning Becomes Eclectic" program. The band’s live repertoire has expanded from its L.A. homebase to Northern California and Southwest states and its records have found their way to fans as far away as Japan, India, and Australia.

The band’s website, is home base to its music, press kit, and tour information. Ever innovative, subthunk is also releasing an online version from their site of their latest release, Just a Few Notes Before You Go, as a binary package (or Bpack, for the technically savvy). For a nominal fee, fans will be able to download MP3s, packaging, electronic liner notes, and a virtual show compatible with iTunes and WinAmp. "You can burn the tracks, assemble the packaging, and make your own CD," says Neely, who also designed the CD package. Who needs to leave the house, except for a subthunk live gig?


Project B (2000)
Just A Few Notes Before You Go (2002)

Set List

Up to 3 hours in length. Tracks range from downtempo to drum 'n bass. Lots of funky dance music and improvisational sections.