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The best kept secret in music



This Vancouver, BC band mines the modern rock field with impressive results. It's difficult in 2003 not to compare a Canadian hard rock band with Nickelback, but this time out, only the powerful vocals are in common with that other western band.

Together for about a year, the band recently released a five song EP. The set kicks off with a crunching three minutes of thrashing drums and guitars that alternates between melodic fills and all-out assault. "Dig" follows with a nod to the Cult and full of enough novel riffs to make Collective Soul jealous. This song shows off the vocal harmonies of SUbTITLE, especially in the chorus. Guitarist and co-producer Johnny Peralta lets loose with the first solo of the disk before jumping back into chorus. The band is not all about crunch guitar as "The Devil Never Knew" illustrates. Starting off with beautiful acoustic guitar and a great snare sound, the track is a love song with bite. "Too Late" doesn't further the band's sound than the earlier tracks, but it does lead up to the final, and best track, "Easter Sunday". With a killer riff and plenty of tasty fills, the song grooves along to its conclusion. Most likely the best lyrics are found here, as Michael Stacy belts out that he doesn't "wanna be the one to hold you down." No holding back here either. SUbTITLE is creating quite a buzz in the Vancouver music scene, and rightly so. Hopefully they'll venture eastward and the rest of Canada can check out if they can rock as hard in concert as on this sampler. - Ray Violette

"Munchkin Music"

Subtitle is a four piece that hails from Canada and if you’re into loud rock then their five-song demo is just the thing for you!Imagine Staind before they were drowning in a sea of corniness or Nickelback with their balls intact and you’ll end up looking at Subtitle. They managed to keep my attention from the opening song “Queens & Kings” all the way through to the last note of “Easter Sunday”. They’ve got it all from the fat and crunchy guitar sound to the powerful vocals of Michael Stacy. Granted, the chorus in “The Devil Never Knew” sounds a lot like Silverchair’s contribution to the “Mallrats” soundtrack but who is completely original these days, right?I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from these guys…it’s good to hear some rock again that doesn’t sound like it was written in ‘safety mode’. Subtitle doesn’t bring anything new to the table but they did manage to get me yelling along with their material! - Thomas Dumarey


Musicians, a very mixed group. Most are talented, but with varying approaches to getting their music out to us the public. In today'’s wired world of high speed internet access its almost a given to have a place where a band can be seen, heard and first experienced (ok there’s nothing like a live performance) when your possible fan is looking. Why am I stating the obscenely obvious? Well the group SUbTITLE has one of the better single band web sites around. Giving news and upcoming events they will be involved in. Its nice to see a group representing themselves in a upfront proactive manner. The music of SUbTITLE is straight forward rock, with a solid drive. Perhaps the best word to describe them is "solid". From the instruments to the vocals everything is exactly where it should be. The vocals done by Johnny Peralta and Michael Stacy are in the pocket, the harmonies fitting in to the music without sounding like they were hammered to fit. Johnny Peralta also plays guitar, with Matthew Doiron on bass and Victor Escota on drums. On the disc Awaken e.p. there are five songs. A good representation of the bands talent, but the music itself is a bit repetive. Which some might not care, the songs are done well and if you like this style of rock music then its a small hitch. Its hard to tell thought where one song ends and the other begins. The five songs that are on Awaken e.p. SUbTITLE shows that they are a talented band. I also would not have a problem saying that from just the few songs of this disc that they would put on a good live show. Watch for them in your town. - Bill Carrera

"YouThink Magazine"

Subtitle has burst onto Vancouver’s music scene with their Awaken E.P. They’ve got a sound that is reminiscent of the retro 70’s rock recently brought back by bands like Nickelback.

The music is tight, unadulterated rock with supremely solid vocals and raw guitar riffs. The band doesn’t attempt to cloud their heavy metal sound with influences other than rock, but lacks versatility because their music ends up being boxed into one narrow definition.

Despite some glitches, this is still an awesome CD to crank when you have a killer craving for head banging. Favorite track: Queens & Kings - Jesse Jakumeit

"99.3 CFOX"

"All of Subtitle’s songs are solid. They are definitely what’s happening in rock today". - Trace Ventura (Programming Director)

"105.3FM The Fox"

"Vocally they're very solid. Just the right amount of crunch where needed. They are definitely hard rock, just done with a little more style and grace." - Tim McKay (Programming Director)

"Band Highlights"

· 'Home' single released February 2004. Received airplay on numerous Independent music programs

· Single ‘Queens & Kings’ selected for the Monster of Rock 2004 competition sponsored by Monster Energy drink. The 200 finalists for the Monster of Rock 2004 were chosen from thousands of bands in's Alternative, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Rap Rock, and Rock charts. 'Queens & Kings' currently in the top 5 for this competition

· Single ‘Queens & Kings’ has dominated the charts. Highlights include: Charted at #35 all-time out of over 6,000 hard rock songs. Charted as high as #1 in Hard Rock and 147 out of over 91,000 songs in all genres. Was also featured as ‘Track of the Day’. Other songs continue to rank among the best at

· Chosen to appear on compilation CD, “The Great White Noise: Best of Canadian Independent Music Exposed Vol. 1” released August 26 2003 by

· Music from the “Awaken E.P.” served as additional soundtrack to the documentary entitled “Private Parties: Lives Exposed - The Secret Lives of Webmasters.” Original airdate: September 5 2003 on The Documentary Channel

· Singles 'Queens & Kings' and 'Dig' have received steady airplay by numerous Independent music programs on commercial stations such as CFOX 99.3FM

· Draw of 50 - 150 per show in the Surrey, BC area and are continuing to improve and build draw into the entire Vancouver Lower Mainland

· Professional caliber website with heavy traffic. Stats for March 2004 included 878 unique IP visitors and a total of 1250 visits to

· Released the five song E.P. “Awaken” February 2003. Produced Johnny Peralta & Hush Sound Studio’s Vic Levak of Balligomingo and Kristy Thirsk fame - SUbTITLE


Home single (2004)
Great White Noise - The Best of Canadian Independent Music compilation (2003)
Awaken E.P. (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Standing on the dark edge of hard rock Subtitle brings a heavy and driving sound to the alternative table. Although the music produced by guitarist Johnny Peralta and bassist Cory Philips can be described as hard and aggressive at times the listener is never dragged down into a musical hole of despair and tragedy. Instead the clean and melodic vocals of Michael Stacy cut through the driving rhythm. The herniated vocals and guttural screams often associated with this style of music are left in the toolbox. Meanwhile the whole machine is held together by the solid and heavy hitting drumming of Melanie Felix. With the ability to blend heavy crunch and a ton of melody the music charts an area of crossover potential that appeals to fans of many styles of music.

Since forming, Subtitle has successfully carved a share of the Vancouver music scene for itself. The band has always prided itself on a highly energetic live show giving the audience something to watch as well as listen to. As a result the band continues to bring a strong draw to it’s numerous shows. In addition to performing, a promotional attack on all fronts has helped stir the nest. The band uses creative and effective ways to promote themselves including a pro quality website that atrratcs as many as 1250 visitors a month. In addition the band has put together an amazing CD sampler including audio samples of their music and video footage that can be viewed on any home computer. The hard work has begun to pay off with their music being spun on several mainstream and university stations literally hitting airwaves from Vancouver, BC to Fredericton, New Brunswick and parts in between. Songs have been featured as soundtrack for the Documentary Channel and have appeared on several compilation albums of Canada’s rising Indie bands. The journey into cyberspace has also been positive as Subtitle has eaten up the charts. As a result the track Queens & Kings earned a spot in the Monster of Rock competition sponsored by Monster Energy Drink. Most importantly, industry insiders and music fans alike have shown an appreciation for the music through strong reviews.

With the New Year in it’s infancy big things are in the works. A 7 song EP is planned for release in the summer and a full length album is expected by year end. Armed with fierce determination, a strong work ethic, and a killer arsenal of songs Subtitle continues it’s mission to get inside your head.