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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press information / March~May 2008"

::: Reviews of Album :::
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::: Interview :::
"COOKIE SCENE" issue # 60/ JP
Colour 4P ! - FADER JAPAN etc...


Album title : pre_mary
Artist: sub-tle.
Label: Onpa
/// Worldwide release - Europe, USA, Japan etc... ! ///
- Release date: April 17th, 2008



'sub-tle.' is formed by two Japanese guys - Satoshi Okamoto and Kazuyuki Onouchi.

Now, the two of them are participating in "la! Duesseldorf / japandorf" a project led by Klaus Dinger (ex- Kraftwerk, Neu!, la! Duesseldorf).

After having studied Japanese traditional illustration, Kazuyuki Onouchi is now probing intothe fusion of drawing and music produced with a computer and the like. In 1999 he moved to Duesseldorf in Germany, and started his activities with Klaus Dinger. Then in 2000 he was part of the project Viva Remix by la! Duesseldorf and he was also a recording engineer for Herbert Groenemeyer, one of the long shining stars in Germany's musical world. For him he recorded "CHA CHA 2000" and "GELD 2006" which have both been included in the album "MON AMOUR" After that, he was also involved with the remastering session of Neu!-CDs,the cover designs and the production of artwork.

Satoshi Okamoto has started his career in 1994. He has performed as a member of a digital-hardcore band and a guitar pop band, who have released 3 albums in total and who have won many first auditon-prizes. After his involvement with these bands, he has started his solo career in 1999. Apart from collaborating with the female J-Pop singer Kazumi Nikaido for her album and live performing as a supporting member for Jugo Nagisa at his concerts, he is also working together with a lot of poets, writers, photographers, and contemporary dancers. In 2001 he has moved to Duesseldorf in order to join Klaus Dinger's project. He offers his musical compositions and collaboration performance to artists and museums of modern arts dedicated to a great variety of fields in many countries.

In 2003 Kazuyuki Onouchi and Satoshi Okamoto, who had met at Klaus Dinger's place,formed their band "sub-tle." Their improvisational live performances in Germany, Belgium, Spain, and so on, have been very well received by the audiences in many European countries.

::: Live Performance :::

11.Oct @ Galerie Revolver ::: D�seldorf, Germany
22.Nov @ Kunst im Hafen E.V. ::: D�seldorf, Germany
31.Dec @ Tanzhaus nrw ::: D�seldorf, Germany

22.May @ internationales Bochumer videofestival ::: Bochum, Germany
11.Sep @ op\'L plaza ::: Brussels, Belgium
11.Sep @ Finesouris ::: Brussels, Belgium
11.Nov @ photon ::: Brussels, Belgium
13.Nov @ VAD festival ::: Girona, Spain
18.Nov @ RECYCLART ::: Brussels, Belgium
26.Nov @ Kunstencentrum BELGIE ::: Hasselt, Belgium
27.Nov @ Kunstencentrum BELGIE ::: Hasselt, Belgium

6.May @ Tanzhaus nrw ::: D�seldorf, Germany
7.May @ Tanzhaus nrw ::: D�seldorf, Germany

::: Sound Produce :::

Nippon Code - sound produce ::: Japan,Tokyo

vor dem anfang -nach dem ende#1 \"eine vision des embryos\" mihoko ogaki

03.07- Lee Tzu hsun exhibition _ sound produce@ Gallerie Sei-hin ::: Taiwan

Lee Tzu Hsun \"Glass Beads\" DVD _ sounds produce

vor dem anfang -nach dem ende#2 \"eine vision des embryos\" mihoko ogaki