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Surreal is the word of choice among the members of local rock band Subtle Shot, when describing their rapid ascent to semi-stardom.

The Gulfport-based band is currently on the "Top 12 at 12 Countdown" on Ole Miss Radio 92.1-FM in Tupelo, and reached the No. 2 spot.

"It's very cool," says bassist Tim Black. "I don't think any of us expected it to happen this fast."

Adds guitarist Stephen Van Etten: "It was nothing that I took seriously until now."

Things are becoming serious, indeed.

"Labels are asking us to send our demos and are paying attention to us," said guitarist Chris Fayard. "The vice president of one company asked us to send a demo personally and it went directly to him. It's good that they are even listening."

Part of Subtle Shot's appeal may be the fact that the group's music can hold wide appeal. The band covers everything from '80s metal to '90s grunge to nu metal, and members' ages range from 17 to 34, with the youngest being vocalist Andrew Van Etten.

"We treat Andrew like a little brother, and I think he gets sick of it sometimes, but we love him," says drummer Cole Brewer.

And love they should. The younger Van Etten's vocals add something powerful and melodic to the songs.

The fans are a huge part of Subtle Shot's recent success. The crowds supply pure, raw energy to the band, resulting in very dedicated fans.

"Our fans are diehards. There are those who come to every single show, and then there are the ones who stop us after we play and tell us that they've become new fans," said Black. "One guy even asked me to sign a setlist, and I actually laughed at him. It's surreal."

CD review

The Subtle Shot EP is an impressive, soul-bearing achievement by experienced musicians. Chunky rhythms, beautifully riffed solos and true-to-life lyrics set Subtle Shot apart from many Coast bands of the same genre.

"Impression," easily one of the best songs on the all-too-short CD, opens with a heavy, staticky guitar and almost tribal drums. The lyrics are most gut-wrenching in the chorus, with the words, "Again I am the bad guy/Trying to do no wrong/Again you are the hero/Flying so high above." A solo that would impress any '80s hair metal fan follows.

Another notable song, "I'm Here," includes the lyrics, "I'll give it all up for you my dear/But first let me make it known that I'm here." Perfectly placed breaks and quiet cymbal taps make this song jam-worthy. You'll find yourself singing in traffic in no time.

The only regrettable part about the Subtle Shot EP is that it ends much too soon. Consider this CD a sneak preview of the full-length album.

-Jessie Weiss/Sun Herald

- Sun Herald (Biloxi, MS)

"On The Scene"

So I walk into Thunder’s Tavern and the first band up was Subtle Shot. Subtle
Shot has been around for years, longer than many other bands making them
instant veterans of the scene. I’ve heard these guys many times and they have improved
every show they’ve played. The Van Etten brothers, Andrew (vocals) &
Stephen (guitars) with the help of DJ (drums) and Fowler (bass) have pushed
this band to the next level with their batch of new songs. Of course, they played
a handful of their recognizable tunes, a spot on cover of Tool’s “The Pot”. Subtle
Shot also surprised everyone with a guitar rock driven version of Gavin De-
Graw’s “In Love with a Girl” that had everyone clapping. The most exciting
part was the new material from Subtle Shot. “Please,” the song that is currently
featured on their MySpace is wonderfully full of harmony and a chorus that
actually breathes. No kidding,
the boys of Subtle Shot are
steadily rising and their new album, freshly recorded in Tennessee, is going to be
sure to please.
- Mississippi Gulf Coast Observer


Subtle Shot EP (2007)
Bad Ace (2009)



Formed in 2004, the members of Subtle Shot have made a name for themselves along the Gulf Coast as well as across the State of Mississippi. Having one of the most talented voices on the coast only helps. Andrew Van Etten has the attitude that if it sounds good on CD it should sound just as good live. He thrives on his near flawless vocal performance on stage. After writing and recording with his brother, Stephen Van Etten, he learned very quickly that Stephen brought something to the table as well with his producer-like sense of musical arrangement and melody along with 7 years of experience on guitar. On the other side of the spectrum, the drums and bass for this group are far from mellow. Dj Triplett and Chris Fowler form a tight bond of low end sonic authority that is capable of shaking the nails out of the rafters. After intense hours of practice and a few small shows, Subtle Shot is out of the shadows to take the country by storm. Aside from being on regular rotation in Tupelo, MS on WZLQ 98.5 FM, they have been featured on WCPR 97.9 (Biloxi) and smaller radio stations online. Their track "Make My Way" was featured on the 2006 Winter Olympic promotional spots for WTVA (Tupelo, Columbus) and gained them great exposure in Northern Mississippi and Southern Tennessee. "We are hoping to turn some heads this year" says guitarist Stephen Van Etten and turning heads seems to be what they are best at doing.