Suburban Love Junkies
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Suburban Love Junkies

Band Rock Adult Contemporary


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The best kept secret in music


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Weightless (2004) - Unreleased
Self Titled (2000) - DIY


Feeling a bit camera shy


"It's difficult to write a greatest hits record before the songs are actually released," thought singer/guitarist Owen Finney. It's taken the Suburban Love Junkies a couple of years to release their newest album, "Weightless." And it's no surprise, considering that the Birmingham, AL band chose only 15 songs to record from the more than 50 written during that time. "We were very methodical in what we were looking for. We believe we're an amazing band but our previous records didn't live up to our own expectations." This is a band whose first two DIY releases sold over 12,000 copies, and that says something about their dedication to recording an album that properly captures their rock/commercial sensibility.

Eric, who shares lead vocal duties on several songs gives a simple overview into the band's approach to music: "songwriting is everything. A good song has the power to take you anywhere. But a shit song is as heavy as a brick, you wonÂ’t go anywhere. That is why we called the album "Weightless." Taking extra time to record resulted in an album held aloft by powerful guitar arrangements and energizing harmonies. SLJ couple this with a live performance that is always marked by strong musicianship and impeccable timing. "As much emphasis as we put into our songs the live show is what makes this band. That combo is untouchable. The secret is about to come out of the bag as far as I'm concerned." With no time for second-guessing Owen sums up their sincere assessment of what the future might bring: "if we don't make it, I'll be one of those guys playing in a bar with my acoustic and loving every minute of it. As long as Eric is next to me and we are singing our songs-that is the only thing that matters to me."

Opening for acts such as Sting, Matchbox Twenty, Train, Live and Brian Wilson, the members of SLJ have proof that choosing music as a career means more about playing to a devoted following than aspiring to be rock stars. Formed right out of high scchool in 1996 by Owen and vocalist/guitarist Eric Watters, the band continued to take shape when three years ago Josh Moehr and Brant Benefield joined on drums and bass. Opting to keep it simple rather than chase a scene has always been their way, as Eric points out, "I live in the suburbs of Birmingham. Three-quarters of my rent is what a person in NY pays for a pack a day of cigarettes." But if SLJ aren't worried about breaking through to the stratosphere, they are looking to share their newest work with a wider audience. Josh shyly states, "I can't wait to hit the road and live there for the next two years. There is a big country out there for this band to say "hello" to. I just want to hear them say it back." Brant's quick to add that he's "thrilled with the results." of recording. For him and Josh, this is all they've wanted since they joined SLJ. "We couldn't wait to record and tour." With over a dozen songs already written for the next album, Suburban Love Junkies feel momentum taking over. According to Owen they're involved in a creative high-speed chase where "sometimes I feel like I am in my car watching the present trying to catch up through my rearview mirror." Tour, record, tour, record repeat seems to be the plan.