Austin, Texas, USA

Pure emotion and energy with an in-your-face, driving sound put into an original style.


Subverse is a hard driving, hard working rock band that was born in 2011 by Guitarist Jeff Buettgenbach and Drummer Tom Burley, two upscale but humble musicians who immediately meshed with one another in playing style. The lineup was complete in early 2012 with the addition of Ashton Satchwell on vocals.

With a high energy, driving stage performance, The Life of Me is a mesmerizing act with excellent stage presence and an in-your-face set performance that is sure to leave you wanting more. Pure emotion is poured into every song and performance they give.

They continue to write and produce dramatic and catchy songs with great hooks and melodies while building a solid live set.

Set List


Complacent Collapse


Used Future

Kill My Heroes



Last One

In The End

The Martyr

(Total time: 40 minutes)