Rennes, Bretagne, FRA


Guided by the unpredictable Mister Eleganz, the legend of this four man's band begins in 2007 with a smash hit « Girl from New Orleans ». Immediatly repered by RCA/U.K & the Manchester music industry, the song did the world-tour with a remix contest.

For two years, the Success-show ran through France. The avant-gardist festivals like Transmusicales, Artrock, 3 éléphants & Marsatac confrm Success has a revelation.

The first E.P released on Platinum records « Hard to comes back » appears on the Hollywood Blockbusters « Zombileland » soundtrack.

Will you stay insensible to their electRAW Power any longer ?

May Success be with you!


Hard To Come Back EP (Platinum Records) - 2009

Set List

Tell Us
The Secret
The Psychoanalyst
Hard to come back
Let me be
Heavy MC’s
Road to Billy Joe
Burning Flame
Girl from New Orleans
Empty Eyes
Band for…

approx. 60 min