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Such Vengeance

Orem, Utah, United States | SELF

Orem, Utah, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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"Local Boys: Such Vengeance - Universal Remorse | Call-Out"

Such Vengeance From: Orem, Utah Discography: “The Time Is Now” (2009) Such Vengeance is a death/thrash metal band formed in May of 2008. Their debut album,“The Time Is Now” was self recorded, produced and distributed. SV is: Ian Eskelson - Vocals Derrick Dennert - Guitar Conor Papineau - Guitar Josh Hone - Bass Eric Watson – Drums Such Vengeance really surprised me when I first put their CD in. I have a really nasty habit of not expecting much when it comes to local (Utah) bands, and this is the second time I have had to pull my foot out of my mouth. SV ‘s album is one that comes from a group who’s dedicated is to music and not “the scene”. SV is a stand out act amongst a plethora of bands that seem to only have it in their mind to be the next ____(whatever). Such Vengeance is the next Such Vengeance. If you live in Utah, go pick up one of their CDs at a Greywhale location, if you are from out of state, there is a link at the bottom. -

"Such Vengeance"

Such Vengeance
The Time is Now
Street: 09.11
Such Vengeance = Lamb of God + Killswitch Engage + Separation of Self
If you’re a fan of modern melodic metalcore, Such Vengeance has created an album worth listening to. The five piece band from Pleasant Grove sounds like a band that could be signed with the likes of Roadrunner, Victory, or Solid State records. Truthfully, it’s their loss they didn’t sign this band. I’d rather listen to the songwriting and true grit pissed off thrash n’ core of Such Vengeance than some of the tripe the bigger indie labels are touting as true angst. The production, while not as thickened as the band’s peers, works well for the album and the band’s sound, giving it a rawer edge instead of sounding micro-chip, clean-room clean. The only real complaint here is that clean singing needs a little bit more confidence––the vocalist goes a bit wavery and uneasy sounding ,and it plays out as sounding inexperienced. Other than that, if you like the genre these guys play there’s enjoyment to be had here. –Bryer Wharton

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The Time Is Now 2009



Such Vengeance is a five piece metal band from Pleasant Grove and Salt Lake City Utah. The band was formed over the process of four years with the arrival and departure of many members. Throughout all of the member changes there has been one constant and that is the determination of the primary members to stay together and do what they have loved to do from the start, create music and play metal.

In the fall of 2004 Eric Watson was a founding member of a local four piece band titled “Nothing Beautiful”. The band progressed for the next two years with many member changes and in the fall of 2006 Josh Hone was added to the line up as a bass guitar player. Again Nothing Beautiful progressed further and went through a few more member changes but retained Eric Watson and Josh Hone. In February of 2007 a fifth member was added to the band as a second guitar player in the form of a very talented Derrick Dennert. The group continued for the next year playing several shows and recording several songs in their basement rehearsal space, but in the spring of 2008 the band was no longer progressing and it was decided to end the project. For several months following the break up of the band Josh Hone, Eric Watson and Derrick Dennert spent hours playing and writing music for hopes of starting a new project.

After being contacted by a former vocalist for the band titled “Ancient Wings unfold”, Eric, Josh, and Derrick decided to start a new project with many songs already written specifically for a new project. The new band was titled Such Vengeance and with one member change and a debut album the current line up is Connor Papineau (guitar), Derrick Dennert (guitar), Josh Hone (bass guitar), Ian Eskleson (vocals), and Eric Watson (drums).

In the fall of 2008 Such Vengeance began work on there debut album in the rehearsal space of the band. Over the next year the band wrote and recorded ten songs for the album later titled “The Time is Now”. One of the biggest assets this band has to offer is the self-sufficiency through Josh Hone (Bass / Certified engineer) and the entire band with there own recording facility in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The Time is Now was recorded at the bands own studio with the exception of the drums (which were recorded at a local studio). Everyone in the band wrote and produced the album with Josh Hone engineering the recording both in the bands private studio as well as the professional studio. After releasing their debut album on September 11, 2009 the band has been back in their studio writing and working towards their next release.

Since the beginning of Such Vengeance in 2008 the band has played show after show to promote themselves in the local music scene. After taking the bands first out of state show in September of 2009 in Grand Junction, Colorado they got a taste for touring and the open road. The band spent the entire night in their 2005 Chevrolet van after the Grand Junction show and by this it is apparent that they will do anything that is necessary to be on the road. Since then the band has been doing what it can to get out of Utah and expand the name of Such Vengeance to a broader audience. Currently the band is planning a two week tour across the states with a hired tour manager starting in March.

Such Vengeance has a sound that is difficult to compare to any other musical group in the local scene. The music that is made by the band is strong, melodic and driving yet the band has an ear for choruses that catch the listener’s attention and draw them back. The big variety of musical tastes of all the members of this band come together through the song writing process to create something new with every song. Their new album has received numerous positive reviews from both local magazines and national online websites.

The attitude of all of the band members is a determination that is shown through their professional and road ready gear, their ever growing recording studio, 2005 Chevrolet Van, and promo material to spread the word. The professional attitude of the band members is something they all strive for as they have learned that music is just as much a business as anything and by treating the band as a business it has paid off for the greater. Such Vengeance’s future is looking very good and all the members are ready to take on anything and everything that gets in the way of nothing short of success!