Sucio Feo

Sucio Feo


Rock. That's about it. We just want to rock. Can you dig?


Theo and Steve Sur met in College and have been playing for about 5 years now. Evan joined the team about 3 years ago and since we have played shows all over the tri-state area. The band has put together many fundraisers. Steve sur play music and works as a therapist. A few years ago steve sur worked for a homeless and runaway shelter and the band saved up enough money to reunite a family in need. Our goal is to inspire, unite, and rock on.


We've got two myspace sites full of music:
& Steve Sur has some solo recordings at:

Set List

Our set's can last up to 4-hours. We've played all nighters full of origionals and covers. Some cover songs we've done are Led Zep: Heartbreaker, Achillies Last Stand, Tea for One, Good Times Bad Times, What is and What Should Never Be, The Immigrant Song, Over the Hills and Far Away, D'yr Maker. The Beatles: Dig a Pony, I've Got a Feeling, Taxman, Come Together, I'm Only Sleeping, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Random covers such as Soul Man (The Blues Brothers version), some Radiohead tunes, Jimi Hendrix: Spanish Castle Magic, Fire...