Sucioperro are a three-piece rock band from Ayr, Scotland. Having built a steadily increasing and loyal following for their electric live shows and tenacious reputation, the band have attracted fans and critics alike with their latest album, "Pain Agency".


Formed in 2003, Sucioperro - pronounced "sooch-ee-oh-perro" - established a cult following with debut album "Random Acts Of Intimacy", touring with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Reuben, Fightstar, Oceansize, Nine Black Alps, The Living End and Aereogramme. Vocalist JP Reid is also one half of the acclaimed gold-selling Sucioperro/Biffy Clyro side project Marmaduke Duke. The "Mums' Bad Punk Music" EP was released to critical acclaim in late 2008 (“The Scottish boys weld a Brontasaurus sized riff to dark and dirty melodies that will leave you feeling distinctly unclean” – Kerrang’s 10 Tracks You Must Hear). With the lead track securing airplay on the Radio One Rock show, XFM Rock Show, 6music and Kerrang Radio, Radio One DJ Vic Galloway declared them one of a select group of Scottish acts to watch in 2009.

The band released second album "Pain Agency" in 2009 - winning over fans and critics alike. From the hypnotic "Hate Filters", the samba breakdown of "Conception Territory" and ferocious riffing of "Mums' Bad Punk Music", the album is the perfect showcase for the band's mix of heavy driving riffs with impeccable melodies and the unique vocal take of JP Reid. The album was produced by Sucioperro and mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Feeder, Reuben).

With a thirst for playing live and an ambition to match, the band are set to release a brand new single, "I'm Not In Charge" through King Tuts Recordings in December, before returning in 2010 with their highly anticipated 3rd album and a busy touring schedule.


The Dissident Code

Written By: JP Reid

So from this view
This canyon I call the future
This precipice from which I stare
Over nothingness and all so self-aware
Will you ever make the jump for me?

That makes me feel so good and this makes me feel so positive

For all the little half-truths and total lies I cursed myself over
Yeah I cursed myself tonight
Journeys with morals cast aside
Re-enacting the dissident code

I’ll cover all your mistakes
I’ll cancel all your negatives
I’ll destroy all the traces of your misdemeanours
For we are all the same anyway

You Can't Lose (What You Don't Have)

Written By: JP Reid

In this life it’s so much easier
To sit and watch the world move on
A quick glance towards the other half
And laugh at how they did it all wrong
I’d cut loose if I was brave enough
But fears become my only ally
I’d wake up if I had reason to

You can’t lose what you don’t have
And I am tired of nothing at all
You can’t feel what you don’t know
I guess I thought that I knew it all

Does a simple future lay in the shelter of your love?

Your words of gratitude
Slowly made me open my eyes
Your smile true and sincere
Completely lifted me by surprise
I’d give up if I was weak enough
But you won’t let me give up the fight
I wake up because I have reason to

Hate Filters

Written By: JP Reid

Do you feel over unsatisfied
Are you caught up in the charades and tears
Of your troubled life
It’s just the choices all amount
Fate wrestles luck
And we stand there screaming let me out let me out

I hold my love close to my heart
We don’t let them tear us apart

We keep it simple we take it easy
You say you need me but I need you more

Hate filters common sense
We run to ground
They sit and laugh at our expense
It just dilutes wastes and corrupts
We count our blessings
They argue over what it’s worth

Tem V Com

Written By: JP Reid

If I could I'd leave you here, alone is no disgrace, a love without a name in a cold city
And all that I do wrong I trade in for a song knowing that sometimes it's compassion not pity
But the words break my back
All the sinners' sing along, let the devil take us home, we're sorry
It's just another one lost to emotions, I'm sorry
For every false attack I promise to come back with answers not just excuses
My expense in return, I paid to watch you burn but I truly loved you, I truly loved you


"Random Acts Of Intimacy" (Captains Of Industry, 2006)
"Pain Agency" (Maybe Records, 2009)

"Wolf Carnival" (Captains Of Industry, 2006)
"Dialog On The 2" (Captains Of Industry, 2006)
"The Drop" (Captains Of Industry, 2006)
"Mums' Bad Punk Music" (Maybe Records, 2008)
"Don't Change (What You Can't Understand)" (Maybe Records, 2009)
"The Dissident Code" (Maybe Records, 2009)

"Why Bliss Destroy" (Self-Released, 2002)
"The Hidden Perils Of Dancing" (Adorno Records, 2004)
"Tour EP #1" (Self-Released, 2005)
"I'm Not In Charge" (King Tuts Recordings, 2009)

Set List

Festival sets usually 30-45minutes. Headline sets usually 60-70 minutes.

No. 273
Grace & Out Of Me
Tem V Com
Hate Filters
Mums' Bad Punk Music
Don't Change (What You Can't Understand)
Conception Territory
The Final Confessions Of Mabel Stark
Dialog On The 2
The Dissident Code
You Can't Lose (What You Don't Have)

(Average 1 hour)