Catchy Rock and Roll that's fast and loose with a tinge of carnival music and seventies arena rock added for flair. You'll be singing it in your head for the rest of the day.


Suckbutton formed in the summer of 2003 by four musician friends that worked in the music business and saw the potential for positive change.The goal has changed little since their humble beginings.Make music fun again for the listener and to put on shows that are memorable for the audience.And have fun doing it. Suckbuttons list of influences span many genres and artists;from Nina Simone to Black Flag but their sound is a comparable to bands like Queens of the Stone Age,Clutch,Masters of Reality,and Kyuss with a little Tom Petty,Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen or John Fogerty thrown in. The members of Suckbutton have worked with many well known National and Local touring acts.Singer/songwriter MT Bodine has toured with many multi-platinum selling artists and played in quite a few side project bands with many of them.Drummer Scott Carter was a fixture in the 90s Punk scene and played with many national acts including (but not limited to)Hagfish,Welt,Diesel Boy,and the Hellions to name a few.Bassist Brandon Stewart is a huge part of the thriving Dallas Hip Hop scene and continues to record,produce,and perform on albums.Rounding out the quartet is newcomer and multi-instrumentalist Nate Zappa.Nate worked at a stringed instrument repair shop and used to fix MT's and Brandons guitars for them.They recognized the fire in his belly and alot of passion for his craft,and quickly added him to the line-up.


Rubbing out the easy one/ep
Split Cd ep with "Free to Kill Again"
Full length(yet to be named)due out late 2006

Set List

Selections From E.P. and full length album with select covers