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""One of the tightest bands I have seen.""

Headliners SUCKERFACTORY seemed to be newcomers to the scene, but had to be one of the tightest bands I have seen in awhile. The straight-ahead rock four piece must have jammed for quite a while before taking the band live. - by TJ Liebgott

"Suckerfactory Returns From Kandahar"

June 26th, 2008

One hour after two rockets landed somewhere in KAF Kandahar; after an hour in the relative comfort of the two-foot thick concrete walls of a bunker the “All Clear” siren wailed, and a group of Canadian performers returned to the stage to fire back its reply.

The group of singers and musicians ranging from Country artists (Diane Chase, Duane Steele and Ginette Genereux) to Cape Breton fiddlers (Troy Macgillivray and Kimberley Frazier), Comedians (Pete Zedlacher and Kenny Shaw), one Canadian Blues legend (Matt Minglewood) and one Rock Band (SUCKERFACTORY) were on a tour of war-torn Afghanistan to help bolster the morale of NATO troops stationed there. T.Z. Wade of the rock band, “SUCKERFACTORY” has now performed on five such Show Tours. “I was part of a tour in ‘05 that visited Kabul, and I was amazed to see that although there are aspects of Afghanistan that feel like a lot of progress has been made, there were ways in which it seemed more dangerous.” Certainly most would consider a Rocket attack during one’s performance something beyond dangerous - the 401 is “dangerous” but, “It didn’t really hit home that it had been risky until we were on our way back home. Due to security issues no one is allowed any information about where the rounds actually land, however on the Airbus ride home there were whispers that it was in fact a very good shot, although again due to security we can’t say where they hit.”

According to Colin Daniel, lead singer of the group “SUCKERFACTORY”, “We were about a quarter of the way through our show, and we didn’t really hear the missiles hit. There was just this point in the show where it sounded like someone had gone way out of tune. When a British Sergeant walked out on the stage and started yelling, we stopped playing and heard the sirens. Everybody sort of scattered, though not really in a panicky sort of way. It made me think of the way we all pitch in together during a big snow storm in Toronto.” T.Z Wade, guitarist and producer for the group says, “There had been an attack the night before during sound check when we actually heard them land, and things did get a little chaotic until we found our way to the shelters - sort of a dress rehearsal you might say, as we had a feeling there might be a repeat performance the next night.” It seems strange to hear them say now, nestled safely in the bosom of Canada, that they were more concerned about getting a chance to get back on stage and do their show.

When the personnel of the show tour were asked if they thought they would like to try their luck at a return performance, it was somewhat of a surprise that they all said they would - gladly. “I really believe in the work they’re doing over there,” says T.Z Wade. “The feeling you get from talking to the soldiers, the sense of how they feel about their mission makes all of us very proud of our military men and women, and I believe if more of the general population of Canada had the first hand experience we have had, there would be much greater support for our presence in Afghanistan.” In the words of Canadian Blues Great, Matt Minglewood who is a veteran of many such tours… “When you see the level of care and professionalism of our Canadian military it makes you proud to be Canadian, and when you see what a troubled state much of the world is in it makes you want to kiss the ground we walk on here in Canada because we live in the greatest country in the world.” In speaking to the group about whether they, at any point feared for their lives, there was the expected philosophical musing about the odds of being hit by a bus, or any of the possible ways one could “meet the maker” anywhere in the world including Canada, certainly one of the safest places in the world. However one can’t avoid the fact that one’s odds of living to a ripe old age plummet dramatically once you enter Afghani air space. In fact in the days after a military convoy whisked the group out of ISAF headquarters to Kabul International Airport to catch their flight home, via a road (code named Route Violet by the military, also nicknamed Route Violence) suicide bombers wounded and killed civilians and coalition fighters in two separate attacks along what is known to be one of the most dangerous places on earth, and not because of its drivers. “While we were there, there were some eye opening, heart racing moments… hearing gunfire all night, the convoy ride to ISAF was really intense…” says T.Z Wade. “The worst thing at the time was finding out that the Rocket attack was all over the news back home and we were on our way to Kabul, and unable to contact our loved ones.” “The worst part now is that every time something happens over there, we listen for the name and search our minds for a face. God forbid any one of those people gets hurt or die, but this time after meeting with and getting to know so many, we may be losing a friend”….

SUCKERFACTORY is set to release their debut CD release at a launch party scheduled for Saturday July 5th at the REVIVAL CLUB, 783 College Street West in Toronto. A portion of the proceeds will be donated in support of CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health).

- Sugarcain Entertainment

""Suckerfactory - a few licks and twice the fun!""

Suckerfactory- a few licks and twice the fun!
March 25th, 2008

Toronto created Suckerfactory’s name maybe a little strange, but even stranger bands in the past and present have held their own even while critics laughed at their choice. Bands such as Def Leppard, MeatLoaf, Hootie and the Blowfish and Weezer had alot of people in the early parts of their career turning their noses up, but once the music played their ears opened wide. Same thing with Suckerfactory! Catchy melodies, great guitar riffs and some really funny lyrics. With songs like Fun in Funeral and King of the Concrete Jungle, one has to as themselves, ” What the hell goes on in the minds of songwriters now adays?”

Band members ROCK H. TRIPOD - A.K.A. LEO - Lead Vocals & Guitar TMZ - A.K.A. JOEY - Lead Guitar have been trudging along, playing at venues through the city and abroad. Both members backgrounds extend all the way into country music and TMZ has even written for Canada’s Celine Dion and George Canyon. Suckerfactory’s sound is reminicient of some bands that emerged from the UK in the early 80’s. Much of the music of the early eighties was actually influenced by 70’s glam, early garage, 60’s psychedelia, disco and even 50’s rock. Suckerfactory blends all of those early sounds in their music and a whole lot of humour! These diverse musical elements come together at a time when the music world desperately needs something new.
If your mind has gone a little numb from the repetition of the standard songs that get plenty of airplay, then pucker up, because the Suckerfactory is set to deliver.

by Orlena Cain
- Sugarcain Entertainment

""... SUCKERFACTORY defies definition""

Myspace Invader


Upon entry to I am greeted by two very large, and sexy lipstick lips on a relatively stark background. This is clearly a new site; a work in progress. However, the distant howl of guitar feedback like a pack of Indy cars rounding the turn, and the slashing, bashing opening chords of " The King of the Concrete jungle" keep my attention. Suddenly I am back at the College Pub slamming against other drunken young bodies. Next, "You put the Fun in funeral" comes on like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols in a pissing match. It says everything you may have wanted to say to someone but didn't want to get fired or go to jail. At first listen it seems that the music of SUCKERFACTORY defies definition, but that would only be because it is a such a savory blend of all the things I like about music, rock music and really just music in general. I can't say that they have been born from any particular style, they just sound new and fresh and vaguely familiar. They are well bred like the bastard child of a high class whore house: they may have been sired by many disparate rock powerhouses. I hear the Clash. I hear Zeppelin. I hear both Elvis's and the Beatles. I hear Queen. I may even hear INXS in there. Its as if I've found a portal that leads to rock and roll heaven or hell and they are still partying and jamming away. I was initially led to SUCKERFACTORY's myspace after a keyword search ( which I must keep to myself to protect the guilty) brought me to a tongue in cheek video on youtube. "Titties and Beer is a riotous send up to the glory of the female anatomy, and the golden elixir that soothes our souls on Friday nights. I don't entirely get the connection to the rest of their music except that it definitely got my attention. Sex sells! Looking over the site there are some pictures of a live performance at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, along with some video clips that prove these boys are not the creation of studio wizardry, they can really play. The Bio section was a bit odd, if entertaining. I read two completely different stories that land somewhere between a rant and stream of consciousness. Its as if they have something to hide. Maybe they don't want anyone to know who they are. I get it. I don't think everyone will. For me the message that comes loud and clear is that they want the music to do the talking. In Bio number two, " the ballad of Joey and Leo" the writer states that a Bio is "somewhere between Bullshit and Propaganda". Its true, we do use these " slices of life" to make the sale, and they are often more like process cheese slices. Suckerfactory, is definitely the real deal, and I will be keeping my ears and eyes open for more. - My Space Invader (

"Rocket attack interrupts show at Kandahar base"

Friday, May 23, 2008

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Hundreds of NATO soldiers got a dash of Canadian music and humour Friday night before a Taliban rocket attack forced a troupe of entertainers to temporarily douse the lights at Kandahar Airfield.

The music and jokes had been flying for about an hour when the first explosion and siren forced everyone to scurry for nearby bunkers.

No one was hurt.

Kandahar Airfield, the main base for Canadian and alliance troops in southern Afghanistan, has been hit routinely over the last few weeks with wildly erratic 107 mm rocket fire intended to harass NATO forces.

The show was interrupted for about an hour before performers retook the stage and carried on.

One of the headline acts was East Coast blues rocker Matt Minglewood, who has spent the last couple of days mixing and chatting with the troops.

It is the guitarist's second trip to entertain soldiers in the war-torn country, and he said earlier Friday that a lot has changed in almost four years.

Reading about the dangers and the casualties wasn't enough to prepare him for a "chilling'' trip to what soldiers call "the bone yard'' -- a storage area at the base for armoured vehicles wrecked by roadside bombs.

"It's just brutal to see it,'' said Minglewood, who traded in his signature cowboy hat for a ball cap and a desert neck scarf.

"People at home, they would never understand until you look in a vehicle where people lost their lives in. It brings the reality smack dab in front of your face.''

Country singer Diane Chase, on her third concert tour in Afghanistan, said she looks up to soldiers and believes most Canadians feel the same way, even if they can't be here.

"People talk about having baseball players as heroes, you know, break world record. That's not a hero, these are heroes.''

Musical comedian Kenny Shaw hosted the show, performed in front of troops from Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia, Portugal, France and Romania.

Chase said she was excited to bring a little bit of Canada to troops, not only from back home but from other countries as well.

"They're just so grateful of us giving up our time to come over and perform for them,'' said Chase prior to the show.

"What we get back is far greater than what we bring them. It's hard to go home and perform for a regular audience after being here.''

The musicians held an impromptu jam with soldiers, some of them just returned from forward operating bases for rest and relaxation, outside of the main Canadian recreation hall on Thursday night.

One soldier broke out his own guitar and started playing, much to the delight of singer Ginette Genereux.

"He was really good, doing the guitar riffs and everything,'' said Genereux, who was the opening act.

The other performers included Celtic musicians Troy MacGillivray and Kimberley Fraser, the Toronto-based rock band Suckerfactory and Alberta country singer Duane Steele.

The tour was organized by Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services.

- The Canadian Press


Debut Album (2008)




SUCKERFACTORY may be a stranger to the Music Industry establishment, but TZ Wade and Colin Daniel, the heart and soul of the group are no strangers to the Music Industry. They have achieved a great deal already. Both have been successful singers and songwriters. TZ has already reached what many would consider the pinnacle of songwriter credits having placed a song with perhaps the most renowned female singer of our time, Celine Dion.

Colin and Thomas have both had careers as live musicians and as jingle singers. However if one didn't know any of these details and only listened to the music they have written and recorded you would only think what I thought when I heard them the first time... that they were going to be a very successful Rock band. For TZ and Colin this is what they should have been doing all along. In the space of one year they have written and recorded an album, which people in the know have said will be a great force to be reckoned with especially when one considers that what you hear, is what they play.

This is no fancy feat of technology; SUCKERFACTORY is Rock and Roll as it was meant to be. From the song to the singer to the chain saw riffs and sledgehammer beats... Soul deep lyrics and haunting melodies...the reincarnation of Rock and Roll is simply... SUCKERFACTORY.

Check out SUCKERFACTORY's self-titled album available at CD Baby and itunes ..