Sucker For Pumps

Sucker For Pumps

 Los Angeles, California, USA

LA-based band, Sucker for Pumps, makes your heart beat just a little faster with their aggressive indie rock grooves, heart rooted lyrics and irresistible electro-pop beats. Their melodies and insane on-stage chemistry will reel you in and make you a sucker for Sucker for Pumps!


Perhaps the sonic experimentation with synths, melodic guitar arrangements, and the refusal to conform to the overplayed elements of popular music is what makes Sucker for Pumps stand out from a new generation of music fans under the catchall music genre that is indie rock.

Within a year, San Fernando Valley’s own Sucker for Pumps has taken L.A.’s independent rock music scene by storm. The band was formed in the Summer of 2008 by cousins Ruben Herrera (Vocals, guitar) and Frankie Melero (Drums). Following a brief front-man search, and a few line-up changes, their vision was completed with the addition of David Gonzalez (Bass).

As children of the 80’s, their music is inspired by the life and times of the era. Their sound can best be described as a culmination of an array of musical influences ranging from Joy Division, indie pioneers The Smiths, and today’s Editor’s, Bloc Party, and Thrice. The trio, however, sets themselves apart by creating a unique sound that’s infused with 80s inspired synth, melodic electronic rock and a sweetly nostalgic dose of indie pop.

Sucker for Pumps released their debut 5 track EP Lights in March of 2009. Including singles “We Arsonists” and “David & Goliath”, each song delivers a glimpse into the band’s own experiences with life, love and angst, and their constant struggle against conformity. The “brothers”, as they refer to themselves, write music fueled by a genuine passion for the art. With hopes of using music as a medium, the band looks to share their message. “Music is the driving force here. The Music is what it’s all about. We hope to give back a fraction of what Music has given us”.

With the end of their successful first year right around the corner, Sucker for Pumps has already captivated audiences with their dynamic live performances. Having successfully showcased at most LA go-to venues like House of Blues, Troubadour, The Roxy, The Viper Room, Knitting Factory and the Key Club, S4PS has no intentions of slowing down. Sucker for Pumps is undeniably seductive. Their irresistible electro pop-beats and insane on-stage chemistry will reel you in and make you a sucker for Sucker for Pumps…


Money (2012)

1. Orpheus
2. Pistoleros
3. Money
4. Stampede

Lights EP (2009)

"We Arsonists" & "David & Goliath" are both currently on internet radio stations.

Set List

Typical set-list ranging from 30-50 (7-11 songs) minutes:

We Arsonists
Not You
Cause and Effect
Second Sight
Thick Skin
David & Goliath

Other songs:

Make Waves
Half Past Noon
Louder than Bombs
You know