Their style contains hints of pop, alternative, rock, progressive with an influence of funk, with a vast pallet of songs that appeal to just about everyone.


It’s not easy to find a success story as genuine as Suckerpush’s in popularity these days when considering the falls that inevitably follow the life of today’s Indie musicians. If any band can claim to have ascended strictly on their own merits, it’s Suckerpush. This Michigan based band went from zero to sixty by virtue of a combination of harmonious lyrics, undeniable expressive music and a wide instrumental range with a twisting spiral of audio mayhem, each song having it’s own color.

With the combination of 15 years of musical talent, Suckerpush has reinvented the style of a new generation. With over 500 shows under their belt, the band has wooed the regional music scene with their extraordinary music and powerful live performances rising from a collegiate following into making music that is entering in mainstream radio.


Dollar Sign Eyes

Written By: Suckerpush

Well she looks into the future to see what I can provide 'Cause she's got dollar sign eyes. And She peeks out on the drivway to see wht kind of car I drive, 'Cause she's got dollar sign eyes. Well I checked out her past, and not one poor fool, She's the only reason that I stayed in school well I wish I had a mansion and a beamer to boot To impress those dollar sign eyes, to impress those dollar sign eyes. Well she takes me to the mall and tells me what to buy 'Cause she's got dollar sign eyes, and if I try and argue Then the tears will surely fly out of those dollar sign eyes. I could tell with one look she was so out of reach and when She came close I found it harder to speak, Well I wish I had a Porshe and house on the beach To Impress those dollar sign impress those dollar sign eyes....Look at me one more time...dollar sign, look at me one more time , dollar sign.....look at me one more time, dollar sign....look at me one more time, dollar sign, one more time dollar sign ...eyes.....
Ive been told for weeks from all my freinds that your a leech and i should leave you, in the dirt. Do I really need to give you dollars and the Diamonds just to show you, what Im Worth, I've been trying for years to make it at least somewhat appear that I have money...and you'll be fine, Now all I can say is when I see you walk away is could you look at me one more time...Dollar sign....Dollar sign ...eyes.


Suckerpush released their 1st CD "L.P" in early 2002, and the follow up "Reminiscing" in 2003.

In 2004 the band started working with East Coast indie label CheapJag Records. The record label is succeeding with over 100 radio stations playing Suckerpush music.

Set List

Woke up
Big Horses
Dont be like me
Road Rage
Get it going on
Dollar Sign Eyes
Tackling Dasies
The Punk Song
High School Reunion
Days of Change
Waitress in a bar inside my heart
Switch Heads
Id Rather be alone
Kicked my ass
and if needed various covers, as well as many other originals