SUDAK is a rock alternative band who hails from Colombia and rightfully blends rock n' roll with a twist of Latin flavor.


SUDA-K first took shape in New York City at the beginning of the new century. Although, the band's name may suggest a sudden reference to the past, the music of SUDA-K is poised for longevity. This talented quintet is an emotional, ethereal band of undeniable potency guided by the powerful vocals of Adriana Diez. SUDA-K has composed songs with an unquestionable touch for catchy melodies, influenced by South American culture (country, rock, folk), and by a wide-ranging collection of genres like Latin Rock, classic rock and heavy metal. The band's music represents the intangible balance of lush beauty and primal heaviness of their music. With benefit of live performances all over Queens, NY, SUDA-K has begun to establish a reputation for its positive onstage vibe and amazing musical chemistry. Live, SUDA-K functions as a quintet with Adriana Diez (vocals), El Duende (lead guitar), Santiago Leon (rhythm guitar), Miguel A. Rodriguez (bass) and Johan Tolosa (drums) rounding out the line-up.

SUDA-K is an Old Spanish term that refers to those of South American origin, as in "sudaca." Nowadays, the term refers to those who take great pride in their Latin roots, with immense patriotism.