Sudden Drama

Sudden Drama


One Dude. One Guitar. One Computer. Maximum Rock!


I would describe my music as what people like the White Stripes do, or just DJs and hip-hoppers. I like having the challenge of not having a nice, tight, cozy band behind me- its reall satisfying to create something outta pretty much nothing. Just my Garageband, my guitar, and whatever flows is what you hear. In terms of style, I love good old-fashioned hard rock. Grunge (Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Toadies), Classic Alternative ( Pavement, Pixies, Beck) DIY/garage punk (Iggy, Ramones), and the NYC indie scene ( The Strokes, Yeah yeah yeahs) are the main influences. And my other influences are social ackwardness and bizarre sense of humor


I dont have CDs out cause Im fucking broke and lazy. I got some shit on Myspace you could check out tho:
And for my complete discography, go to Soundclick:

Set List

When I get a rare chance to rock, it's short and sweet, about half hour at most. I would start off with a couple goofy songs (On Girls, Do You Think It's Funny), then go into more serious fare (No Other, Never Change, Speak Of The Devil, maybe mix in Marathon Monday), then maybe throw in some comedy interlude or a goofy cover (like a Nirvana song, backwards!), then close it out with my designated set closer, "And So It Goes"