SuddenFlames' Death Might Be Late fixes already the band as hard defenders of an old-school thrash metal. Their melodic approach gave them praises from critics around the world. The next opus will definitely establish the valour of the band.


SuddenFlames takes form in 2000 around Jean-Robert Letarte. The song The Headless Horseman was written when he was only 15 years old. A three song demo is released in 2004: Bewitched Boat. The band is then Jean-Robert Letarte on vocals, Sébastien Latulippe and Éric Vaillancourt on guitars, Pascal Lacombe on bass and Éric Morissette on drums. The following years saw SuddenFlames opening for bands like Dragonforce, Stratovarius, Kamelot, Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden). A canadian tour followed in 2007 with Paul Di'Anno et Dream Quest.

In 2008, Pascal Lacombe leaves the band and the city. Pascal Landry will take the spot on bass. In 2009, SuddenFlames finally presents their first album in front of a packed audience: Death Might Be Late. SuddenFlames maturity is recognized and hails come from around the world: well written songs, sharp riffs and astonishing solos. The band is often compared to Hammerfall, Gamma Ray, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

The band continues to make its mark with other bands like Hammerfall and Forgotten Tales. SuddenFlames also fronted as headlines, showing what true metalheads entertainers they are. Changes occured in 2010 and 2011. First, in 2010, Pascal Lacombe returned on the bass. In 2011 Éric Vaillancourt and Éric Morissette announces their departure of the band. This will put on hold the project of a quick follow-up for Death Might Be Late.

May 2011, a news on the band's web site presents Daves Couture as the new guitar player. The five-piece will be complete again a couple of months later with the arrival of Nicolas Blanchet, a highly skilled drummer. A lot of jams and a couple of shows later, SuddenFlames announces the release of the long awaited Under The Sign Of The Alliance for 2013 as well as a remastered version of Death Might Be Late for the end of 2012.

SuddenFlames is sure to please fans of classic metal acts like Judas Priest, Helloween and Iron Maiden.


Recorded at SuddenFlames Studios 2012
Produced by: Patrice Dalpé, Jean-Robert Letarte and Nicolas Blanchet
Coming Spring 2013

GABRIEL'S QUEST (Single - 2012)
Recorded at SuddenFlames Studios 2011
Produced by: Patrice Dalpé and Jean-Robert Letarte
Distributed by: SF Productions
Available on iTunes

DEATH MIGHT BE LATE (2009 / Remastered edition 2012)
Recorded at SuddenFlames Studios 2009
Produced by: Patrice Dalpé and Jean-Robert Letarte
Distributed by: Unicorn Digital VSR

01-Son Of Doom
02-Bewitched Boat
03-The Piper (Hymn Of Sorrow)
04-Nativitas In Tenebris
05-Wonderland No More
06-Hell Patrol (**CD Bonus**)
08-'Till The End
The Legend of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow
09-A Curse in a Town
10-The Headless Horseman
11-Van Garret's Requiem

Recorded at SuddenFlames Studios 2004
Produced by: Patrice Dalpé and Jean-Robert Letarte
Distributed by: SF Productions

01 -Bewitched Boat (Demo Version)
02 -'Till The End (Demo Version)
03 -SuddenFlames (Demo Version)

Set List

Short set list :
1-Nativitas In Tenebris
3-Wonderland No More
4-Till The End
5-Gabriel's Quest

We have songs to play 1 hour and 30 minutes.