Suddenly Plastic

Suddenly Plastic

 Turgi, Aargau, CHE

*:. The art of finest alternative rock .:*


Elias Kohli (bass/guitars) und Andreas Schmied (guitars/bass) started doing their experimental music under the name of Suddenly Plastic in 1997. Those two musicians are not only very talented on their instruments but also very creative in making electronic sounds, that partly support the music of Suddenly Plastic. Ronny Kohler (synths, organ, piano) came into the band in 1998 and supported the music as a drummer first, until he went back to his origins, where he was found to be excellent. Manuel Sulzer, a drummer full of energy and variation took Ronny's place. After numerous changes in the vocal lineup (former vocalists are among others Simone Stump and Linah Rocio) charismatic singer/songwriter Linda Kratky and Suddenly Plastic bumped into each other by chance in the year 2002. Both had to play at the same venue on the same evening: Linda couldn't find a band and Suddenly Plastic couldn't find a singer.
Here you go.

Typical of Suddenly Plastic sound:
- from gentle/easy to brutal/noisy
- a decent tinge of pop with a melancholy flavor
- catchy and unforgettable vocal lines
- guitar effect bubbles and wildly oscillating synths
- sounds full of atmosphere accompanied with heavy guitar riffs
- from capricious to direct without mercy

More about this band (in German too):


Dive to fly

Written By: Linda Kratky

I'm inviting you to come with me to the gate of the worlds.
You can choose a key and please, be aware of the consequences
There's no turning back, no escape from your destiny.
Bound like a spell is your path as soon as you turn the key.
The gate opens for you. Do not look back as you will use different skills now,
Reconnect with your roots. They guide you along.
They're your only help.

Swim, follow me across the wide ocean and
Dive down to the depths of the dark seas.

You're enriched by your experiences with all perspectives.
You're making a stop on your journey to share the divine silence with me
As it tells you the truth in its purest form.
Soon you will have to move on to finish your path with success
No matter how long it takes or how many stops you'll make.

You see, bright shining lights lead you to the higher spheres and
Your wings give you a nice flight.

In this ocean you can fly as in water or air,
But the air is lighter, the water flows faster and you're growing larger than ever before,
Since you feel unrestricted, unlimited and you're flowing in endless creativity.
Confess, you always knew you would be here one day,
You just had to forget. Finally, all the children need to come home
And breathe in their origins. The world you've left for a while will not remain
As it is for eternity. Many of your companions will follow you
To see this other atmosphere that inspires you so much.
Now, fly, my dearest, nothing holds you back except your own fear.
Let's meet again when the whole world rises high…

My love flows through your veins, feeds you with life and
Light for you to bring into the worlds.
You'll find, there's nothing more beautiful than
The final union of all souls.

Make it real

Written By: Linda Kratky

It's approaching. What a lovely attack!
Renewal is sneaking up our backs.
Now, we're not losing track.
We're full of power that doesn't fade.
…make it real!

Our world is changing. You feel that there's
No need for hate.
Are you behind, having no confidence and
Not a single blessing?
Catch up! Combine the divine beauty!
Overcome your mess!
That split between the fronts is even enlarged.
Despite that, you should not give up in
But make what's in your heart real.
There's a start!
Go for it!
Live it!
Make it real!

Make it real…

A very nice costume

Written By: Linda Kratky

I've been walking through the streets
Looking at you and your faces,
But these were not YOUR faces.
I was feeling like a stranger among all the
Other strangers.
"Our soul always shines through our eyes",
Although we all disguise ourselves everyday.
We all disguise ourselves.
We all disguise, we all disguise ourselves.

Have you ever felt this strong need
To be yourself, naked, unabashed?
To say what you want without hiding
Behind your very nice costume?
Now, I know, you're being touched as you
Share the whole masquerade with me,
…masquerade with me.

I've been walking through the streets.
We were not ourselves.
I was someone else.
We had never been ourselves.

It's time, we stop the masquerade now....
time to stop the masquerade now.
It's time…


Written By: Linda Kratky

I taste your lives, I taste your fears.
I taste your tears, but they are not mine.

I see our destinies and our fate
In these little spheres lying before me.
Who defines but we alone
Within our inexistent time?
I'm curious about the pulsing changes
That affect us all and create various tensions.

I am a child before my marbles.
My hands roll them on my table.
They roll away when they're too fast.

I am a child before my marbles.
My hands roll them on my table.
They stand still when they're too slow.
I am…
I am.

It's not easy to choose the right way
Unless you listen to your heart.
Remove the veils from your eyes and
You'll see you're not the only one that
Goes through hard and depressing times.
The universe is far too big to be explained.

I taste your lives. I taste your fears.
I taste your tears, they're also mine…


Written By: Linda Kratky

I'm listening to trivial dreams that tell me about a
Conspiracy against the deeper meaning.
It looks funny to see us all bring ourselves into
Sweet chains for comfortable survival.
What does life mean to us if we're just crying
Tears into the sea, although we're also creators?
How can we accuse anyone, while we're looking for
Our own excuse for the very same mistake?

Going through spaces of history I can see
These repetitions are there to make us all more conscious.
Although I'm not that sure if all blind men will ever
Get their sight back, I know they will.
I'll give myself open-heartedly. My voice vibrates
Through all dimensions. I know it is being reflected.
Deep trust is coming up to stand by me throughout and
Lend me a shield against all doubts.


EP Dive to Fly (2004)
4 tracks, [AAD]
Produced by Suddenly Plastic
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Newman at NEENWO Recording, Nussbaumen (AG), Switzerland
Album You Just Don't Know (Released on April 1, 2009)
11 tracks, [AAD]
Produced by Suddenly Plastic
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Newman at Neenwo Recording Studio, Nussbaumen (AG), Switzerland
Mastered by Walter Schmid at Oakland Recording, Winterthur (ZH), Switzerland
Manufactured by European Distribution Company, Langenhagen (NI), Germany


Set List

We're currently using a repertory of about 30 songs. The duration of a Suddenly Plastic concert is usually 1 up to 2 hours. The concert set lists are adaptable to the type of event, that is, we play long or short sets with rather rocking, or rather soft songs (depending on several factors).