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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"Suddyn - Naked Prophecy"

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and finding some good new music just waiting for you in your inbox and that's exactly what I have here on this fine day. Suddyn dropped off their single "Naked Prophecy" earlier and it is quite an addicting tune. Originally from Montauk New York, this alt rock trio recently decided to take their show to Ireland to fine tune their sound. After much success they're back in the States, LA to be exact, and are ready to rock your socks off. So check out their track below, let me know what you think and if you like what you hear head on over to the guys website where you can listen to their Before The City EP for free. Something tells me we will be hearing a lot more from Suddyn all too soon. - Music That's Nu2me

"The Suddyn Road to Success"

Formed by brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil, Suddyn is a unique mix of piano-driven rock with a heavy dose of electronica woven into their sound. The band’s founders grew up in New York, where they both studied music and played in school bands. Suddyn is their first collaboration and has taken them across two continents, performing over 400 shows. They have recorded two discs, Dark Lights and Before the City, produced by Grammy winner David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Sublime), and charted three Top 30 hits in the U.K., where they’ve toured and built a solid fan base. Upon their return to the U.S., Suddyn traveled to Los Angeles, where they now reside, for a series of dates that opened doors to radio airplay and television placements, laying the groundwork for a promising new year.

In a recent interview, Alan Steil discussed the band’s unusual start and their steady, successful climb.

In an interesting twist, you “honed your music while touring through Ireland.” Obvious first question: Why Ireland?

Jarrett and I are from a town called Montauk, at the very end of Long Island. Every year, hundreds of Irish students come over to work and drink for the summer, so we made some solid Irish friends over the years. Also, we love rain and we thought if the music did not work out that we would have a good chance of trapping a leprechaun and stealing his pot of gold! We definitely got the rain, but the leprechaun eluded us … for now, anyway.

Ireland has a great music scene and some great craic — that is actually the Irish word for fun — no joke! Musically, we learned a lot playing the streets of Ireland, and along the way we developed a solid appreciation for fireplaces, drinking and sing-alongs. What started as a two-month trip turned into a two-year residency.

You also charted three Top 30 hits there as an unsigned band. How did you accomplish this, and why is this easier to do in the U.K. than in the U.S.?

The music scene in Ireland is much smaller than it is here in the U.S. or in England, so it’s a bit easier to get noticed. We played show after show and kept recording music. It was a real grassroots effort, driving around Ireland in our yellow piece-of-crap van, dropping off CDs in record stores and playing wherever we could while consuming as much Guinness as physically possible. I think after a while we just broke people down with our charming American accents and our penchant for dark sunglasses! Before we knew it, we were riding high in the charts, getting amazing support from Irish radio and still driving our yellow van with a hole in the side. Good times, good times indeed.

How did this help you establish a foundation in the U.S. upon your return?

I think the time we spent in Ireland was a huge learning experience. We toured constantly and still do. The best part of being in a band is getting out on the road and playing live. The results are twofold: our alcohol tolerance is now almost superhuman and we are always ready to play at a moment’s notice. After all, playing for different people day in and day out is still the best way to build a fan base.

In 2011 you performed in Los Angeles, which led to KROQ taking notice. Was this your first time on the West Coast? How much touring and performing have you done in the U.S. so far?

This was our first time in L.A. as a band, although mentally we have been trying to get there for quite some time now. We heard they were changing the world out there in California and we thought, To hell with the leprechauns; we will hit the gold rush here in L.A.!

So far, the Suddyn tour has gone coast to coast, from people’s backyards to Pershing Square and everything in between. Since then, we have relocated to the West Coast. As far as touring goes, we are trying to do more and more. We’ve played about 50 shows in the last six months. Ultimately, we’d love to be doing 300-plus a year all around the world. Baby steps, I guess.

How much of a role has social media played in developing your international fan base?

I think social media has been an incredible tool for bands to help get the message out there. It gives you the ability to interact with people and keep them informed with your journey. But I still believe that nothing beats face-to-face interaction. You have to be careful not to let social media distract your real focus, which should be writing good music and hopefully playing it for people who like what you are doing. In fact, I sent a formal letter to Myspace requesting a refund for the 17,000 man-hours that I put into that thing. Surprisingly, I am still awaiting a response! I think social networking is like a relationship — it’s a good idea to put some quality time in, but do not rely on it to fulfill your every dream. You have to ask yourself as an artist: if Facebook/Twitter ended tomorrow, what would you be left with? How many fans would you still be able to connect with? Which is why we try and keep it personal with good old phone numbers and e-mails.

That said, how far can an independent band go with only social media as a push? Is a label deal still the Holy Grail?

I think that it is very important to establish yourself as an artist long before you even consider a label. I think, as an artist, your focus should always be knowing who you are, where you want to be and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. Playing music that you believe in, and finding people along the way who support your music, is the Holy Grail.

The terms “indie rock,” “pop rock,” “electro,” “alternative,” “piano driven” and “anthemic” are often used to describe your music. Are any of these terms accurate? Why or why not?

Indie rock and alternative are so overused. They aren’t great indicators of any sound or style. We always liked the anthemic label because we want our songs to sound massive, with big hooks and large choruses. The kind of songs that are comfortable in front of 50 or 50,000 people, stadium songs that people want to sing along to. We are always pushing to be bigger and better.

Were you both in many bands prior to Suddyn? How long had you both been playing music before this band started? Let’s talk a bit about how you both discovered music, what motivated you to pursue it as a career, and when you fell into the groove of writing and performing together.

Originally, I wanted to be a baseball player (true story), but after being cut from Little League four years straight, I thought maybe it was time to reconsider my future. I hated homework and sucked at sports, so music seemed like a natural progression.

We played music growing up. I played piano and trumpet, Jarrett played saxophone. School band stuff. We both always loved music — The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, Radiohead. We have played with a lot of different people, but for whatever reason, Suddyn has been the only band either of us has been in. The seeds of the band took root the first time I came home from college with a few songs I had written. We messed around a bit and started writing more and more. It just kind of made sense after that.

There is limited background information available online about Suddyn. Could you please give readers a bit more detail about the band’s history and how the sound has developed?

We like to be mysterious. We are the 007’s of the music world, really — without the cars or the money and the English accent! Our sound has been evolving for the last few years. We started off as more of a piano-based band, but a lot of our newer stuff is more on the synth side of things. Our song “Naked Prophecy” gives a good indication of that.

As far as our history, the band truly started in Dublin a few years back, where we released three singles and toured all over the country. We then returned to New York and met David Kahne and recorded our EP, Before The City. After that, we decided to make the move to L.A. I think we needed a fresh start in a new place. It turned out to be a good move. Moving to L.A. has given us a focus we never really had before.

How did the working relationship with David Kahne come about and how did he help take Suddyn to the next level as musicians, songwriters and recording artists?

David actually produced and mixed Before The City. The short version is, he took a listen to some demos and was interested in producing “Brighter Star,” which was an amazing opportunity for us. He works out of Avatar in New York City, which is a legendary building. What he really taught us was pre-production: to get your songs together and know exactly what you want to do before you hit “record.” Especially with “Brighter Star” on that EP, that is where he really worked his magic. He has a great ear for counter-melodies and incidentals that really support the song. I think he really captured what we wanted that song to be: anthemic!

You recently signed a placement deal with MTV Networks. What does that entail?

Basically, it gives you first shot at syncing for any of their programming, which turned out well for us. We had four different placements on MTV shows, Jersey Shore being the biggest of them. I never thought that I would watch re-runs of Snooky drunk and crying (not a pretty sight), but I still get a kick hearing one of our songs setting the mood in that scene. We also got to stop in the MTV building in Santa Monica to play the good people of MTV some tunes, which was a great time.

What should fans who are discovering your music, or hearing about you for the first time, know about Suddyn?

We love playing music and we take it very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. Ultimately, we just want our music to connect with people. I hope people can listen to our songs and relate to the emotion of the music and the meaning of the lyrics. So far, it’s been an awesome journey for us and we hope it continues to build.

For more information, visit

Continue reading on The Suddyn Road to Success - National Music Industry | -

"Top 15 Indie Songs of 2012 (so far)"

Top 15 Indie Songs of 2012 (so far)

This week's Top 10 Chart has been Indie themed and included in it were some fairly recent releases. I have scoured the internet and music world to find some of the best Indie songs of 2012 and-compiled them into the list of awesomeness below. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments or email and I'll add some more songs!
The format is: Song Title, Artist (always in bold), video link and additional notes.

15. How Much Can You Swallow So Much Sleep - Bombay Bicycle Club - Video - Stop-motion video
14. Princess of China - Coldplay and Rihanna - Video - A bit more mainstream, but who cares?
13. Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) - Foster The People - Video - A recent hit by Foster The People
12. Iverness Ironworld - Kassidy - Video - December 2011/January 2012
11. The Chambers & The Valves - Dry The River - Video - Creative music video
10. Nothing Lasts Forever - SUDDYN - Video - One of our Up-and-Coming artists.
9. Runaway - Imperial Teen - Video - A recent hit by 'Imperial Teen'
8. We Should Be Swimming - Zulu Winter - Video - Recent release (Feb 8th)
7. Charlie - The Deets - Video - A new Indie band with a 'Fratellis'-esque style.
6. These Times - Walk Off The Earth - Video - This week's number 1 on our Top 10 Chart
5. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men - Video - Surreal video, great tune.
4. Alpaca Sports - Just For Fun - Video - Not very well known but a very cheerful song
3. No Light, No Light - Florence + The Machine - Video - 'One of the best tracks on the album'
2. Somebody That I Used To Know (Original) -Gotye (feat. Kimbra) - Video
1. Somebody That I Used To Know (Cover) - Walk Off The Earth - Video - Just Another Radio

"Suddyn ‘Before the City’ – Hard Spelling, Easy Listening"

Suddyn’s crisp, collected sound is proof that not all electro-rock bands have to sound like a five-year-olds first hour with a Casio keyboard. Technically solid bands are becoming harder and harder to find as anyone with a Mac seems to be making songs and putting them on YouTube. It’s clear that brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil have taken the time to hone their skills.
Cutting their teeth while touring in Ireland the band can crank up the tempo of a song to get the crowd involved while still maintaining control to keep their attention. This attention to the intricacies of making and performing music give Suddyn a firm base for their music.
Any successful artist can trace what they’ve achieved to having a strong foundation. From there they were able to build on that foundation with their own originality. This leaves Suddyn with a jumping off point, that when infused with their own individual style, can catapult them to stardom. “Naked Prophecy” is a song that easily could garner radio play with a chorus that will stick in a listener’s head and wake their feet up. However, the group is still in need of something more in order to grow an interested fan base. This is the type of band to watch, they could easily breakout in the coming years with some added edge to their sound. Don’t be surprised if you’re telling your friends you listened to Suddyn before they were famous. - Eat Sleep Breathe Music


First up on stage was SUDDYN. The piano driven tunes got the girls at the front to stand up and sway their bodies. Their performance overall was pretty awesome with an occasional fist throw of the mic stand. Their music was simultaneously soothing and energetic. The sound is almost like juxtaposing one of the best of indie rock and alternative rock: The Killers and Muse. The students were very, very pleased with their live performance and have been asking for them to come back to our campus! Suddyn is a very outgoing band and really brought instant musical gratification on stage. Give them a listen! - MAYUMI'S MUSICAL NOTES

"SUDDYN @ Radio City"

There was a party atmosphere in Radio City for SUDDYN'S single "Gravity" launch. The first act to hit the stage was an air band who were very entertaining and and knew how to throw some shapes. Next up was Borndays, check them out here .
By the time Suddyn hit the stage the venue was full. They were very impressive and delivered a tight set.Their latest single "Gravity" beat off stiff competition from Elvis Presley and The Backstreet Boys in this weeks singles chart reaching 24.

The accompayning music video was shot on location in the Guinness Storehouse. Suddyn are the first group to be bestowed the honour of shooting in this infamous landmark.

For more info check SUDDYN out on -

"Montauk Band Back in Time For Festival"

By Kathryn G. Menu

When the rock band Suddyn moved to Los Angeles in January they played the Cat Club in Hollywood to just a handful of fans. Four months later, the band sold out L.A.’s famed Viper Room and booked its first major festival, which, ironically, will bring the trio back home to the East End this August to perform alongside a throng of acclaimed artists at the MTK: Music to Know Festival at the East Hampton Airport.
Montauk natives and brothers, Alan and Jarrett Steil, along with the Irish born drummer Brendan Connolly, can sense that years of hard work appear to be paying off as their band’s momentum continues to build. They remain humble yet driven, seeing this as the moment to continue to build their fan base, play music they love and live a dream all three have had since they were children.
“It does feel like something is happening, but when you are in the middle of it, it is hard to really see it,” said Jarrett, who plays guitar and bass in the band, sitting at a picnic table in the back of his parent’s business, the Montauk Bake Shoppe on Monday. “I don’t want to look too far ahead. I want us to be organized and focus on the now. Honestly, I never thought there would be a music festival like this in East Hampton.”
“It is kind of strange, actually,” said Alan, the band’s lead singer and keyboard player, of beginning to find success in the United States through a move to Los Angeles, although the band’s first major festival will be just miles from where he grew up jamming with his little brother at their Montauk home. “My hope is between now and then we can continue to build up our profile. I think this is our time and we need to run with that.”
“We need to attack it,” Connolly added.
This moment is many years in the making.
Suddyn began in Montauk with the Steil brothers, who grew up playing music together, drawing upon influences like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Queen and The Beatles. Moving to Ireland in 2004, the band recorded “Drowning Souls,” a top-10 hit single for two weeks on the charts in Ireland.
Shortly after the release of “Drowning Souls,” Connolly came along and rounded out the band, which released two more top-30 singles, and garnered the favor of radio stations and fans.
Connolly, who hails from Tipperary, started banging on drums at his grandmother’s house at the age of six. Growing up surrounded by a culture of musicians and singer-songwriters, Connolly was a member of some 20 bands before finding a home with Suddyn, when he was hired in 2005 after answering the band’s “want ad” in Hot Press, a bi-monthly music and politics magazine based in Dublin.
Between 2005 and 2009, Suddyn toured across Ireland and released its first EP, “Dark Lights,” which included the single “Gravity,” another hit in Ireland for the band.
Band manager Linda O’Connor – the invisible fourth member of Suddyn – was able to negotiate the right for the band to be the first to film a music video – for “Gravity” – inside the famed Guinness Storehouse’s Gravity Bar.
Shortly after, in 2009, band members felt it was time to spread their wings, and came home to Montauk to try and cultivate the same success they found in Ireland back home in the United States.
And it didn’t take long for the group to make inroads.
After a successful performance at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, the band was connected with Grammy Award-winning producer David Kahne, who has produced albums for Paul McCartney and The Strokes. Kahne brought the group to the celebrated Avatar Studios on the west side of Manhattan to record their second EP, “Before the City.”
Connolly said “Before the City,” which originally included three songs – “Brighter Star,” “In Flagrante Delicto,” and “Nothing Last Forever,” represented a new direction for the band, evolving from a mid-tempo sound to one that embraced “driving bass parts with a bit of dirt and grit to them.”
Last weekend, the band returned to New York to add a new song to the EP, “Naked Prophecy,” with a faster tempo that both Jarrett and Connolly are visibly excited to unveil, and which was also recorded with Kahne at Avatar Studios.
“We played like 30 shows since the song has been out there and people have started to latch onto it,” said Jarrett.
The shows he referred to were all been played in California, save one performance at the Independent Music Awards in Las Vegas in mid-May. Los Angeles, and in particular Hollywood, became the band’s new home in January when after more than a year living in Montauk, the group decided that moving west was their best shot at finding not only success, but also a musical community to become a part of.
“Alan will play the piano all day if he can,” said O’Connor. “And it is the same with Jarrett and Brendan. This is their life.”
O’Connor said moving the band to Los Angeles has allowed them to reach a broader audience with a plethora of clubs, colleges and other venues, the group often traveling outside the City of Angels to build on its fan base in smaller communities, anxious for quality live music.
“We really needed to get away, and it was a good move,” said Alan. “Our music wasn’t going to fit into the Brooklyn music scene.”
He added that Los Angeles is “the entertainment capital of the world,” and that as the music industry has shifted from one of record labels to one ruled by individuals with talent and solid marketing skills, getting airplay on the right television show or commercial can be all a band needs to break into the business in a big way, not having to compromise their sound in the process.
Collaborating with other artists, which is another goal for the band, is something they also look forward to, and an ambition that may be furthered through their involvement in the MTK: Music to Know Festival, which will feature renowned artists like Bright Eyes, Vampire Weekend, Fitz and the Tantrums and Cold War Kids.
“We are hoping it can open some doors,” said Alan.
However, fitting into a mold is not what Suddyn strives to do musically.
“I think the most successful bands in the world create their own sound,” said Connolly. “You are going to have your influences growing up, but we have our own sound.”
“You have to try and look at every gig and concert the same way,” he added. “For me, unlike Alan and Jarrett, the festival is not like coming home, although I do see this place as a second home. It’s just another gig, but it will be great to be coming back here to play it.”
- The Sag Harbor Express

"Coming Home for Music Festival The Steil brothers from Montauk are looking forward to the indie-rock scene coming to their hometown."

Playing in the Music To Know Festival in August is a huge honor for Suddyn, not just because they are one of the few unsigned artists performing during the two-day event, but because they are playing for their hometown.

The Steil brothers, Alan, 28, and Jarrett, 26, grew up in Montauk, taking piano lessons from Kathryn Wilkinson, Supervisor Bill Wilkinson's mother. Their parents Celeste and Alan Steil have owned the Montauk Bake Shoppe since 1995 and the brothers, who worked in their parents bakery, graduated from East Hampton High School.

Suddyn will play the festival on Saturday, Aug. 13. "The bands playing are huge, great indie-acts -- Vampire Weekend, Cold War Kids," said Alan Steil by phone from Los Angeles. "It's really cool to be included in that."

He and his brother are excited to be a part of the much anticipated festival. Alan said he's looking forward to bringing a different music scene to where he got his start . "Paul Simon is great -- Billy Joel -- but, we've never had something like this before. We never really get that really hipster crowd," he said. He said he hopes it inspires other local kids.

The band is a trio. Alan sings and plays the piano, Jarrett sings and plays guitar and bandmate Brendan Connolly, who hails from Ireland, plays the drums. "Alan writes, Jarrett arranges with him. Everybody has input, even me sometimes," said their mother Celeste. She said she's proud of her sons. "We told them to go for their dreams."

Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, U2, Muse and Remy Zero, the band has a piano-driven rock anthem sound.

This won't be their first performance near home. They played at Stephen Talkhouse three times last year and performed at the Laddles of Love Concert in Amagansett. Last summer, the group opened for Citizen Cope at Sole, which is owned by Chris Jones, one of the organizers of MTK festival.

"He's always been a believer and a support of the band," said Suddyn's manager Linda O'Connor of OpalStar Music Management. "He wants to help up-and-coming artists."

O'Connor, who is also from Ireland, met the Steil brothers in Montauk years ago and kept in touch. When they decided they wanted to travel to Ireland, they called O'Connor, who booked them to play at her student union.

"Montauk has a huge Irish community; they have big love for the whole Irish-music scene and have had a huge influence from British and Irish bands," she said.

Formed in 2006, the group had three hit singles in Ireland and gained popularity from mainstream commercial radio. They moved back to the states to further their career. David Kahn, who has produced for the Bengles, Sublime and Paul McCartney, "fell in love with their music," O'Connor said, and produced a track for them. They've played more than 400 shows in the past two years.

Alan said playing before 9,500 concert-goers in August is something they are used to. It won't be nearly as nerve wracking as it was when he and his brother performed live for the first time as teenagers on the stage at the Talkhouse. "Every show, we give 110 percent, but of course when it's more of your family and friends in the audience, you want it to be even better." - East Hampton Patch

"Make Music Pasadena"

Tip: For those of you (relatively) earlyish risers who want to start your day off with a bang, make sure to check out Irish rock band Suddyn at the Pasadena Convention and Visitor’s Center at 11 am. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing them play live and I guarantee they’ll rock your world one infectious song at a time.
Where/When: Various stages in Pasadena/June 18, 2011 11am-11pm
- All That Matters in Music

"Suddyn - Dark Lights"

As Alan Steil and his troupe go from strength to strength, the force of their sensational music is as powerful a phenomenon now, although they are over the other side of the Atlantic, as it was when they were treading the boards of venues around Dublin not too long ago!

On hearing that a new creation was emerging from one of my all time favourite bands, I decided to pay them a visit on My Space to listen, while toasting their success in the U.S.A. with a Bud!

Holding up the Backdrop

Yes! The throbbing dramatic Anthema which belongs to this band is alive and kicking in this delicious new number!
A vocal intro sung in choral style takes you into it, followed by a big distortion-packed instrumental. Then a sweet verse is lamented by Alan while behind him a resounding drumbeat adds drama!

The chorus really lovely here, with a melody as overpowering and memorable as that of the hugely successful ‘Gravity’!
A big riff with those choral ah’s continues the song taking you into the next verse. Middle eight gorgeous!
Seamless and sweet, this song has you by the time you arrive at the final chorus.


A solemn guitar riff intro takes you into this song. Bashing minor chords follow, till Alan begins the melancholic verse. Dramatic lead riffs, delectable chords and lots of bass create a sense of tragedy.

Momentum picks up! This is an epic rock anthem with a lot of chops and changes throughout, lending a new dimension to Suddyn’s usual style in that it is quite sombre in mood and with the beat alternating, keeps your interest.

Side Arm

A lone piano intro is played as Alan sings this number, which expresses his anti-war sentiments. Close harmony is infused in spates, behind mournful lyrics. Melody line exquisite!
Lush piano chords and orchestral strains lift the sense of drama and lend to the meaning of this soulfully performed piece.
It’s a ballad to make you think!
Finally this sad but beautiful song winds down to the lone piano accompanying Alan’s lament of ‘Lay down your side arm for me’!

Closing Spaces

A lead intro with a sweet riff takes you into this song, continuing as Alan begins the verse. A rhythmic baseline emphasises the drama played by Colly. There’s a real sense of anticipation created by Jarrett on lead as the dynamic builds up.

The melody is simple, which is the key to the beauty of this song. Harmony is close in the chorus, which is gorgeous. There’s a dramatic distortion – laden guitar break with choppy chords, then it goes back to the wonderful chorus sung once again by Alan, in that unique and soothing vocal style he has and the harmony is delectable.

The same riff from the intro is performed on piano, and then joined by two guitars in sync taking you to a dramatic finish.

With both good looks and talent, all four of the musicians in this act contribute equal effort and it shows. Alan Steil, front man and vocalist extraordinaire with a way of tickling the ivories that adds edge to the overall sound! Jarrett Steil plays those vibrant chords and powerful lead riffs, while Colly on Bass and Bren on Drums frame the picture.
They’ve had a rollercoaster ride that most bands only dream of and I truly hope that it continues. I know that when they someday return to Irish soil on tour, a certain reviewer who is also a big fan, will be up the front. - Angie's views and News

"Suddyn - Dark Lights"

“Can you whisper the words you want to make me believe?”

We believe. Oh yeah, we really believe in Suddyn and their most wonderful tunes–they’ve whispered the right words to us! Linda over at OpalStar went way out of her way to make sure we had their latest EP in our hands: Dark Lights. And, just like their other ones, this one is really, really good. Containing four tunes, we have selected Holding Up The Backdrop and Side Arm for you.

Holding Up The Backdrop is an excellent effort: it’s good with a good beat, cool hooks, and captures your attention from start to end–it is a very, very listenable (and the sort of stutter beat in there works quite well) From the soaring vocals, to the solid musicianship this works well. Side Arm is a little different, and yet, it exemplifies what we try to do here… find good music that we love and play it for you. It starts off with just a piano (we’re suckers for that, you know) and builds on that throughout the tune–by the end it is really rolling and then tapers back down “just so.” Haunting words accompany the melody (and yes, the line we opened this post with is from Side Arm) and, well, this song will certainly move you.

Oh yes. We believe. And so will you. We really love these guys!

As always,
david - radio free david

"Launch Party"

By the time SUDDYN took the reigns, SIR’s Sound Stage 1 was filled with a lot of smiling people, sated by House Band Wines, Chef Frank’s excellent food, and the good company of colleagues and friends. Clearly, it was time to put a cap on the evening with a full out rock ‘n’ roll onslaught courtesy of A&R Worldwide’s headliner SUDDYN, comprised of brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil and drummer Ben Masters.

Alan Stiel of SUDDYN dishes the goods to enthusiastic crowd!
Perfectly described in their bio as “piano-driven electro-rock,” SUDDYN delivers a huge sound of pulsing energy and hook that is guaranteed to bring a crowd to its feet. The trio combines alt-rock rawness with melodic anthems led by front man Alan’s impassioned lead vocals and piano playing — and intense stage presence. Inherently, there is an intuitive interaction, both musically and in performance, that we’re sure is derived from the deep bonds of brotherhood. This camaraderie is as infectious as their songwriting, which has just the right dash of pop and swagger to make us want to come back for seconds, thirds…

You can dish up your own taste of SUDDYN by getting an exclusive download of the trio’s newest track Naked Prophecy. All other important stuff is at

So as the lights came up and “last call” rolled into “good nights” and “big thanks,” we certainly felt like we’d captured just the smallest drop of magic that comes from a legendary site like SIR. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Cheers! - House Band Wine


Suddyn have landed an epic tune with "Letting Go" after the chart success of "Gravity" this is one band on a fantastic writing streak "Letting Go" has a soft rock melodic groove with some excellent lyrics and anthem feel chorus that would shake the airwaves of todays radio, so grab the love of your life and slow set to this song.....

Review by T.Halpin

RANK: ****** 6 out of 6

- Music Review

"Rockers With Montauk Ties Release New Video"

Rockers With Montauk Ties Release New Video
JUNE 28, 2011 By Joe Parziale
From Montauk to Ireland and back again, rock band Suddyn looks like they’re really hitting their stride.
The band’s founding members, Alan and Jarrett Steil, whose parents Alan and Celeste own the famed Montauk Bake Shoppe, have just released a professionally produced music video for their song, “Nothing Lasts Forever.”
The group gained their fame by touring Ireland and adding Irishman Brendan Connolly to their roster as a drummer and backup vocalist. There, the band gained momentum quickly, popping up on the Top 30 Charts with three different singles and co-performing with bands such as Shiny Toy Guns, The Films, Boy Kill Boy and Larrikin Love. Using their international inertia — NME, a highly influential European music publication, praised them as a Top 20 Breaking Band — they returned the U.S. to record new material.
Suddyn’s second EP, “Before the City,” was recorded under the tutelage of Grammy-Award-winning producer David Kahne, who has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney and Sublime. They followed up the release with a comprehensive tour of the West Coast, where they caught the attention of KRQQ and inked a placement deal with MTV Networks for appearances in upcmoing broadcasts.
The band’s Pacific adventures continue over the next month. In August, though, the Steil boys return to their roots. Suddyn was recently announced as part of the lineup that will appear at the Music to Know festival to take place at East Hampton Airport on Friday, August 12th and Saturday, August 13th (Suddyn’s appearance will take place on the second day, the 13th).
MTK probably marks the trio’s most high-profile appearance to date, sharing a stage with names like Vampire Weekend, Matt and Kim, Ellie Goulding, Bright Eyes, and Cold War Kids, among others. Their appearance at this prestigious event may be a sign that the band is infiltrating the American “indie music scene,” an increasingly paradoxical but equally important connotation for domestic musicians. Suddyn also recently made an appearance at the Indie Music Festival in Las Vegas.
Music to Know is over a month away, but the band tides followers over with their humorous pirate-themed music video. The tune is hooky, the content strangely comical, and the production quality undoubtedly impressive. It’s “Captain Hook” meets “The Life Aqautic” behind music. Well, maybe not quite. But still worth a look. - Dans Hamptons


Hot off the presses from Dublin, Ireland comes Suddyn…and we are just in love with them! We’re spinning Letting Go (the long version, not the radio version… we just dig the long versions you know). Suddyn puts real soul and emotion into their music and it just shows. When we first heard Letting Go we just stopped what we were doing to listen to it…then listened to it again. And when you hear it, you’ll do the same, for sure.

Suddyn is Alan Steil (vocals, piano), Jarrett Steil (guitars, backing vocals), Colin O’Dwyer (bass guitar) and Brendan Connolly (drums) and it sounds like these guys have been playing together for, well, forever. Once again, truly independent music is absolutely stellar.

Thanks to Notorious Liz for getting this to us!

As always,
david - radiofreedavid

"SUDDYN Nothing Lasts Forever"

Suddyn are Alan Steil- Vocal s /Piano/Synths , Jarrett Steil-
Guitar/Vocals/Bass and Brendan Conolly- Drums/Backing Vocals.

Hailing from Dublin, Clonmel and Montauk, this band honed their sound while touring
Ireland in 06/07. Originating in New York, brothers Alan and Jarrett developed their Piano driven Electro-Rock sound, writing and performing fabulous anthems that haunt, or throbbing rock songs that blow you away!

Alan at the helm, with his distinctive voice and boyish features, is the heart and soul of the band, while Jarrett is a first class guitarist with an amazing imagination for riffs and mind blowing solos. Brendan has the job of holding things together, with those passionate bashing anthemic drumbeats. The result is a perfect blend of enthusiastic, memorable music and it has a pied piper effect on Suddyn’s ever growing fan base.

This number is fast moving, with the intro choppy. Chords are dramatic and like Alan’s vocals have a sense of urgency “One of these days I’ll wash up on your shore. One of these nights
I’ll stumble through your door”. The opening verse has a mysterious quality and then things build up to the explosive chorus, with superb guitar riffs, plucky rhythmic notes and piano galore. Bass line throughout is busy and pulsating. Backing vocals are excellent, filtering through in spates until the middle eight, when the pace slows down and harmony is sung close in the refrain “I never would fall, I never would say that you want more”. The beat alternates quite a few times, adding interest to this song. Alan’s wonderful input on keys is also a constant in this track, with big chords and well placed notation.

This thoroughly enjoyable song joins the anthology of delicious music these lads have produced to date. These include their first big hit “Gravity” and others such as “Letting Go, Brightest Star, Holding up the Backdrop”. It’s said that there are elements of every style of Rock prevalent in Suddyn’s music, from U2 to Radiohead. However, the last few years have seen the band prove extremely successful across the U.S. Their gain is our loss!

There’s never a shortage of their video or audio material available online.
And I recommend watching the imaginative video of this song if you need a laugh!
It’s a bit of Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), a slice of The Mummy and a helping of Al Capone thrown in for pure ‘mischief’. But this doesn’t distract from the song itself, which has the Hallmark of one of the best Rock bands around!
- MRU Music Review Unsigned

"Irish rock band amps up heat"

Irish rock band amps up heat
Published: February 15, 2011
Chart-topping piano-driven Irish rock band Suddyn brought the heat Wednesday afternoon at the Becker Amphitheatre.
A cup of emotionally charged vocals, two teaspoons of driving lead guitar, one tablespoon of banging drums, a pinch of graceful piano melodies, and a dash of synth-pop; what you have here are the ingredients to concoct what is considered the very definition of pop-rock.
The talent behind Suddyn is vocalist and pianist Alan Steil, his brother Jarret Steil on guitar and bass, and drummer Brendan Connolly. Throughout the concert all three members went all out, leaving not one minute lacking talent.
Me and my brother are originally from New York, but we moved to Ireland and we put out an ad in Hot Press, which is like their version of our Rolling Stone, and Brendan picked it up one day, called us, and we got together said Jarrett.
On several songs Alan whipped out the double-threat combo to rockness: powerful vocals and wicked piano skills. Despite the chilly windy weather cramping their style (according to Alan Steil) and making audience members want to rush into surrounding buildings for warmth, their passion and energy kept the performance alive and worth the chattering teeth.
“it’s a pretty cool show. It goes really well with the weather, said Adriana O Neil, 21, art.
Suddyn has played over 200 shows with other well-known bands such as Shiny Toy Guns, The Films and Boy Kill Boy. They have received three top-30 singles in Ireland as an Indie act and have already hit the airwaves with more than 150 radio ads in the U.S. from their debut EP, Dark Lights.
Tierra Ennis from Norco High School, who was on a field trip to the campus, found herself drawn by Alans voice.
The lead singer has a wonderful voice. When he sings it sounds like he’s in the studio, said Ennis.
After living in Dublin for two years, the group moved back to New York to claim fame on U.S. charts. There, Suddyn captured the attention of eminent music producer David Kahne (The Strokes, Sublime, Paul McCartney).
The group has just recently completed the music video for their track Nothing Lasts Forever.?
Suddyn is also currently working with MTV. The group was signed to a 6-month deal that marks them as a priority band for maximum exposure during March, MTV’s Indie music month. The deal includes having the bands music played on several TV shows to gain more recognition. Big names like Phoenix and Mumford & Sons are bands that have been signed to the deal.
They are really talented, said Jon Toro, 19, art. It’s cool that the singer can play piano and sing at the same time because usually that’s pretty hard.?
The group announced they will be performing at the Roxy in Hollywood on Feb. 24th, and you can buy tickets, which are on sale at two for $15, from the band through Facebook.
- Daily Titan

"Suddyn's 'Dark Lights' delight"

Just when you thought indie bands were going out of style, the Irish based band, Suddyn, kicks your head off and fills it with melodic chorus lines and careful guitar playing.

Two brothers originally formed the band and while still underdeveloped, they picked up two childhood friends along the way. Suddyn then arose.

For the past 2 years, they have been touring and releasing their music in Europe. Regardless of being unsigned, they have become one of Ireland's best selling acts.

They have had 3 top 30 hit singles, and have also had over 500 plays on Irish radio.

The band states its influences come anywhere from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead.

It is no wonder the music on their "Dark Lights" EP had phenomenal rock anthem-worthy tracks.

When listening to any indie band, you get the sense of artistry and creativity that is hard to expect from a typical "rock" band.

And Suddyn makes sure of that.

I was able to have the enjoyment of getting a hold of their latest EP and found the track "Side Arm" most appealing.

The song opens up with a beautiful piano part followed along with the opening lines to the first verse.

The song takes you somewhere you thought could only be in dreams.

Another song that I caught myself repeating in my head was the first track.

The song name was "Holding up the Backdoor" and it begins with slowly and picks up not too far along.

The guitar parts are what bring you in and whether you like the song or not, the chorus line will have you humming it.

If you like bands like Kings of Leon, or Muse, then Suddyn is right up your alley.

Even if you don't like those bands and you appreciate good music and a hard working indie band, Suddyn will leave you feeling satisfied about the direction it is taking you. - Elpaisano Newspaper


When Suddyn stormed the scene fresh out of Ireland, originally from New York, they did it with pianos-a-blazing. But the pop-rock trio, which just released a new single last week called "Nothing Lasts Forever", has left the piano behind for this week's exclusive release. Instead, they opted for a guitar-heavy ballad titled "Naked Prophecy" that puts their pick-ups and amps to good use. The track has a punchy pop base with an emotive veneer that pushes the song beyond fun-listening. The best part is that it's yours to behold for the price of a click.

In addition to the free download, Suddyn has supplied the internet with an acoustic rendition of "Nothing Lasts Forever", available below for your viewing pleasure.

Read more: MP3 Premiere: Suddyn
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"SUDDYN EP Review"

Suddyn – Letting Go
Judging by their press photos, these guys are super serious. And it turns out to be true. ‘Letting Go’ is a plaintive epic-sounding song with the lines “If I could live again / If I could re-begin / Every day I’d start again / And every night I’d still pretend.“. Yeh, that kind of chart-topping honesty. It follows the formula of hit singles that preceded it with quiet piano parts, a rockin’ building crescendo and soaring vocals. It’s perfect for the US pop charts or Kerrang!-lite so we’re a little bit confused why these New Yorkers are trying their hand at Irish chart success. - State


I found Suddyn randomly on the web. The only place I could hear there music was on their myspace page after checking out there tracks .I must say I was impressed. I generally trust my first instinct when hearing a band. “Letting go” was the first track on their page, vocals great found there was too much going on. Then there was “gravity” which is more of the sound that I wanted to hear. This song seems to be one of their bigger success and again vocals great believable. I’m sure it would be a great live anthem. “Echo of angels “ pretty much gave me the vibe of Suddyn and what there about. It a good track just a little predictable don’t get me wrong the song works but just missing something that’s for others better than me to decide what. The last track was “let me in” really liked it, soulful lyrics with a little edge. What I liked was the music was allowed to support the lyrics. I think musically there tight and creative and vocally for there style they are outstanding vocal. What I think can separate this band from the others in the same style is when the vocals are sung with the honestly of “letting go” and the arrangement is stripped just to bring through the clearly talented vocals and lyics.
Check them out there more than worth that.
My review is limited so keep that in mind.

What do you think of
- Busby Music

"SUDDYN Scores"

Irish/Long Island band Suddyn, who have enjoyed great success in the Emerald Isle, are next up on Stage 2. They’ve recently relocated to Los Angeles and have recruited a boisterous bunch of lovely young ladies to the show tonight, to the vast betterment of the overall atmosphere. They’re introducing some songs from their upcoming album Before the City, which was produced by Grammy Award-winner David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes, Sublime) and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound (Muse, Fall Out Boy). The new music has evoked a rabid response, with “Can’t Let Go” particularly energizing the audience. The trio’s striking songs and assured stage presence have attracted a packed crowd to Stage 2, and deservedly so–though one can only imagine how their awesome anthems would go over in a larger room! - Musexpo

"New Music: Suddyn – Nothing Lasts Forever"

There have been times before when writing for I got a PR blurb in for a music act which, I could have so easily copy and pasted, but I choose not to. Assuming the emailed to me biography does not fit the song, ie. it is sh**e I will say so – in a very eloquent and fitting manner of course, despite what it is I should [maybe] say
When I first saw the Suddyn video Nothing Lasts Forever, I pretty much thought…. Gobshín, looks like yer man from Westlife….
And he does a bit, but one read of their bio and you’ve a rough idea that they aren’t gonna fill me with the usual dulcid tones falaffel. For that reason, initially, I listened through and watched their video.
In hindsight I was wrong. They are a pretty neat act, well versed and well groomed… But more than that and more importantly with decent well written songs to their arsenal, I like them. A lot.
Read the bio, til the end, you’ll enjoy it…
Formed by brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil, the band honed its music while touring through Ireland, completing their electrifying trio with the addition of Irishman Brendan Connolly (drums, vocals). Using their allure to crack the Irish music scene, the group returned to New York with 3 Top 30 hits, a devoted following, and a string of equally impressive hangovers. Blessed with panty-dropping good looks, they bring energy and presence to their shows unmatched since Genghis Khan conquered Mongolia. Incorporating a savvy knowledge of production values, SUDDYN followed their debut EP Dark Lights, with Before the City, produced by Grammy Award-winner David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Sublime). In 2011, trading winter jackets and pasty skin for sunglasses and tans (not so much in Brendan’s case, though he does wear sunglasses), SUDDYN brought the show to the West Coast. Playing an intensive schedule in LA-area bars and clubs, they garnered heavy attention from KROQ and signed a placement deal with MTV Networks to be featured in upcoming broadcasts. Continuing with their budding success, the band will soon be taking the stage at The Indie Music Festival in Las Vegas and the Music To Know festival in New York with the likes of Vampire Weekend; Matt and Kim; We Are Scientists; and Bright Eyes.
All in all I like Suddyn’s music. They got my foot tapping on a pseudo-Monday and that my brethren is a good thing. So much so it made me want to listen to more of their tracks and that is a rarity I look forward to.
They note themselves as a mix between Muse and Death Cab For Cutie. I’ll agree with the Muse bit but I’ll throw in The Script as my other ‘may sound like’. Geographically the line up is made up of two New Yorkers and a lad from Tipperary. Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding as we welcome Suddyn to the music category. -

"Music is a ‘Suddyn’ hit at La Verne"

As it poured outside, the band Suddyn performed in Davenport Dining Hall Tuesday.
Many students spent their lunch break listening to Suddyn’s latest offering called “Before the City.”
The band has seen chart success in Europe and now has traveled to Los Angeles to reach out to fans in the states.
“The music is phenomenal. Their sound of music will do well here in the states,” Cheyenne Beard, sophomore psychology major said.
Suddyn, which was started in 2006, consists of three men: Alan Steil, on vocals, synths, and piano; his brother Jarrett Steil on guitar, bass, synths and vocals; and Brendan Connolly on drums, acoustic guitar, and vocals.
“The music is anthemic piano driven electro rock,” Jarrett Steil said.
The band describes its sound as “emotionally driven … combined with style and a sense of drama.”
When creating music, Suddyn gets inspiration from their travels, experiences of life and from nature, the band members said.
“The weather out there is inspiration,” Connolly said during the midday concert. “You get the most out of yourself.”
Connolly thrilled students as he displayed his skills during this performance with a drum solo.
“The drum solo was really cool. They are going to make it big here next year,” Ally Schultz, sophomore English major and CAB comedy chairwoman, said.
Grammy Award winning producer David Kahn produced “Before the City.”
Kahn has worked with popular artists such as Sublime, the Strokes and Paul McCartney.
Suddyn’s members grew up playing a variety of instruments, from guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and drums.
The piano-driven rock band’s members are from Montauk, N.Y., and Ireland.
The band’s influences include Radiohead, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Muse and U2, its members said.
ULV?students seemed to enjoy the Monday concert, which was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board.
“I listened to their music and it fit in with the March theme,” said Michael Lindsey a senior, business major and CAB concerts chairman. “I love their music.”
The band’s music has attracted support from KROQ and MTV.
Suddyn already has several “Top 30” singles in Ireland and has grabbed attention in the United States with its debut EP “Dark Lights.”
The band has performed more than 200 shows in the company of popular bands like Shiny Toy Guns, Boy Kill Boy, Larrikin Love and the Films.
“It’s great to get out here in California to play shows,” Alan Steil said
Suddyn will perform again in the area at the Truckit Fest in Los Angeles on April 3, and at UC Irvine’s annual Wayzgoose Festival on April 16.
For more information on the band or their performances, visit
Jennahway Huerta can be reached at - Campus Times

"Interview with Suddyn"

Piano-driven electronic rock band Suddyn played a noontime concert at the Student Center Jan. 12, showcasing their rock anthems to the UCI population. Suddyn is comprised of two brothers from Montauk, N.Y. and an Irishman, and this trio has already had hit singles in Ireland and toured around Europe. Now they’ve come to America and are ready to conquer the West Coast. Lead singer and keyboardist Alan Steil, guitarist and backup vocalist Jarrett Steil, and drummer Brendan Connolly sat down with the New University to talk about their aspirations for Suddyn in the U.S.

New U: How would you compare the music scene here to the scene in Ireland?

Alan: Southern California is the antithesis of Ireland in every which way possible. People get up early, people are doing stuff, while in Ireland, people are kind of miserable. In California, everyone’s happy … it’s a completely different vibe.

New U: Do you think your band will fit in to the music scene here?

Alan: I think we fit in better here, in a way, because I always thought we stuck out in Ireland. We’re a lot more rock ‘n’ roll.

New U: Do you guys have any goals you’re aspiring to in the immediate future?

Alan: We want to keep growing obviously, building a fan base in LA We have a few shows coming up, but the overall goal is to keep moving forward. I don’t want to say global super-stardom yet …

New U: Isn’t that everyone’s ultimate goal though?

Alan: It is, but you don’t want to sound like a dick and say that … it’s not really about fame though, it’s about the music.

New U: How would you define your sound? What other artists would you compare yourselves to?

Jarrett: I think our new material now especially is similar to Muse. We have more of an English sound. I think we fall somewhere between the really polished top 40 American sounds and the more gritty English sound. We’re polished, but gritty polished.

Brendan: We’ve been together for a while so it took us awhile to find our sound.

Alan: Ultimately we just want to sound like ourselves.

New U: How did you all decide to form this band?

Alan: Where my brother and I are from, there aren’t too many musicians and we were the only ones who really played music. We just loved it, music was always a constant for us and music was always there. We’ve both been playing music since we were kids.

New U: Have you noticed differences in the music scenes on the East Coast and the West Coast?

Jarrett: New York has a very trendy, “too cool” scene, especially the Brooklyn crowd, and we’re not really part of that scene, so yeah, we don’t necessarily fit into the “hipster scene.” I think out in LA you have a better shot for rock bands. You’ve always had great rock bands out here. There’s only one community on the East Coast, that niche community, and we’re not really a part of it. In LA you have a lot more access to fans, and it’s easier to build a fan base out here, whereas in New York you’re more limited.

Brendan: People are a lot less anal about music here; people in LA are a lot more likely to help each other out here.

New U: What musicians would you consider to have influenced you, either in terms of you deciding to go into music or in terms of your style?

Alan: For myself, I would have to say the Beatles.

Brendan: John Bonham was definitely an influence for me.

Jarrett: I listen to everything but I think currently the person that impresses me the most is Matt Bellamy [lead singer of Muse]. His musicianship is unparalleled.

New U: Do you guys plan to stay in America?

Alan: Yeah, definitely, I’d rather stay in California. I mean, Ireland is a beautiful country, don’t get me wrong, it’s great for a visit, but it gets difficult when you have to live there.

New U: What are you hoping to achieve here?

Brendan: Most importantly for us, it’s about reaching out to new fans. We want to create a buzz around LA and we want people coming to our shows and getting the message out there. So far people in LA have been a lot more receptive to that
Jarrett: We’re definitely hoping to stay in the U.S. We were based out of Ireland, but that had its time limit. You can be a real big fish in a small pond there and you can only go so far. We’d rather be struggling out here and having a good time. - New University

"The Suddyn Band - from Dublin to New York to North Hollywood's Amp Rehearsal"

How did Suddyn get started as a band?

Jarrett: Alan and I are brothers so we've known each other since birth! We moved to Dublin and put an ad out in a music magazine looking for a drummer. Bren was the only one who replied so we were stuck with him!

Describe your sound?

Jarrett: We are an alternative rock band. We have lived in Dublin, NY and LA so I think we have managed to make our own sound, taking from all of those places. We have a big sound similar to bands like Muse, Airbourne Toxic Event and the Killers.

What makes Suddyn unique?

Jarrett: We have the advantage of having lived and played music in different countries and continents. The more you play for people the more you develop your own style and sound and carve your own niche. We have always been on the outside of any particular "style" that is going on at the time but its actually a blessing not to be defined by a particular style!

Tell me about the venues you played in NY, LA and touring.

Jarett: We've managed to play lots of great venues all over. In NY we have played the Mercury Lounge a few times, which is probably the best smaller venue in the city. Since we've been out west, we played The Viper Room, The Roxy and a lot of colleges in and around LA. We just like playing shows and are fortunate that we have gotten to play so many legendary venues!

What was your experience performing at Coachella?

Jarrett: Festivals are always a great experience, especially when there are so many good bands involved. We have another one coming up August 13th in NY, the MTK Festival with Vampire Weekend and Matt Kim. It's going to be a great weekend!

Tell us about your latest music video "Nothing Lasts Forever."

Jarrett: It was written and directed by Kelby Floyd. He did an amazing job and put a lot of time prepping, building the sets, editing, etc. It's a play on old films....hence the mummy, submarine and gangster shots! We had a good time shooting it and think it came out pretty funny. - North Hollywood News

"The Montauk Band Suddyn Hits The Airwaves"

Montauk - So what happens when two Montauk brothers and two Irish childhood friends join forces? Drawing on inspiration, experiences and tales from both sides of the pond, Suddyn was born and so was a sound that uniquely fuses together the emotional intensity and style of Radiohead, the atmospheric rock of U2, and the baroque drama of Queen.

The band has spent the last two years touring and releasing their music in Europe - quickly becoming one of Ireland's best selling unsigned acts with three Top 30 hit singles under their belt!

With Suddyn the real magic is performing live on stage and for them it's that one place that four guys from opposite sides of the Atlantic can truly call their universal home! This love of the stage has lead them to play over 150 shows and they've been lucky enough to be in the company of great bands such as Shiny Toy Guns, The Films, Boy Kill Boy and Larrikin Love to name just a few. Suddyn's anthemic rock sound built its own reputation of a "must see act" on the live circuit.

As interest in the U.S. started to take on its own life, Suddyn recently returned to the Montauk camp. Early U.S. support came in from radio stations across the country, and their song "Gravity" recently charted at #16 on the FMQB Chart.

Suddyn's hard work and talent has not gone unnoticed by the industry and they have already racked up quite a few impressive accolades, and with their music soon to be featured on MTV and Music Connection, their success is showing no signs of letting up. They have been recognized with:

• Record of the Day
• NME's Top 20 Breaking Band
• Hit Quarters Artist of the Week
• Finalists in the prestigious AAA category at this year's International Songwriting Competition.


Irish pop-rock group Suddyn bring their energy in their single, "Nothing Lasts Forever." Although peppy and catchy, Suddyn have a melancholic Killers-esque angst in their music, strictly intended for live show anthems. The piano-driven, drum-pumping, and melting electric guitar-riffs are the ideal match for lead vocalist, Alan Steil's magnetically robust ballads. Catch this band at East Hampton's Music To Know Festival.

Read more: MP3: Suddyn
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"Music Review: Suddyn’s “Dark Lights” EP"

Brace yourself my little indie music monkeys. In a defiant search for authenticity and a passionate attempt at leaving a real mark, SUDDYN has graced us with some real indie gold. This band most certainly means to stay around by connecting with its audience and proving its dedication by delivering a sound from the depths of their rocker souls.

I got the pleasure of listening to the EP "Dark Lights," which was recorded in Grouse Lodge (an exceptional residential studio which has been home to some amazing artists like Snow Patrol, Muse, REM and Michael Jackson to name a few!). “Dark Lights" was mastered by John Davis, whose clients include Snow Patrol, Artic Monkeys, REM and Led Zeppelin.

These two Montauk brothers and two Irish childhood friends came together and SUDDYN was born. Combining a emotionally driven sound with style and intensity that infuses the music with a deep sense of drama, these artists have not forfeited true passion in exchange for the security of a stamped out pop sound. With influences like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, U2, Muse, Queen, ELO, Remy Zero, Led Zepplin, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot, The Guess Who, T. Rex, Beck, Bowie, Spacehog, etc…. it is no surprise that SUDDYN has drawn on the influences of the talent in our music roots to initiate a sound worthy of rock anthems.

"Side Arm", off the Dark Lights EP is sure to wrench your heart and move you with a combination of piano and a soft, clear, benevolent voice that will draw you into a hope and vulnerablity that cannot be contained. "Closing spaces" combines a rock anthem with a soul shaking mission statement to the truth and moving forward. If you’re looking for a mantra-worthy sound with enough rock to keep you alert and enough passion to keep you listening, SUDDYN is it. These indie proclamations are relatable and still filled with a singular perspective of self expression to put you right in the midst of the personal feelings and experiences of these artists, proving that a little self indulgent drama goes a long way. While we exist in our own little worlds SUDDYN seeks to bring you into theirs.

SUDDYN have spent the last 2 years touring and releasing their music in Europe. SUDDYN are one of Ireland’s best selling unsigned acts with 3 Top 30 hit singles under their belt! SUDDYN’s recent releases, “Gravity” & “Letting Go,” have received over 500 plays on Irish radio including a host of commercial regional playlist adds.

With SUDDYN the real magic is performing live on stage and for them it’s that one place that 4 guys from opposite sides of the Atlantic can truly call their universal home! This love of the stage has lead them to play over 150 shows and they’ve been lucky enough to be in the company of great bands such as Shiny Toy Guns, The Films, Boy Kill Boy and Larrikin Love to name just a few. SUDDYN’s anthemic rock sound built its own reputation of a “must see act” on the live circuit. Crowd goers proclaim this band plays every show like their indie lives depend on it, with a musical instinct that leaves everyone in the crowd feeling the impact.

suddyn-feature2The U.S. has openly invited SUDDYN to the American airwaves on stations like WFNX Boston, Q101.1 Chicago, KWSS Phoenix, KUPD (Phoenix) WQXA/Harrisburg PA, KACV/Amarillo TX, KFMG/Des Moines, and RIFF2/Detroit, just to name a few. In fact “Gravity” recently charted at 16 on the FMQB Chart! Their hardwork and talent has received a number of noteworthy praises such as: Record of the Day, NME’s Top 20 Breaking Band, Hit Quarters Artist of the Week and finalists in the prestigious AAA category at this year’s International Songwriting Competition. With undeniable praise from artists like Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who refered to this band as "Epic," and NME who makes reference to the band as "Think Killers meet Foos…..worthy of the hype", SUDDYN has most certainly earned some well deserved respect.

SUDDYN’s indie dedication paying off, this band will soon be seen and heard throughout the globe, with a following of loyal and loving followers. Rock may be filled with a lot of one night stands and fly by night acts but SUDDYN’s here for the long haul and they are taking you with them.

Check out SUDDYN’s Myspace at, where the EP "Dark Lights" is available for purchase.

- By Kristin Anderson

"SUDDYNLY MUSIN-by Zelda Cunningham"

Muse-inspired NYC Band SUDDYN, who played in the Student Bar earlier this month, have been described as "Epic" by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Zelda Cunningham finds out what all the fuss is about...

Brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil formed SUDDYN in NYC (hence the YN) in 2002. After a few years gigging in the Metropolis, they made the unusual move of immigrating here.
I ask the obvious question. Why move here from the hub of music indie-rock to Skerries, the hub of Dublin's fisheries? Lead singer Alan Steil says "Irish audiences are more receptive to new music than other audiences." "Being away from the distractions of New York allow us to be more focused on our music", adds his brother, Jarrett. Audiences here have been more appreciative, with a tour consisting of 48 dates under their belt receiving rave reviews and warm receptions.
Are they tired of touring? Not a chance. "It's a break from reality, we're living the dream!" bassist Guy tells me. Similarities have been drawn between SUDDYN and the likes of Radiohead and the Manic Street Preachers. They definitely have a stage presence that would be better suited to larger gigs. Passionate, powerful performances are carried out with a professionalism that would rank them beside the best the music industry has to offer. Such fiery, fervent shows would be better suited to the stadiums and festivals. However with a very passive blend of PR and touring, SUDDYN are starting to ripple the waters of the "industry". "We feel like we're just starting
off", Guy says. With a newly incorporated Irish drummer, the band is literally still getting their act together. Their efforts are starting to take shape. They recently supported such big-names as Republic of Loose and Paddy Casey. They also plan to support the ubiquitous Revs during the spring. The band have also written and recorded their debut single, "Drowning Souls".
Alan describes the single, which will be released on the 17th of February, as "a piano driven, Muse-esque song". However he quickly establishes that the band has their own sound. The single is dramatic and intense. Steil's "Bellamy bellow" resounds throughout the track which is immediately appealing.
Despite their laid back, relaxed exterior, there is a steely determination amongst the band to make it. They have the talent, the drive, and let's face it, a cute lead singer and the recipe for success. Watch this space. - O2- The University Observer

""The Next Big Thing""


Breaking into a music scene that barely has elbowroom for new bands can be tricky. Many hightail it to the big cities or even depart Dublin for the sparkly lights of New York. Not Suddyn, a New York quartet who have done the reverse and decamped to Dublin. Having made a lot of Irish friends in their J1-friendly hometown of Montauk, they built up a devoted core of Irish fans. In March they reached the dizzying heights of the Irish Top Ten with debut single Drowning Souls. Formed just 4 years ago brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil, who both sing and play piano and guitar and bassist Guy Wilson hooked up with Tipperary drummer Brendan Connolly. Their loyal fan base includes Chad “Red Hot Chili Peppers” Smith and Paul Linehan of The Frank & Walters has helped produce the rocked-out breeziness on their piano/guitar sound. Jarrett Steil describes their music as “heavy but melodic” and says they get compared to “Radiohead and Muse” but they grew up on a musical diet of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Miles Davis and even rap. They play a Cancer Research Event at The Forum, Waterford on April 15th. The Trinity Rooms in Limerick on May 19th, Sinners in Cork on May 20th and The Roisin Dubh in Galway on April 23rd. U - U Magazine

"Review: Suddyn - Dark Lights"

wo brothers from Montauk, Long Island meet two Irish guys... what sounds like the beginning of a joke is actually the genesis of one of the hottest rock acts in Ireland that's building a significant buzz here in the US. With a sound that mixes elements of Queen, Radiohead and U2, Suddyn has racked up three Top-30 singles in Ireland as an Indie act and has already accumulated more than 150 adds in the States from their debut EP, Dark Lights. With a tremendous reputation for their live shows and a glam mentality that's too little seen in Rock N Roll these days, Suddyn shows no signs of slowing down.

Dark Lights opens with Holding Up The Backdrop, a maudlin Modern Rock tune with theatrical ambitions. This is probably great radio fodder but is a bit weak as an opening tune to the EP. Generation, on the other hand, has a darker, more intriguing tone that would probably serve better as a lead song (although not necessarily a lead single). The first two songs on Dark Light suggest a strongly melancholy songwriting style and both are focused heavily on the downside of a relationship. Side Arm opens like a traditional Glam Rock ballad, with vocalist Alan Steil accompanied only by piano. Side Arm focuses on a relationship gone bad, asking for a cessation of hostility and remembrance of what once was. It's a very well written tune and is likely a showstopper live. Dark Lights winds down to Closing Spaces, a song about running away rather than losing; you could almost call it an anthem for cowardice, where it's easier to run than to try. It's an interesting choice and seals Dark Lights in an envelope of melancholy.

Suddyn makes interesting choices on Dark Lights, investing their energy in the darker emotions of loss, regret and fear. It is perhaps music for the times, and hearkens back to a sound and style embraced by bands such as The Cure and The Smiths (although The Cure at least accompanied their lyrical pathos with irrepressible melodies).
There are things here I like (the song construction, the vocalist, the instrumental work), and Side Arm is particularly well-written but as dark and depressing as they may be, the songs here are actually quite good.

- Wildy's World

"Murphy's Live 2007 Quarter Final - The Chapters – Suddyn - Messiah J & The Expert - Thursday 25th January 2007."

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drop-D Review Whelans Jan 25th

(to view this article in its orignal glory please hit this link Drop-D Ezine Suddyn review)
By Liam Tyrrell

Murphy's Live 2007 Quarter Final - The Chapters – Suddyn - Messiah J & The Expert - Thursday 25th January 2007.

It's been a long cold January so far with little money and even less fun doing the rounds, so it was with great joy that I pottered along to Whelan's for the Murphy's Live 2007 quarter final on the 25th of the month. Invited I was, or I wouldn't have gone: Suddyn, the half-American half-Irish quartet, were insistent that at least one member of the press witness their triumphant performance, and now that you mention it, it was free in for any punter who wanted to go so I didn't feel as special as I normally do when I breeze by the ticket box. Two delightful young girls handed me vouchers for a free pint of the other black stuff as I squeezed through the door, a grand aul start indeed.

Suddyn are waiting for a photo shoot when I arrive to have a chat with them before their performance. Something to do with posing with pints of Murphy's and looking pleased: all in a days work for the would-be superstar it seems. The boys are relaxed when I meet them, sitting in an abandoned living room above Whelan's with a nice crate of Heineken beside them, chilling by virtue of the freezing weather and lack of central heating in the place.

A yankee-paddy hybrid band you say? Whatever could you mean? Just that my friends, just that indeed. Two parts of Suddyn, Jarrett Steil and Alan Steil, hail from Montauk, Long Island, New York. Montauk is a J1 magnet they explained, so over the past few years they came to have many an Irish friend, and when the time came to get serious about making a career out of their love of music they felt that a new home, with fewer distractions, would suit them better. When they arrived they hooked up with drummer Brendan Connolly, a man with a strange, unexplained love of butterflies, and after a swift change of bassist, Colm O'Dwyer filled out the quartet.

These boys have the same goal as everyone else that makes music they claim and they might not be wrong: to make a living off your songs is indeed the target of many troubadours. Have they a chance though? With one top 10 single to their name already, and another one for download only in the works, cutting costs nicely by the by, and a handy tip for those who feel that their single should come out on 7 inch vinyl from a Fair Trade source, they certainly have every right to be optimistic about the way things are going for them. They already have a large fanbase, and they cite MySpace as a great asset for them, and for any other band, as they have supporters in far-flung reaches of the world that they never would have without it. Across all age groups too, the band are particularly proud of a 65 year old fan that found them somehow, targeting the grey dollar I suggest, "targeting any dollar" retorts Linda from OpalStar Music Management, the company responsible for Suddyn's recent publicity onslaught.

The band believes that their songs have the strength to carry them through regardless of genres or trends and they have some inspirational words to guide them, "If you don't believe in your music, no one will." True enough, I would venture, and they insist that they are unwilling to compromise on their sound having rebuffed label advances already when asked to change and tweak the sound to fit a particular market. Brave boys with integrity, that's what we like around here.

The talking done, it's down to the stage to see Suddyn's competitors for the evening, The Chapters. The Chapters have been around a while, they were hotly tipped in 2005 to break through and featured at Hard Working Class Heroes way back in 2003 (Christ, that makes me feel older than the jar of pickles in the back of my fridge). The band is reminiscent of Springsteen in places, with plenty of The Band and Neil Young thrown in for good measure, a lot of instrument swapping and handclapping in their set too. It's always nice to see musicians with more than one trick to their pony. A stiff act for our hybrid heroes to follow then, but they'd plenty in the tank to take up the challenge.

Suddyn hit the stage and the sizeable crowd lets a roar, there are even banners supporting Brendan's odd fascination with metamorphosed caterpillars. The sounds are piano driven, with some craftily worked guitars floating gently on top of the slow, steady pounding of the keys. These aren't songs, they're anthems. Feeling decidedly uplifting, and reminiscent of Journey's smash Don't Stop Believing in places (that's a compliment by the by, The Journey are awesome), the power streams out of their set while Alan Steil runs wild across the stage. They waste little time with anecdotes and concentrate on pouring themselves into the noise. The crowd is receptive to their efforts and cheers them wildly as each epic storms to a close. The verdict is still out on who will get the semi-final berth in this national competition, but Suddyn did all they could to make sure it was them.

Topping the evening's entertainment off were Irish hip-hoppers Messiah J and the Expert, they bounced and trounced their way through a set that had numerous highlights. In places they were excellent, like a born again Jurassic 5, but they suffered from a reliance on contrived rhythms and homages to Gangsta Rap. More Sugarhill and less 50cent and these boys would be untouchable. As it stands, they made light work of whipping the crowd into full-on frenzy mode as the consumption of alcohol-libre took its full effect.

Drink responsibly now kids, that means, be careful not to spill any, there's people dying of thirst in Africa. - Drop-D Magazine

"Radio City Launch Gig"

Radio City launch-gig
By Angela Macari-O'Looney

On October 25th, I made my way into town to see for myself, the band behind the new and exciting sound of 'Gravity', a new single which I had been listening to on-line. It was my first visit to Radio City and I felt a little conspicuous to say the least, walking in and buying a drink at the bar, all on my lonesome.

My guest was to be a colleague from Dublin Bus, Billy Fleming who does a bit of freelance journalism for many newspapers, a glossy Dublin Bus staff magazine, and is often heard voicing his opinions on many radio programmes etc. This evening however, he was to join me after a middle duty, to witness this band which I promised him, he'd enjoy. I wasn't wrong!

Just before Suddyn took to the stage, I was entertained by two extremely unique bands. The first of these were a punk-style band, playing virtual instruments. A weird and novel experience for me, but I had heard about it on T.V. This kinda thing however, makes me feel like a dinosaur since in my teenage days, miming or lip sinking or, for that matter anything that didn't amount to reading music and playing the guitar, piano or drums without your own sweat and labour, just wasn't 'Rock'n'roll.

So first there were these guys, followed by a very enjoyable and talented band. I wasn't comfortable though, until my companion joined me at around 10p.m. He walked down the stairs just as Alan, the lead singer from 'Suddyn' sat down at his keyboard. We took a seat closer to the stage, so that I could see all that unfolded through the course of the performance. I didn't want to miss a trick!

The first number 'War' began with this big dramatic piano intro. There's a sense of the classical about Alan's piano in this song. The whole sound is one of tragedy, with lots of minor chords used. I also noticed re-verb being used a lot for the chorus of this song.
The drummer did a lot here, really letting it rip. This guy certainly isn't a shy retiring type of rhythm section! That's for sure!

The second song was called 'Infanticide', and involved both Alan and Jarrett joining in the chorus. It is a lovely blend and they not only prove they're wonderful song-writing ability, but right there in Radio City, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. The style of this number brought me back to Keane's gig in the point in July. This isn't just a song. It's an experience of the phenomenal! A good strong melody line, with a thumping beat, the impact on the audience was palpable. Alan did a fabulous piano solo, with such polish and style. 'Anthma', the combination of 'Rock' and epic 'Anthem' is addictive. Nobody could be immune to it and my friend Billy was awestruck by these guys, along with me. I noticed a lot of photographers about and supposed it had to do with the fact that this was a 'launch-gig'.

'Gravity' with its amazing, choral-style intro, was next. I absolutely love the 1st couple of lines of this song, sung by Alan and backed by just the sound of the drum, beating in an almost military- like time. And for me the experience of watching this ground-breaking number being performed live by these guys, who are well on the way to success, was better than I could have imagined. All eyes were riveted to the stage and every ear was tuned in to the familiar and unforgettable chorus. Just before the chorus in this song, there's this wonderful big build-up of three dramatic chords, then BAM! The finishing line is sung by an unaccompanied Alan, with an echo-style giving you the sense he's falling.

'Get me back alive' begins with a drum- roll, once again much like the sound of soldiers coming back from the front. Dramatic piano riffs, and long sustained minor chords give it that sad, tragic sound. The chorus has this sound running through it like a clock ticking and there's a lot of emotion in this song, in which I noticed the bass player getting a good solo. He's laid back but extremely good. The drummer's ability is just beyond expression, he's so brilliant. This song about war ends with the earlier sound of a lone drum- roll!

The next number of the evening was introduced by Alan, who mentioned that it was his Mum's birthday and she was here all the way from New York. He dedicated this song to her. I noticed the lead guitarist had changed his instrument for this one. Being fond of guitars I admired the 'Gibson' he now played. The Bass player also had a different guitar, and I noticed a difference in the whole sound as a result. Alan got up from the piano here and he came to the front of the stage. He was really playing to the gallery now and loving every minute of this wonderful, action packed evening.

He came right out to the audience, leaning one foot on an amp at the front of the stage in true 'Bono' style, and lamented the crowd with such passion and charm! There's so much confidence oozing from every gesture of this guy, who has star quality. There's a lovely gutsy rhythm to this number, with a really memorable chorus. That re-verb that I noticed is used in a lot of their stuff, comes into play towards the end. The name of this song is 'Erasing time' and if anything will never be erased from my mind. It was definitely one of my favourites of the night.

It's hard to determine my favourite song of the night though, since the next one has to become a number one, right behind 'Gravity'. 'Echoes of Angels' has a gorgeous haunting melody. There's a choppy lead-up to the chorus and although it's a love song, it has a BIG sound, with a throbbing, thumping beat that makes you come alive. This is 'hairs on the back of your neck' stuff! I got the feeling this song was not only my personal favourite. Alan sang it like he was in love with it himself. He really puts his all into every number, and I found it hard not to feel the same about each song I heard at this gig, as I knew he must.

'Remember this' is once again an Anthem. Slow, but with a sure beat just the same; it involved some rich lead guitar riffs, along with really ballsy bass sounds. This number appealed to the crowd and had a really catchy chorus.

'See thru me' was the next song of the evening and had a big drum intro. The lead guitarist took to the keyboard. A very talented guy indeed! Alan clings to every word of this song, embracing the mike as he gives it everything. The whole band were on a roll here and you got the feeling they were having a really successful evening, judging by their confidence and showmanship. The lead guitarist changed back to the guitar just in time for the chorus, bringing his expertise and multi-musicianship to the fore.

'Brightest Star' was the next in line. A ballad with a lovely tune and wonderful lyrics,
It begins with just the tap-tap of drumsticks, to keep it sublime and romantic. Alan's soft melodic voice in this number gives it emotion. The lead guitar takes a solo and it finishes with a dramatic piano crescendo by Alan.

'Throwing Shapes' is choppy with great guitar riffs. Alan has amazing energy in this one and there's a vibrant bit of bass. I love the bit of distortion used in the chorus, then you have this lovely slow and thoughtful middle-eight. You're brought back to the chorus with a big build-up. Then the whole mood speeds up. Alan did a few athletic looking jumps and there was a lovely little guitar riff, just before the end.

The band left the stage after this. All except for the drummer, that is. He played this amazing drum solo. The whole crowd are awestruck as this 'incredible maestro' covers every style imaginable, proving that he isn't' going to fade into the background as most drummers do.

The rest of the band came back on stage and they performed a number called 'Chain me'. This really reminds me of all my favourite bands rolled into one, U2, Radiohead, Queen, to name but a few. There's a cocktail of styles coming through in Suddyn's music.

But it's difficult to find comparisons, when they have such a consistent melodic and unforgettable programme. In this particular number, Alan uses the feedback of the amplifier to great effect. 'Chain me' has a huge piano solo with big arpeggios and a nice input of lead guitar to boot. Energetic bit of bass too! And in the last chorus, Alan goes up to a falsetto note.

On leaving this gig I thanked Alan, who was very friendly and helpful, for a wonderful evening. He's so full of charisma and magnetism, that I expect it won't be long before I find myself at another gig, re-living the unique and unmatchable experience of watching these guys perform! - Irish Unsigned

"Single All The Way"

Next up, we have “Gravity” by Suddyn, Ireland’s 4 piece cross between Arcade Fire and Ok Computer era Radiohead: if this single is to be taken as representative of their sound. With all the epicness of a Peter Jackson movie, Suddyn power their way through this delightful ballad to leave one cathartic in the realization that Gravity is indeed the force that keeps all of our feet on the ground. It’s not hard to see why this tune has been taken into prime time rotation on national radio, or why it has spent the 4 weeks since its release hanging about in the Irish Top 40. With the right amount of emotion, rockingness, singalongability, and balls-up eighties-ballad-ticity, Suddyn may well become the next big stadium-filling, anthem-churning, power-pop band to become synomonous with Ireland. Let’s hope they stick to the music and leave the humanitarian work to those who really give a fuck and aren’t just after a nice picture in the paper. Also, I would suggest that even if you’re not impressed by “Gravity,” your sister will love it. - Drop-D Magazine By Liam Tyrrell

""Gravity" Launch & Single Review"

The atmosphere on the night was electric when Suddyn hit the stage they hit it with pure explosive passion. The flow of rhythm coming from the piano was played with some classical feel and blending tones. The front man Alan sure was worthy of the grasping presence you could hear from his vocals, his voice was very expressive with a lot of passion in them. Jarrett the guitar player showed off some great moves and played some cracking riffs with a very melodic approach to the songs, I really like his originality very bluesy style but keeping it commercial, The bass player Colly has a real upbeat punk style and can hold the backbone melodies that you can feel from Suddyn. As for Bren on drums he pulled of a stormer of a solo on the night you could here the styles of John Bonham mixed in with Art Blakey super stuff, this is one band on the scene you have to see live, hats of to Suddyn great show.

Review by T.Halpin

GIG RATE: ****** Rock star 6 out of 6

SUDDYN/Gravity : Review

“Uplifting melodic rock with the world at their feet Suddyn have hit the spot with this tune full of inspiring guitar and synth melodies, vocals have a great subtle tone and feel to them with some great catchy lyrics, Gravity has a pull with a addictive sound very well mixed and arranged superb stuff.”

Review by T.Halpin


You can check out Suddyn at - Review by T.Halpin

"Record of the Day - 04 October 2006"

"Drowning Souls" by Suddyn

unsigned, Contact: Linda O'Connor, OpalStar Music Management - +353 (0)86 864 7581
Release: available to sign

Suddyn are a quartet from New York and Ireland. Their move to relocate to Dublin is paying off; this track made the Irish top 10 earlier this year and stayed there for two weeks. Melodic, soaring anthems with a heavy edge, it's promising stuff for a band without a label. Hotpress said this of Suddyn: "Sugar-sweet piano-driven melodies, played with energy and sung with panache". We agree. Upcoming gigs include a support slot for Boy Kill Boy in Whelans. JF - Record of the Day

"Suddyn's 'Dark Lights' delight"

Just when you thought indie bands were going out of style, the Irish based band, Suddyn, kicks your head off and fills it with melodic chorus lines and careful guitar playing.

Two brothers originally formed the band and while still underdeveloped, they picked up two childhood friends along the way. Suddyn then arose.

For the past 2 years, they have been touring and releasing their music in Europe.

Regardless of being unsigned, they have become one of Ireland's best selling acts.

They have had 3 top 30 hit singles, and have also had over 500 plays on Irish radio.

The band states its influences come anywhere from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead.

It is no wonder the music on their "Dark Lights" EP had phenomenal rock anthem-worthy tracks.

When listening to any indie band, you get the sense of artistry and creativity that is hard to expect from a typical "rock" band.

And Suddyn makes sure of that.

I was able to have the enjoyment of getting a hold of their latest EP and found the track "Side Arm" most appealing.

The song opens up with a beautiful piano part followed along with the opening lines to the first verse.

The song takes you somewhere you thought could only be in dreams.

Another song that I caught myself repeating in my head was the first track.

The song name was "Holding up the Backdoor" and it begins with slowly and picks up not too far along.

The guitar parts are what bring you in and whether you like the song or not, the chorus line will have you humming it.

If you like bands like Kings of Leon, or Muse, then Suddyn is right up your alley.

Even if you don't like those bands and you appreciate good music and a hard working indie band, Suddyn will leave you feeling satisfied about the direction it is taking you. - Israel Romero


Single: Drowning Souls - Top 10 for 2 Weeks
Single: Gravity - Top 20 for 4 Weeks
Single: Letting Go - Top 30 for 3 Weeks
EP "Dark Lights" - 150 Radio Adds across the US
EP "Before The City"



Formed by brothers Alan and Jarrett Steil, LA based alternative rock band SUDDYN stemmed from humble beginnings in New York and soon set their sights on Europe.

Using their allure to crack the Irish music scene, the group returned to New York with 3 hits, a devoted following, and a string of equally impressive hangovers.

On the west coast they found the percussion skills of Brandon Cooke and drawing influences from across the globe, they have developed their piano-driven electro indie rock sound into what it is today and valiantly attempt to bring energy and presence to their shows unmatched since Genghis Khan conquered Mongolia.