Sud Foundation Kru

Sud Foundation Kru

 Taranto, Apulia, ITA
BandHip HopWorld

Rap Militante Cosciente Divertente


He was born around the year 2000 as a musical experiment between the slums of hip-hop underground, slowly makes room in the music scene, without ever seeking and never overdo it, thanks to the elasticity that involves one's gender and due to bizarre fantasies of its many components, can range between sound Rock, Funk, Reggae and never forget her gender, HIP HOP, and being able to mix electronic sounds with live instruments like bass, keyboards, drums and guitar. It features live performances in different contexts, in early 2006 he won the county final the Arezzo Wave Love Festival, in mid-2006 he won the PMF accessing the mythical Fest MEI Faenza receives a lot of supporters, so as to attract the attention of Red Ronnie wants the same evening on stage at the Roxy Bar di Bologna. In the same year he was selected to participate in the compilation of the HIP HOP MEI drawn from Piotta. In 2007 he was recognized as one of the best six bands of Puglia accessing the regional finals of the Review May Day, which won the award for Ciccio Riccio with the song "the sun shines," track No. 2 of their first album self titled "A ( d) ici. In 2008, the Underground Skillz win in Rome last evening by going to the DA BOMB 2009 where he ranked second place among the best hip-hop national. The year 2010 started great with the grand final of the national competition "Notes Forget" dall'ANMIL organized for the Women's Day where they performed at the Auditorium del Massimo in Rome with their final song "Woman" to beat Macro Marco also publish the their second official video entitled "I'm crazy."
Currently came out with the new official album entitled "South Kartoons Foundation" (Conscious Rap Funny Militant) is completely self-produced and recorded and arranged by Maestro Giuseppe Di Gioia del Valentino studio recording of Castellaneta (TA), self-distribution throughout the world thanks to the platform Digital Zimbalam (Amazon, iTunes, Napster, Songrila, NokiaPlay ... etc etc. ..)


2004 "Par-Condicio"
2007 "Gli Un(d)ici"
2008 "Cabarap"
2009 "Feat to feat"
2010 "S.F.Kartoons"