"Completely Live approach to my recordings, this is exactly how I will sound live - No Gimmicks or auto-tune. Purely experimental, rich grooves & odd time signatures & multiple genres.


Sudip has been singing since attending secondary school and only purely by accident, as the band he was playing guitar with found themselves without a singer. That’s when he offered to sing, trying to be helpful and discovered his innate talent. Sudip’s band mates and their audience were enthralled by Sudip’s vocals and hired him as their lead singer. As a founding member of the band Leviathan, Sudip gained a lot of performing experience, touring throughout India and playing many metropolitan arenas with crowds of up to 20,000 people. Leviathan gained a large and loyal fan following, receiving coverage in major publications across the country.

In 1998, Sudip moved to Canada to pursue higher studies in E-Commerce (which was not available in India at that time), but was not willing to abandon his musical roots. He decided to become a solo artist, with fans of his previous music anticipating his new releases and following his career.

Sudip has worked hard to become the singer he is today. He has had extensive vocal training and has had the privilege of working with the best vocal coaches in L.A.

Sudip has a lot to offer musically. He expresses his passion for life in his songwriting. His focus at this moment is to write more music and to showcase and share his talents. Sudip values his fan following and is eager to provide new releases to show his appreciation for their continued support.

Sudip records all of his songs at his home studio. He is continually expanding his performance and recording skill set. Sudip is an avid learner, always seeking new ways to reach his full potential as an artist.

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A Home In Ashes

Written By: Sudip

I’ve heard you say home’s where the heart is
It’s so easy for you but an ordeal for me
So you've done it again? Home Sweet Home
It’s more than the seven seas for me

Belief in a life worthwhile
I've taken this leap of faith
This pain never ends even in the brightest of days
The fragments of a memory, I once called home

Home - All that’s left is pictures on these walls
Home - Nothing but memories in my mind
Home - You're my one living dream
Home - Visions real and as clear as day
Home - I know I'll find my way someday

Memories of friends and people long gone
Alive in spirit and all we’ve shared
Another brand new start
And once again I seek to find meaning
Yet it takes me - to where I belong

I’ve found the meaning of home’s where the heart is
Helped to rebuild a home in ashes
Even in the darkest days
There’s hope somewhere.

Home - All that’s left is pictures on these walls
Home - Nothing but memories in my mind
Home - You’re my one living dream
Home - Visions real and as clear as day
Home - I know I’ll find my way someday
Home - There'll be better days to come


1993-1998 Various recordings with the band, “Leviathan”. (Albums, Eps & Singles)

1999 – 2001 “Finding My True Self ” – An album that reflects the quest for the inner self.

2002 “Sea of Life” – Reflection of Sudip’s own life, his trials and tribulations, as well as the adversity he has encountered and withstood.

2005 “Balance the Dark Side” – Shangrila feat. Sudip Nationally distributed album featuring backing vocals by Sudip.

2008 “Epiphany” – Reflection on one’s purpose in life, realization of dreams and concern for the environment.

2009 “A Home In Ashes” – Includes songs like “Voice of Generations” and “The Bailout Song”

Set List

My set list usually comprises of originals, I rarely do covers.