Suds and Soda

Suds and Soda


Anonymous Soho-based electro-glam duo Suds and Soda sure know how to lay down some beats. Influenced by the likes of fellow electro gems CSS and Ladytron, Suds & Soda hold no punches with their messages, mastering the art of electro so very well.


Some years ago, in a land far, far away, where penguins huddle together to protect their unborn young, a green, glass bottle, with a peculiar piece of paper inside, was washed to shore. The King of penguins declared to his people that this curious object from foreign lands was a sign of hope in the never-ending winter that they, and their ancestors, had suffered with such dignity. An ice temple was built to house the bottle of purest green and penguins from far and wide visited the temple to pray and so forth. Believing the code on the peculiar piece of paper held the answers to everything, the King hired the best penguin scholars of all the land to try and decipher it. Alas, so far their efforts have been in vain but little do they know that the text on that piece of paper inside the curious, green, glass bottle that they have worshipped for so long, is the mad, gibbering biog of Suds & Soda; and the only one that there will ever be.

So sadly, the identity of Suds & Soda will remain a secret until penguins learn to read English or until someone extremely brave makes the long and treacherous journey to uncover their secrets.


Style Over Substance - played on Xfm and 6 Music.

Master Shortie's 'Dead End' Suds and Soda Clash Up - played on Xfm.

Set List

Spread Your Legs For America
Make My Day
Cuckoo La La
Get Connected
Style Over Substance

30 minutes