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The best kept secret in music


" Sudzert’s new members, new CD, and on the move "

Relatively quiet on the music front lately, Sudzert has been preparing for their upcoming album. After the successful release of their debut CD, “Where Do I Turn?” in the summer of 2004, they’re returning for another long period of work in the studio.
The band’s first LP showcased a variety of songs written by singer Matt Ross and former drummer Ryan Celestino. The eleven-track CD included songs like “Last Time” and “Comes Back Around” which portrayed the band’s heavier side. However, they gave us something unique in “My Farewell,” a softer song with the accompaniment of a piano, played by Matt Ross.
The longest song to close the album, “Angel,” is the introduction of mixer, Jon Reyes. He provided political clips and famous speeches from history in the beginning and end of the track. Sudzert’s new CD will have a new sound all together.
“The newer album is going to be more of our hard rock sound rather than a pop CD,” explained Ross. “The newer songs are faster paced and have a lot more energy, without sacrificing the melodic vocal lines.”
Since we last saw the guys, they’ve gone through a few changes. In addition to lead singer and guitarist Ross, drummer Kevin Conroy, and bassist Billy Jungfer, Mike Williams returns to the band after a short leave. Sudzert has also added two new faces to the group. Guitarist and backup vocalist Tommy Garcia of West Long Branch has found his spot in the band. Also a member of Knocked Conscious with Conroy, Tommy first emerged on the Sudzert scene when he recorded tracks for the band’s song, “I’m All Gone.” He next appeared in the music video, which can be viewed on their website. It was later decided by the rest of the band that he should stick around for good. Reyes is another new face of Sudzert. After his work on the song “Angel,” he was also asked to become a permanent member of the band. Jon has recently placed in the top 10 for the Deftones remix contest out of hundreds of contestants.
“The band has a much fuller sound now with the additions of Mike, Tom, and Jon,” said Conroy. “I think we’ve finally achieved the sound we’ve been looking for all of these years.”
Reyes is going to be featured on the new, yet to be names CD, but he leaves for college in Miami before the record is released. Not ready to say goodbye to Sudzert, however, Jon will be flying back to New Jersey for some of their bigger shows throughout the year.
Sudzert’s innovative sound and shining talent have given them a growing fan base since Matt and Billy first started the band in 1997. The boys have come a long way from playing in a garage. They’ve previously opened for such bands as SR-71 and Soulfly. They’ve performed in venues from Birch Hill in Old Bridge, and the Lion’s Den in New York City, to Frasier’s in Baltimore, Maryland.
With Kevin’s intense drum beats, Matt powerful vocals and lyrics, and Billy’s contagious energy, it is extremely difficult to leave a show disappointed. In between recording, the band is going to be playing shows in the area. On September 8 they’ll be at the Brighton Bar in West End, and at Chubby’s in Red Bank on October 6. They will also be playing a show at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, New York on September 25th.
If your CD collection does not include, “Where Do I Turn?” if you’re dying to be in the audience of their next show, or if you would like to contact any of the guys, visit them on their website at or their My Space at Be sure to keep an eye out for their next CD as well, as it promises to be a good one.

- The Link News: August 25th thru August 31st

"Oceanport's Sudzert Digs Local Scene"

It was obvious early on that Matt Ross would become a musician. At age 12, the Bank native formed the band Sudzert and recorded the group’s initial song, “Wait,” at Jerk Records Studio in Middletown.
“I’ve always loved music,” Ross said. “I was drawn to it at an early age.”
Ross, 20, didn’t get serious about Sudzert until 2001. He wrote a number of guitar-driven rave-ups highlighted by melodic vocal lines.
“The songs we’ve come up with are all inspired by our hard-rock influences,” Ross said.
Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Led Zeppelin are some of the bands that have had an impact on Ross, who sings and plays guitar.
The Oceanport-based band - also featuring vocalist/guitarist Tommy Garcia, guitarist Mike Williams, bassist Billy Jungfer, drummer Kevin Conroy and DJ Jon Reyes - has performed from Baltimore to New York.
Sudzert recently finished off tracks for its forthcoming disc, which will drop in January.
Expect the group to preview tracks Thursday at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch.
“We like playing out of town, but it’s always great to do shows around here,” Ross said. “It’s god to be home. There’s such a good music scene around here. There always has been a good scene here. It’s grown so much here and people are into different styles of music. This area is my favorite place to play.”

By. Ed Condran

- Asbury Park Press

"Sudzert, a band you can’t afford to miss"

On November 27th, I went to a concert at Birch Hill, in Old Bridge. Aside from being a main concert for the band Sr-71, it was also a showcase for other bands.
Even though they all performed well, a local band called Sudzert had the right energy to get the crowd going. The band consists of Ryan Celestino on the drums, Matt Ross and Billy Jungfer of Oceanport, and Mike Williams from West Long Branch.
Matt and Billy started the band in 1997. A year later Ryan joined the group and just this summer, Mike was also added to the band. Together, the four of them have become very successful playing locally, and gaining a large number of loyal fans.
Having heard about their shows, I intended to see them as soon as I could, and it was worth the wait. After watching them in Old Bridge, I went to The Saint in Asbury Park on Sunday the 15th, to watch them perform again.
The lead singer, Matt, is an amazing performer. At such a young age it is surprising to hear someone with such a good voice, which only adds to his skills at guitar.
The bass player, Billy, has an energy on stage that filters into the crowd and gets everyone going. He is also extremely talented at bass.
The guitarist, Mike, is the newest addition to the band, and a smart choice. Talented and dedicated, Mike rocks the stage just as well as the other members.
Ryan is the drummer. The word incredible doesn’t even begin to describe how he plays, keeping the beat and the bands energy up.
Favorite songs they perform that I like are, “Unsung Heart” and “The Way I Feel.” Both of them were written by Matt Ross.
“The rest of the songs are about experiences like that. Experiences that everyone can relate to because a lot of people go through things,” said Matt. “And music, at least for me, lets you get rid of, and express your feelings without actually telling everyone what’s wrong.” Matt said this is where the inspiration for most of his songs comes from.
The chemistry they share together shows that they will most likely be around for a while, and definitely have the potential to go places. Starting in January, they will be back in the studio recording a new full length CD. Right now they have a demo out called “The Know How,” including the four songs, “A New Someone,” Gascan,” “Hot Girls Are Good,” and “An Unsung Heart.”
For more information on these guys, check out their site at If you haven’t heard Sudzert, or seen them perform yet, I suggest you do.

- The Link News

"Sudzert rocks on; sound’s growing strong"

Sudzert, a local band, has emerged onto the scene again with their new CD, “Where DO I Turn…?” The band consists of bass player Billy Jungfer, guitarist Mike Williams, Matt Ross, lead vocals and guitar, and drummer Kevin Conroy. All are students at Shore Regional High School.
I picked up a copy of their CD, and was impressed with their refined, more mature sound since their first CD “The Know How.’ I think as their talent grows, so will their audience. It was evident that they had fine-tuned their sound as I listened to the first song, “Waiting.”
“Waiting” is about trying to get up and push yourself to do things even though you don’t feel like doing them,” said Matt Ross, describing the song.
The eleven track CD ends with the song “Angel.” Just when you think it is ending, it goes into a long mix of music, famous speeches and memorable news bites from history. It really gives the song an interesting twist.
“We had already planned on that song being the last one on the CD and wanted to do something different,” explained Sudzert drummer Kevin Conroy. “We talked to John Reyes, and decided as a group to end the CD with sounds from history. John made a beat on a drum machine and mixed in different CDs and samples and that’s what came out.”
The newest addition to the band is drummer Conroy. He is also the drummer for a lighter, more punk band, Knocked Conscious. Being able to hold his own, Kevin has proved himself while playing for Sudzert. The rest of the band has only good things to say about the change.
“Kevin’s been a big improvement to the band,” said guitarist Wiliams.
Matt has also noticed a big improvement in the way Kevin Plays. “Kevin’s playing a lot better. He has better timing, plays louder, and he seems more relaxed then when he started.”
“I really like playing with different people and playing different styles of music. It’s been a good experience and a lot of fun so far,” Kevin said.
If you’re an old Sudzert fan you’ll be glad to know a new and improved version of their old song, “Unsung Heart”, is also on the CD, and it sounds better with their more sophisticated sound.
In the song “My Farewell”, Which is a tribute to Matt’s late grandfather, a different sound emerges as Matt shows off his ability to play piano.
Like what you’re hearing so far? They’re already working on more songs with a heavier sound, and the added bonus of the piano.
“The CD has made us better musicians. Now we understand what people in the music business are looking for in songs,” said Kevin. “I’ve been a fan of Sudzert since I was in middle school. It is impressive to see how far they’ve come and how talented they’ve gotten.”
By listening to Sudzert’s old songs, you can tell they’ve become stronger as a band.
Don’t forget to check out their website at to be kept updated on future shows and current news. And you can contact the band members to get your copy of “Where Do I Turn…?”
- The Link News


Where Do I Turn? (2004 Skylight Records)

Last Time (Radio)
Live Like This (Radio)
Comes Back Around (Radio)
Unsung Heart
Without You


Feeling a bit camera shy


Driven by their love for music and passion for self-expression, Matt Ross and Billy Jungfer started Sudzert early in 1997. Shortly after, the guitarists found themselves settling in with drummer Ryan Celestino. Then, at only 12 years old, Matt penned their first single Wait, which was recorded that year at Jerk Records Studio in Middletown NJ. Within a month of release, that single had risen to the Top Ten status on - NJ Rock charts. The first couple years were filled with appearances at NJ favorites like The Saint and Hooligans. The three-piece advanced to the semi-finals in the Jersey Shows Battle of the Bands, gaining them the respect of many local bar owners. In 1999, Sudzert recorded their first EP, entitled The Know How. Filled with four tracks of guitar driven rock, The Know How sold extremely well and supported the bands growing fan-base. As their popularity grew, the band picked up local guitarist Mike Williams. With the addition of Mike, the band hit the studio once again and tracked 2 songs: Last Time and Absence. This demo put Sudzert on the map as a local rock powerhouse. This demo brought them to the next level and placed them in huge concerts opening for bands like SR-71, Soulfly, and many others. In the summer of 2003, Kevin Conroy joined the group as the new drummer. Kevin, formerly of the NJ based band, Knocked Conscious, came on board just in time to start the group's first full-length release. In October of that year, the band began a 7-month process under the management of Darren and Justin LeBlanc. The production of Where Do I Turn culminated with its release on June 9, 2004. Initial response to the record is startling. Radio play has increased dramatically and demand for the group is quickly rising. In 2005, Sudzert had added two new members to the band, Tommy Garcia and Jonathan Reyes. Tommy, aslo formerly of the NJ based band, Knocked Conscious, added a new dynamic to the band. Jonathan Reyes, a well respected Dj/Producer, was invited into the band after Sudzert recorded a demo track, I'm All Gone. Jonathan was also featured on Where Do I Turn. With passionate vocals and driving rock riffs, Sudzert has defined their niche and is actively pursuing a full-time career. Their intense performance and melodic rock songs are capturing more and more fans each day.

Bands Sudzert has Played with:
Sr-71, Badfish, Fistful of Steel, Soulfly, Sworn Enemy, E-town Concrete, the Blue Van, the Youth Ahead, Unearth, Runaway Orange, Green Day (Kevin played drums for a song), Borialis, Blessed Union of Souls; etc.