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"Interview with Sueca"

Interview with Sueca
By: Jessica Linnay [contact]

Date: October 26th 2003
Vancouver, B.C. - Sueca, (the word is taken from the name of a Portuguese card game in which two-person teams attempt to outsmart each other by understanding and anticipating their partners' moves), consists of emcee Vinny and emcees/ producers Rick Flash and Matador. The three reside on the West Side; Vinny and Matador keep house in Vancouver and Rick Flash is just across the way in Victoria.

Click here to listen to an exclusive Sueca HipHopCanada dubplate

They say the scene out west is huge and seems to be continually expanding; there is much talent and everyone is just trying to do their own thing, Vinny explains. And in terms of support, he goes on, the west coast is the same as it is anywhere else.

"Support is something that is earned through hard work and dedication, and constantly working on your craft. You also have to be true to yourself in order for people to take you seriously, and support your efforts. We have had people email us and give us their respects from all over the world because the can feel what we are doing and they can relate to what we talk about in our music."

"The scene in the west coast isn't as strong as in the east, that's for sure," disagrees Kcir. "We do have our outlets and whatnot though. Artists like the Rascalz made their way through the game from the west, so there's definitely love for hip-hop here. The style is definitely unique though. The underground sound in Van has its own character and is finally getting some real recognition lately."

Vinny: "We are storytellers, and we like to bring substance and truth to our music. Whether it is serious or comical, there is always an underlying story in every track we make. Oh, and we also like to make people hit the dance floor and shake their asses too. It's definitely a good feeling to see people getting down to your music when you are performing it to them live."

When the three first attempted the creation of their own tracks they were financially confined to using the studio in their parents' basement that consisted of a mic, a two-track recording computer program and their creativity. It was here and with these meager aides that they, and a collective of over twenty other Victoria-based emcees, produced three albums.

Time passed and now both Matador and Flash have home based studios available for recording and production, and all three of them have hugely increased knowledge about the process of sound creation as well as the creation of their own individual sound.

Vinny: "Well at the time it was all that we knew and had to work with so we made do with it. Now that we have been introduced to the wonderful world of Pro Tools, we definitely look back and wonder how the hell we managed what we did," he laughs. "We are more polished nowadays and are always trying new things."

Matador: "We were using software with only two tracks. What were we thinking?! Now we're up to 24 and at times that doesn't feel like enough. With the huge addition of tracks it has given us flexibility and more resources. Our unique creativity is still there but the quality of our music has increased immensely."

"We used to record at the school," says Kcir, "but I got a Apex 450 mic, Pro Tools and all the resources at home so we do it in the basement still, just with professional gear now…It has helped the sound by allowing us to expand our creativity. The music has changed so much, and not just the quality, but the style and sound. We have so much more to work with. A few years ago, I didn't think I could make the songs and beats I make now."

Matador and Kcir, who's been producing for five years, are responsible for the group's production, for the most part, though they do invest in the skills of their friend Scott, aka Nine.

"Ever since I learnt how to loop a beat on the computer," Kcir says, "I was in it. I like to feel my specialties are in both areas. I try to be
like Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth: dope producer, dope emcee."

Vinny: "[Mainstream radio is] a lot more anal about independent music so our experience thus far, I would say, has been relatively good."

Their EP entitled 'Are You Ready' was released this past summer but is being used more as a promo tool to get people pumped about the full length disc that they're currently working on. It is, however, available for sale at

They shipped out the EP, containing the single 'The Anthem' to college stations as well as some commercial stations across the country last April; it was a contender on Victoria's HOT 103 "CD Survivor" show and was retired a champion after beating out artists like Bone Thugs, Timberlake, Ashanti and the Black Eyed Peas, five nights in a row. The track is available for request so if you're in the area dial up one of the stations carrying it, including Victoria's HOT 102, Vancouver's The BEAT 94.5 and Calgary's The VIBE 98.5.

"Sales [of 'Are You Ready'] are surprisingly higher than expected," says Kcir. "We wanted material out there but got a huge interest in it at shows and the website."

"I'm not sure [where we want to go on this next album] at this point in time, except for forward," Vinny laughs. "I feel that our music is constantly progressing and getting better, so I feel it would be best to just let the music speak for itself."

They're still working on the finishing touches, Kcir explains. "We have a few more tracks that are definitely going to be on the album. We do samples of them at the shows and those seem to get a huge response."

To date they've put in performances across the lower mainland off the West Coast as well as on Vancouver Island, and try to keep something on the show calendar constantly. They're working toward a bigger tour for the near future but aren't quite ready to hop across borders just yet.

"When our draw is large enough to support a tour, then that is when we will so one," says Vinny simply. "I would say that our most important goals right now are to continue making good music, and finding new ways to get it out there to the people."

All three guys were raised by "old school Portuguese folks from the Azores (Sao Miguel)," explains Vinny, "so the culture is in us and we are very proud of that fact. It is who we are so it is inevitable that it will come through in our music."

They're also working on some half Portugese/ half English tracks, "to mix it up a little bit." Kcir's already been there; he has a few verses done in Portuguese on older solo tracks and notices other ways his native culture shines through Sueca's sound.

"I didn't really fully realize it until maybe a few months ago though," he says. "I was playing one of my Jorge Ferreira mix CDs (popular Portuguese singer) and I noticed something really similar to both of our sounds. Where normally hip-hop is a lot of looping and steady type flow, I always switch mine up, with the beats and the rhymes. I seem to do that same thing that Jorge does on most of his songs. I also like using claps and congas in my beats, and that's almost the two essential sounds in most folklore music in Portugal."

Matador: "I'm always thinking how we can incorporate the fado sound with our style. I grew up with all these classic Portuguese artists, dancing to their music at the Portuguese Hall in Victoria. I'll always remember the song that goes cheira bem, cheira a Lisboa," he laughs.

"For our upcoming album I want to touch on more personal issues that affected my life. I got a lot of stories in my head that need to be put in wave format. I also want to work on some tracks that take different perspectives on the same topic. We got three MCs with similar but opposing outlooks on life."

Shout outs/ Links/ Last words?

Vinny: "I want to give a real big shout out to Jesse and Jessica from HipHopCanada for making this article a reality. Thank you for showing us your support, we really appreciate it!"

"Also a shout out to Sean from Spectrum Events. For anyone who would like to learn more about Sueca, feel free to check out our site at and"

"You can also reach me (Vinny) at, with any questions you may have. We welcome all feedback!"

Matador: "Sueca sends out a special thanks to family and friends. The support is amazing. We are also getting some recognition in the US and Europe and that is definitely appreciated. Peace to DJ Lino in Rochester, NY, The Red Fox in Porto (Portugal), Xerife from Shingaii (Portugal), Tiago from Hip-Hop Nation in Portugal, DJ Jigida in Croatia, DJ Supa Jen in T.O., Hot 103.1 in Victoria and The Beat 94.5 FM for spinning our single 'The Anthem,' Mastermind at the Vibe 98.5, Justice at co-op 102.7, Marshall at CFUV, Sandy Raposo in Cali, Naomi De Bruyn, Terry Costa at, Gabriel Napora, Greg Pratt, John Threlfall, Ingrid Paulsen, Liam at Lucky Bar, Mike Curtola, Mark at Daddy Os, Andre at the Ozone, DJ Jesse James, Mr. Bigstuff, Vic Vodka and P-Man, Susie at New Music Canada and Jesse and Jessica for this interview. Thanks for the early support."

Click here to listen to Sueca - We Be Sueca

Click here to listen to an exclusive Sueca HipHopCanada dubplate

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"Catching up with Sueca"

Catching up with Sueca

By Sandy Raposo for SOTR
Apr 22, 2004

It's been a while since we last heard from Sueca. The guys have been pretty busy latley. Kcir (Rick Furtado), Matador (Oscar Furtado) and Vinny (Victor Da Costa) have been working on some new tracks, playing live shows across there own backyard of Vancouver, Canada. For those who havent heard there music its got a lot of edge and flavor and after listing to the new track Vamos Jogar (lets play) a whole lot of passion.


-I gotta say Vamos Jogar is a fantastic jam. A bit different from your other tracks. It was recorded for a special reason tell us about that.

Vinny: Well since the Euro Cup is in Portugal this summer, we felt that a song to celebrate the occasion would be a fun project to take on. Fun it was, but let me tell you, it has also been extremely challenging at times. Me and "O" have joked about how we feel that making this track has taken a couple years off both of our lives for sure ha ... ha... We have put a lot of time and effort into this track to make sure that it appeals to a whole array of different people, and counties around the world. We didn't want to exclude anybody and we also wanted to do something that has never been done before. Not a very easy task to accomplish, but we put everything we had into it and I feel we did a pretty damn good job, and I am very proud of us and the final product.

Kcir: We recorded the song to show our love for soccer, or in European, "futebol." With the Euro cup being hosted by Portugal this year, we felt it was a great way to express that admiration for the game. I just wish we knew more languages so we could record it in all the different European languages so everyone is the EU could understand it.

Matador: As mentioned by Vinny and Kcir this track was aimed at Euro 2004 in Portugal. The title means “Lets Play�. The idea initially came from one of the producers, Scott Rankin. He wrote the instrumentation for both versions and he felt we should record a song that infuses our modern North American hip-hop style with our Portuguese roots. To add to Vinny and Kcir’s comments I also feel this track is about a community getting together and having a great time. It's about people of all different races and ages hanging out and living for the moment. This track excites me and it excites others who hear it. When I play the track and I see someone smile and their eyes widen then I know we have accomplished our goal. “Vamos Jogar� is not just a soccer anthem but an anthem for life in general.

- Euro cup finale any predictions?

Vinny:That's a tough one actually. I think it will be Portugal and Italy. I got a feeling that Portugal will come out on top 2-1.

Matador: I'll go with Vinny and say the final game will be with Italy and Portugal. The match will definitely be close. Luis Figo will score the game winning goal and Ricardo will make several unbelievable saves. This is coming from someone who is totally unbiased....

Kcir: Portugal over Spain in the final, 4 to 0. I have so many Spanish friends it would be fun to get under their skin a bit. Plus they take soccer as seriously as we do.

-Guys I have to agree. I too predict Portugal will take the victory. Speaking of Portugal any plans on one day performing there? How about touring in the States? Nelly's about to tour soon how awesome would it be to see Sueca open up for her again.

Vinny: One of the most gratifying parts of making music for me is doing the live performance, and to tell you the truth, I am dying to go on tour!! ha...ha... I can't wait for the day we hop on our tour bus and perform every night in a different city. As far as Portugal goes, I have my heart set on going there this summer and performing "Vamos Jogar" at the Euro Cup, that would be such an amazing experience, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens with the track.

Kcir: A show in Portugal would be awesome. It would be the highlight of our career. If Nel wanted us to open for her on tour, that would be awesome. Were ready and we bring a good show so im sure we would make for a great opener.

Matador: I'm down to tour anywhere in the world. To perform "Vamos Jogar" at my other home (Portugal) would be an extreme rush. Probably like sky diving but I haven't done that yet. One day. Hitting the states would be nice as well. You can hit up many cities in little time. Many bands make a great living touring in the US. It's more difficult to tour in Canada because our country is wide and the major cities are spread out. As for Nelly's tour I'm looking forward to checking the show out when they drop into Van City.


Sueca will be having a release party for their new single "Vamos Jogar" on May 1st at club Voda in Vancouver B.C Canada. It is a fundraiser for the Portuguese Youth Group "Jovems Vancouver" . If you happen to be in the area go check them out. The show starts at 8pm sharp.

Sueca is currently working on their full-length album. Be sure to look out for it. Kcir has also been working on some solo stuff be sure to drop by his site

You can check out a sample of "Vamos Jogar" at Sueca's official website:

If you would like to purchase the "Vamos Jogar" CD (with features two remixes and a bonus track "Holiday") send an email to:
- Shit On The

"As Regras do Jogo no Hip Hop Luso-Canadiano"

As Regras do Jogo no Hip Hop Luso-Canadiano

Por Hélder Ramos

Sol Português

Quando se joga Sueca, o objectivo de cada par de jogadores é de conseguir enganar e confundir o par contra quem se está a jogar, com todo tipo de truque; requer inteligência e, mais particularmente, um conhecimento profundo, quase íntimo, da pessoa com que se forma o par.

Sueca é também um grupo hip-hop formado por três luso-descendentes que surgiu no ano passado em Vitória, na Colômbia Britânica, e que foi inspirado pelas regras do jogo de cartas, do qual obteve o nome.

Sueca é composto por Rick Flash (Rick Furtado), Matador (Oscar Furtado) and Vinny (Victor da Costa), três jovens que se conheceram durante festas da comunidade Portuguesa que inspirou Nelly Furtado, prima de Rick e Oscar, e começaram a compor e criar música num estúdio na cave dos irmãos Furtado, um estúdio composto por um computador, um microfone e muita criatividade.

Neste "estúdio", o grupo formou o colectivo musical Knight Ridaz (com outros talentos locais), lançaram a editora independente Green Jeep Records e gravaram três CDs de música original. Demorou pouco tempo até começarem a actuar em público e ultimamente alguns temas têm passado na estação de radio HOT 103, em Vitória.

Pelo que pudemos entender, Sueca também aproveita todas as oportunidades para dar a conhecer as suas raízes étnicas, através dos textos do qual elaboram o "rap" que praticam, e nas entrevistas que têm oferecido a órgãos de comunicação dedicados a esta forma de música electrónica.

O sucesso de Sueca parece aumentar de dia para dia e talvez para o ano que vem, por esta altura, este trio já seja tão bem conhecido como Nelly Furtado.

Esperemos que sim. É precisamente este tipo de fusão de estilos musicais com tradições culturais que contribuem para a evolução de culturas e exemplos destes, só podem servir como inspiração para outros jovens luso-canadianos.

Como estes jovens se conhecem bem, não só a nível pessoal, como também partilham de uma etnicidadade comum, é provável que formem combinações imbatíveis _ tanto na música como também como adversários num jogo de cartas!

Se quiseres ouvir um exemplo da música deste grupo:

Para mais informações sobre Sueca: - Sol Português (Portuguese)

"Hip Hop Survivors Sueca Carve Their Own Niche"

Monday Magazine Issue 34 Vol 29, August 21- 27, 2003
Monday Magazine

—Jason Schreurs

Hip Hop Survivors Sueca carve their own niche

Local hip hoppers Sueca (pronounced “swa-ka”) have at least three things going for them that separate them from the rest of the rap pack. For starters, the trio has been playing together for years, since they were in their teens (they’ve known each other since the age of 12). With their own Green Jeep record label they released compilations and jammed as the Knight Ridaz with other hip hopsters. So much time together has no doubt brought a sense of unity and chemistry to the Sueca boys (who happen to be known individually as Rick Flash, Matador and Vinny).

“I made one track with Rick Flash and Matador and that was it,” says Vinny (Victor Decosta to his family). “I felt a good bond with them, and just continued to work with them. The rest is history. I appreciate each of their talents, and I feel that together as a whole we got something good going on.” Seems like they do, or at least the gang over at Hot 103 agree, as they won that station’s CD Survivor compilation contest. “We won five consecutive nights in a row, taking it as far as it goes and retiring the song on their station,” adds Rick Flash (his ID says Rick Furtado).

Another twist to the Sueca saga is that all three members of the band come from a Portuguese-Canadian background. Without a doubt, the band agrees it adds to the Sueca sound. “Our Portuguese upbringing and culture is a large part of who we are as individuals, so it’s naturally expressed through us, and into the music we make,” says Decosta, who describes the Sueca sound as “a unique breed of hip hop that is fun and real.” Furtado agrees, adding that the band “has also used Portuguese folk music samples in our music and I myself have recorded a rap in Portuguese.”

As for the third thing, it should first be known that Matador also goes under the moniker Oscar Furtado. Sound familiar? But of course—Oscar and Rick are cousins of Victoria’s famous pop export, Nelly. Talk about an eye-catcher, but focusing too much on that is the kind of thing that could make a band look really bad. Luckily, the Sueca guys agree. “I’d rather them not focus on it. We want to be respected and admired for our skill and music, not our name,” states Furtado . . . uh, I mean, Flash.

—Greg Pratt

Sueca (with guests) 9 pm Saturday, August 23 Lucky Bar, 517 Yates Tickets $6 382-LUCK
- Monday Magazine

"Sueca Style"

Sueca Style
Brothers Rick and Oscar Furtado, cousins of Nelly Furtado, along with Victor Da Costa make up this potent hip hop trio.

By Sandy Raposo for SOTR
Jun 28, 2003

Rick Flash (Rick Furtado), Matador (Oscar Furtado) and Vinny (Victor da Costa) together this trio of guys form the hip hop group Sueca. Blasting the west coast (Canada) they can be seen performing at local joints. Growing as artists they have embarked on that yellow brick road which will one day lead them to their version of success. They know that their dream won't come as easy as the click of red slippers.The thrive to achieve is unstoppable. Combining their talent, personality and, yes ladies, their extremely good looks, they're bound to be a future household name.

Hello fellas why don't you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Rick Flash: Yo! Born in Victoria BC, but raised like I was in Sao Miguel Azores. I've been to Portugal 13 times and plan to go many more. Still looking for that Portuguese Senorita I guess. I've been emcee'n for about 12 years now, and been producing music for about six. My older brother Libral got me into rap so that's where I developed the urge to start. I'm kind of a bad boy I guess, never really dealt with authority well, maybe rap is perfect for me. I love to snowboard and cruise on my Ninja Motorcycle. No better feeling than going fast. Born on Sept 22, I'm a Virgo right on the cusp.

Vinny: I grew up on Vancouver Island, raised Portuguese style with awesome folks who have always given me nothing but their full love and support, unlike the other two I have only been to Portugal once, but I plan on going for Euro 2004 next year, I moved to Vancouver to pursue acting and singing straight out of high school, I have two bro's and a sister, two nieces and two nephews who I love very much, one of my closest friends in the world is my cousin Ricardo Ferreira (Rico) who is basically my third brother, my vocal coach is Judith Rabinovitch who has also taught the likes of Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Gob, Bif Naked. . . making music is my favourite past time, and Sueca is my life, I love performing and the stage is like my home.

Matador:I like walks in the park and candle light dinners.....just buggin.....I like having a good time with close friends and family. I could also chill and watch flicks back to back. I can spend hours in front of the computer making beats and mixing tracks. At least twenty time a day I think about a beat, or a rhyme or a song idea.

How did Sueca originate and why call yourselves that?

Vinny: We began making music together quite a few years back and at that time we were known as "The Knight Ridaz". We had a crew of over 20 different local artists and were just having fun making music. We always sensed that we had a certain bond between the three of us that is unexplainable and we basically decided to take that bond to the next level. Thus came the birth of Sueca. We chose the name for a number of different reasons. One, we like the sound it; two, it was a Portuguese card game that Mat and Flash grew up playing ever since they were young kids so they felt very connected to it in that way; Three, its a part of our culture, my father gets together with a bunch of his friends every Sunday at the church and plays Sueca all day, and most important of all is the fact that when you play the game (Sueca), you have to have good judgment and anticipate your partners move in order to beat the opposing team. (The game is played with two teams of two) It's kinda like a sixth sense, and this sixth sense something that we have found comes thru when we are making music.

Rick Flash: Sueca originated from a compilation me and Matador were doing a couple of years ago. It was The Knight Ridaz Compilation - The Avalanche and Vinnie came in to do a song with us. He was a family friend of Matador's best friend, Ric Ferreira. We clicked from there.

Matador: I felt the whole idea of the game represents who we are as a group. And the name is kick ass!

Vinny: I would say that the best way to describe us as a whole (Sueca) would be as story tellers. We like to tell stories. Every track we make has an underlying story to it. Sometimes they are derived from our own personal experiences, and sometimes they are fiction orientated. Sometimes we just feel like making a track that people can dance to in the club. Whatever the case is, we always stay true to who we are and represent ourselves in the best way we know how.

So the three of you are Portuguese-Canadian,coming from a hard working background and a culture full of traditions. Tell us a bit about that.

Rick Flash: - It was definitely a different upbringing than most of my friends. Me and brothers would go to work for my fathers landscaping company during spring and summer vacations where most of my friends would be going out to the beach or shopping. Also, my friends always thought it was weird because everyone in my family spoke loud and were high talkers. My Portuguese friends felt right at home, but the friends who weren't thought we were odd, haha. I'm proud of my Portuguese background because of how my parents raised us. We go to Portugal almost every second summer and my parents were always a big part of the Portuguese Church in Victoria so we got a huge influence in us.

Vinny: To be considered Portuguese you must have eaten the following at least once: bacalhau(codfish), octopus, sardines(with olive oil, vinegar, and a red hot pepper paste), clams, crabs, scallops, shrimp, chourico sausage, presunto, fava beans, chick peas, cabbage soup, BBQ chicken, quail, a lot of pork, beans (pork sandwich), a lot of beef, liver, goat, rabbit, blood sausage, very old cheese that smells like stinky feet with Portuguese buns, figs, olives, sweet bread, rice pudding, and that is all I can think of at this time, but there is more. Your father must make his own wine that's so strong that if you take one sip, you'll be ready to hit the clubs for the rest of the night. You must go to at least one festa (festival) in your lifetime, there are only hundreds of them every year. You must like football (soccer), and last but not least, you have to be baptized, get your first communion, and receive confirmation. Then and only then can you be considered to be Portuguese, and I assure you that every Portuguese person who reads this will have a little chuckle and say "Yup that's my culture!" I am very proud of my culture.

Matador: Being Portuguese-Canadian is having two homes. I can go to Sao Miguel and feel comfortable because I have friends and family there. The lifestyle in Portugal is very different from Canada but I love them both. Oh, I can image myself on a beach in Villa Franca drinking a Carlsberg playing Sueca. I am proud to be Canadian and all the values we stand for and proud of my Portuguese background. I can't wait to watch Portugal take the Euro Cup!!

Who are your musical influences?

Matador: Hand's down it's Dr. Dre for me. He's the best producer in the rap game and a true visionary in the music industry. Other influences would be The Geto Boys (and many other Rap A Lot artists), The Notorious B.I.G. (he's one of the greatest storytellers), Ice-T (the O.G. album is amazing), Snoop Dogg (his smooth flow makes you wanna party), Eazy-E, NWA and Eminem (he puts words together like no other). I mentioned my ultimate influence is Dr. Dre because he has had something to do with most of the artists I listed.

Rick Flash: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Geto Boys, Notorious B.I.G., Isley Brothers, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modjo and Portuguese folk music.

Vinny: I love all kinds of different music from hip-hop to rock, so I have a number of different artists who have influenced me in one way or another. In no particular order they are: Biggy, Dre, Eminem, Tupac, Geto Boys, Tribe Called Quest, Linkin Park, Incubus, Michael Jackson, Prince, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, LL, Busta, Epmd, U2, Snoop, Alien Ant Farm, Wu-Tang, Chili Peppers, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Outkast...that's just to name a few.

After listening to your CD I realized that almost every song pertains about women so one wonders are you guys single?

Vinny: No girlfriend

Matador: No comment (smirking)

Rick Flash: Rick Flash is single and looking for that right one.

Alot of artists turn to acting is that something you guys can see yourselves doing in the future?

Vinny: I am also an actor. Some of my credits are: Jeremiah (starring Luke Perry, Malcolm Jamal Warner), 2gether The Movie (MTV), A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (staring Christopher Lloyd, unfortunately it was never released) and finally I just did an episode of Stargate SG-1. I love acting and will always pursue that as well.

Rick Flash: I love doing music and would never put anything above in terms of career, but acting would definitely be fun to do.

Matador: I would be down to be in a movie. I'll ask Vinnie to help me out. I'm thinking the three of us make our own movie. We'll be a bunch of card hustlers making money in an underground circuit. We can call the movie 'Sueca'.

Ok You guys play alot at local joints to date what has been your most nerve-racking gig?

Matador: I would say our first gig at The Mirage because it was a while since we performed together. Actually, my mic wasn't on for the first few seconds but after that we tore it up. It turned out to be a great show.

Vinny: My most nerve racking gig would be opening up for Nelly Furtado. I went to Victoria to hang out with my cousin Rico for the weekend to just chill, and out of nowhere Matador calls me up and asks me if I would be down to open up for Nelly. I was like hell ya. This was at 11:00am on the day of the show and we had to be at sound check by 4:30pm, and I still had to learn the lyrics of the songs and all the melodies because they were originally sung by girls and I didn't write them. So as you can imagine that I was a little on the nervous side. Not to mention that I had never performed on stage before, so that didn't really help things either. All in all, we pulled it off and that was the first time that we officially performed together on stage and that probably set the foundation for the building of Sueca.

Rick Flash: Yeah I will agree that probably our performance as an opening act at Nel's first show in Vic, that was in front of over 800 people. Definitely intense and nerve racking.

So speaking of Nelly Furtado...Rick and Matador you guys are cousins of Nelly's. You spent your entire childhood growing up together. Fans can only wonder and wish they could of been in your shoes. So what was it like? Is she any different now that she's a huge celebrity?

Rick Flash: Nel is exactly the same as she was before the fame. She's always had her own sense of what she wants. Strong, beautiful, dedicated. She is what most Portuguese girls are. That's why were scared of them at times, haha. She's always had an amazing voice and it's awesome to see people appreciate it. She hasn't changed her ways for no one and it shows in her music. Were proud of her and not because she's famous, but because she had a dream and chased it, whether she succeeded or not. A definite inspiration for me.

Matador: Nelly is a good friend and a great person with a big heart.

If you were going to be on the TV show Survivor, what would your one luxury item be?

Rick Flash: My laptop with mini keyboard, it would give me more time to make music.

Vinny: If Flash brings his laptop and keyboard then I got the mic.

Matador: A portable beat maker with a built-in mic.

Just to get ya choosing ......Britney Spears or Lil' Kim?

Matador: Lil' Kim

Vinny: Neither, I would choose Kristen Kreuk (Smallville).

Rick Flash: Britney, less fake parts, believe it or not.

Now if you were to write a song about the trio, what would it be called?

Rick Flash: Ace In The Hole

Vinny: Triple Threat

Matador: For Rick Flash: 'Take It Like That' For Vinny: 'Don't Fuck With Me'

Making a CD, playing at gigs what does this all mean.. are you guys planning on making it a career? Pursuing for a record deal?

Matador: Definitely.

Rick Flash: Definitely both. Music is what we love and making a living from it is that much sweeter. A record deal would get us noticed and heard more and that is what every artist wants, people to vibe and appreciate your music and relate to it.

Vinny: That is exactly what our plan is. To make music for a living and that's it. This is our career, what we love to do, and the only thing we want to do. I am very proud of what we have accomplished up until this point, and this is only the beginning.

Ok guys its been real. Thanks for your time any last words to the people?

Vinny: You can also learn more about us and get a feel for our music at Also feel free to drop us an e-mail, and let us know what you think.

Matador: Keep focused on your dreams. And one more thing, we are always looking for hip hop beats. Drop us an email and we'll give you the 411 where to send the tracks.

So as Sueca's number one fan, I totally recommend y'all check them out take it from me, their lyricists that can flow with beats that can get ya grooving.
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"Sueca by Sueca"

Gigs - June 2003
Reviewed by: Naomi DeBruyn
Sueca by Sueca

Venue: The Lucky Bar
City: Victoria, BC - Canada
Date: May 3, 2003
Sueca, pronounced “Swa-Ka,” is a trio of very professional and dedicated young men; Rick Flash (Rick Furtado), Matador (Oscar Furtado), and Vinny (Victor Decosta). I recently had the privilege to attend a “home-town” gig, and was literally blown away. They went about their set-up and final sound check with a level of efficiency that is rarely seen in new groups. The sound check was good - no spitting, the words clear and fast. Excellent lyricists! “Safari” was a nice blend of hip-hop and pop, and the sound was good. The sound check was complete after one more song - “Tell it to the Next Man.”
Sueca had a great sound, and I was thinking perhaps just a bit much for the old building... I was almost expecting the driving beat to cause the mortar between the bricks to explode outward. It didn’t. They have an incredible stage presence. All three are consummate performers, putting on a decent show. “Matador” is definitely the more dramatic of the three, his moves just a little more flamboyant, and likes to be in the spotlight.
A number of Victorians turned out to cheer on the “homeboys.” Their conversations were animated and filled with anticipatory energy. Family and friends packed the place, including proud parents. It was a really different experience, I’m used to seeing some family and friends at gigs, but the numbers here were really high!
Perhaps the crowd was augmented by the fact that a local radio station, Victoria’s Hot 103, had just done a CD Survivor series. “Bone Thugs” lost out to “Sueca,” the winning song was “Anthem.” There’s nothing like great publicity for an upcoming show - and it doesn’t get much better than that around here.
The Lucky had prepared for the crowd, with four bodies behind the bar to handle the load, there were no long waits for drinks. However, I made the mistake of turning my back on mine to watch the band perform and an overzealous waitress took both my drink and my friend’s. They were replaced with an apology, no big deal.
One thing I noticed when Sueca took the stage was the symmetry. They’ve got their choreography down perfectly. As they opened the show with “Safari” a group of young ladies made their way to the stage front and strutted their stuff for the guys fairly quickly. Rick was much more nonchalant and laid back, while Oscar jumped off the stage onto the dance floor and fired up the crowd even more.
“Mixed Emotions” drew even more bodies on to the dance floor. This was apparently the song that began it all for Sueca. They played to the crowd really well, working them with a deft touch. “West Coast Respect” had their voices twining in some interesting harmonies, and breaking off into a solo pattern every now and again. They’ve got the prerequisite “rapper” moves down pat. Resounding applause proved that their audience loved them. “Tell it to the Next Man,” brought the set to a close, and the band vanished into the green room for the 20 minute break, and a number of people found their way in to say hello.
The usual CD sales were taking place during the break, but they seemed to be moving slowly. The $5 price tag was excellent, and I can only assume that most of those in attendance already owned a copy!
Energy levels were high in the audience and on the stage when Sueca returned for the second set. The lyrics were all clear and understandable, and that always earns bonus points with me. Nothing worse that listening to garbled nonsensical lyrics! Real work goes into the lyrics of their songs, and their vocabularies are obviously large and very well used on some of the tunes. A new song, “Let’s Roll” (?), was a real crowd pleaser.
Like many West Coasters this year, hockey season has taken on new meaning. The Vancouver Canucks appear to have found their groove and made it further than they have in a very long time. Sueca made it known that they were backing this team, and it was good for a toast or two from the audience.
“Club Train” had the audience pumped. The melody is very familiar - from an old hit “Love Train.” The words are new, though, and although I’d have to say this one isn’t my favourite, it’s still okay. It has much more of a disco sound, combined with rap lyrics, and is passable. I just have a thing about lack of originality and the melodies of older groups being recycled, I tend to not like these ones very much.
Sueca threatened to leave because the audience “wasn’t loud enough,” and that served to fire those in attendance up again for an encore. Naturally, it was the Hot 103 CD Survivor winner - “Anthem.” A really great tune, in my opinion, one that really stands out on the CD.
The finale was high powered, and took a lot out of the guys - I could easily envision them in the green room chugging back the Gatorade afterwards. My only complaint - a 40 minute show was far too short! However, as far as I’m concerned, Sueca passes on all counts. Anyone not here missed one hell of a show! The Sueca crew were simply smokin’!
Linear Reflections 2003 - Linear

"Vamos Jogar… Sueca"

Vamos Jogar… Sueca
April 2004
Terry Costa

Kcir (Rick Furtado), Matador (Oscar Furtado) and Vinny (Victor da Costa) – three young, hip and highly energetic males - all born from Portuguese wombs - are the brains and guts behind the freshest hip-hop group to hit the Canadian West Coast, Sueca (pronounced Swa-ka). With a flavor that everyone can groove to, Sueca always delivers with authority. From their presentations at local joints in Victoria and Vancouver to the 604 Hip-Hop Expo and the 2003 New Music West Festival, Sueca has been carving their presence within British Columbia for the last few years. Now, for the first time, their first Portuguese song, Vamos Jogar, is being launched at a JOVENSvancouver event on Saturday, May 1st at VODA club. This is not only a first for the trio but also a first for the Portuguese in Vancouver: supporting a hip-hop group in the immigrant community.
“Let’s get together, have some fun,” says Matador about the upcoming event. “There’s always something people can relate to, even though they might not want to hear it,” he adds about the music. Matador is also known as Oscar Furtado and has received a bachelor in Commerce and Entrepreneurship. Each of the band’s members styles are so individually unique that when combined, they are an unstoppable force. Their music easily resonates the spirit of the youth and the young at heart. With the new track Vamos Jogar, Sueca is hoping to come closer to their roots - roots that they keep next to their hearts. “The Azores are like a second home to me,” says Vinny while Matador adds that “bifanas, bacalhau, favas… all that food and the whole culture is imbedded in us. We love it and appreciate it. We grew up Portuguese, even though we were in Canada.”
Matador and Kcir (brothers) first met Vinny at an early age within the Portuguese community in Victoria, British Columbia. Sharing a common interest in music, the trio began recording together in the basement studio of their parents’ house. All it took was one track and the bond was set. Their studio consisted of three things: a mic, a two-track recording computer program and most importantly their creativity. Growing as artists they recruited other local Victoria artists and collectively called themselves “The Knight Ridaz.” Continually working on their craft, the brothers decided to create their own record label “Green Jeep Records.” They produced three albums featuring over twenty different artists. Eventually the “Knight Ridaz” crew parted ways. The trio decided to shed the large group mentality and concentrate on something of their own. Kcir, Matador and Vinny reverted back to where they started. Armed with a new sound and a fresh outlook, the boys adopted the name ‘Sueca.’
The name Sueca derives from a traditional Portuguese card game played with two teams. The objective of the game is to out smart the opposition by understanding and anticipating their partner’s moves. This certain sixth sense that is needed to win the game, the boys had found in their music. They create rhymes with seamless delivery and with an uncanny chemistry.
They are now pounding the pavement with a vengeance, doing the best they can to make sure their voices get heard. Their first single ‘The Anthem’ was produced by Stink Mitt producer Mr.Bigstuff, from the former Organized Rhyme crew, and also features local artist Vic Vodka. ‘The Anthem’ has had a few spins on Vancouver’s The Beat 94. 5, and was a contender on Victoria’s Hot 103 C.D. Survivor Show. They ended up winning five nights in a row and were retired a champion. The new single, Vamos Jogar, is about playing soccer. The group is hoping that the Euro2004 fever will help not only promote the track but also reinforce its acceptability by the public at large, especially within the Portuguese immigrant communities. Vamos Jogar has a very catchy tune and lyrics that any young Portuguese descendent can understand and sing along with. The group accepted the “professional” opinions of their Portuguese parents while consulting about the lyrics for the song. Their parents are not only supportive of this Portuguese track, but have been with the group since its inception. “You need the family saying ‘go for it,’ otherwise it makes everything so much harder,” says Matador who also happens to be the cousin of now-famous community darling Nelly Furtado, for whom Sueca opened while she was performing in Victoria.
Other names you might have heard that Sueca would not be shy to play with include Snoop Dogg, Eminem and the father of them all, Dr. Dre. While speaking about the music, Vinny, who studied at the Vancouver Film School and was baptized Victor da Costa, says that all the work they create “relates to us and those around us. It is the music that keeps us true to ourselves, and we can all enjoy it.” Matador adds, “This is our passion. It doesn’t feel like work. We’re going to keep doing it until there are no more ideas.”
Ideas will definitely be the last thing these three dudes run out of! Their energy is contagious. What does the future hold for the group? According to Kcir, the “dream is to perform in front of over 30,000 people, day in day out, just the vibe and feeling of that many people is a rush - real and personal. We’re striving for success, but mainly striving to keep on making good music.” To find out more about Sueca, visit their home on the web at See them live on May 1st at VODA, located on 783 Homer Street in downtown Vancouver. The show is at 8pm followed by a DJ. Admission is only $10 and it is a fundraiser for the youth group JOVENSvancouver. Do not miss it! - Lusitana


Are You Ready EP (suec-001)
Vamos Jogar/Holiday Maxi Single (suec-002)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sueca is…
• Kcir a.k.a. Rick Furtado (Vocalist/Producer)
• Matador a.k.a. Oscar Furtado (Vocalist/Producer)
• Vin-E a.k.a. Victor da Costa (Vocalist/Producer)

Sueca (pronounced Swe-ka) is an innovative trio who are not afraid to push the boundaries and take chances with their music. To put a specific title to what they do only limits their creativity and Sueca wants no part of that. Whether they are story telling, or speaking from personal experiences, Sueca always remains true to who they are as a whole, while at the same time keeping their own individually.

Kcir and Matador (brothers) first met Vinny at an early age, within the Portuguese community, in Victoria B.C. Sharing a common interest in music, the trio began recording together in the bothers’ basement-studio. All it took was one track and the bond was set. Their studio consisted of three things: a mic, a two-track recording computer program and most importantly, their creativity. Making due with what they had, they found a way to express them selves through music. Growing as artists they recruited other local Victoria rappers and collectively called themselves ‘The Knight Ridaz’. They produced three albums featuring over twenty different artists, all in the brothers’ basement-studio.

Eventually the ‘Knight Ridaz’ crew parted ways. The trio decided to shed the large group mentality and concentrate on something of their own. Kcir, Matador and Vinny reverted back to where they started. Armed with a new sound and a fresh outlook, the boys adopted the name ‘Sueca’. The name derives from an old Portuguese card game played with two teams of two. The objective of the game is to outsmart the opposition by understanding and anticipating their partner’s moves. This sixth sense that is needed to win the game is evident in Sueca’s music. They create rhymes with seamless delivery and an uncanny chemistry.

Sueca is continuously working on their craft, creating new music for an upcoming full-length album. Sueca released an EP titled, “Are You Ready” last year as a teaser of what is to come. Sueca is no stranger to the stage and have performed at local festivals including the 604 Hip Hop Expo and New Music West 2003. They are constantly performing to deliver an unforgettable live experience.