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Three intense driven members delivering beats and lyrics with fury. They will charge the audience then bring them back down with emotional storytelling. This rollercoaster ride creates an unforgetable connection.


Sueca is…
• Kcir a.k.a. Rick Furtado (Vocalist/Producer)
• Matador a.k.a. Oscar Furtado (Vocalist/Producer)
• Vin-E a.k.a. Victor da Costa (Vocalist/Producer)

Sueca (pronounced Swe-ka) is an innovative trio who are not afraid to push the boundaries and take chances with their music. To put a specific title to what they do only limits their creativity and Sueca wants no part of that. Whether they are story telling, or speaking from personal experiences, Sueca always remains true to who they are as a whole, while at the same time keeping their own individually.

Kcir and Matador (brothers) first met Vinny at an early age, within the Portuguese community, in Victoria B.C. Sharing a common interest in music, the trio began recording together in the bothers’ basement-studio. All it took was one track and the bond was set. Their studio consisted of three things: a mic, a two-track recording computer program and most importantly, their creativity. Making due with what they had, they found a way to express them selves through music. Growing as artists they recruited other local Victoria rappers and collectively called themselves ‘The Knight Ridaz’. They produced three albums featuring over twenty different artists, all in the brothers’ basement-studio.

Eventually the ‘Knight Ridaz’ crew parted ways. The trio decided to shed the large group mentality and concentrate on something of their own. Kcir, Matador and Vinny reverted back to where they started. Armed with a new sound and a fresh outlook, the boys adopted the name ‘Sueca’. The name derives from an old Portuguese card game played with two teams of two. The objective of the game is to outsmart the opposition by understanding and anticipating their partner’s moves. This sixth sense that is needed to win the game is evident in Sueca’s music. They create rhymes with seamless delivery and an uncanny chemistry.

Sueca is continuously working on their craft, creating new music for an upcoming full-length album. Sueca released an EP titled, “Are You Ready” last year as a teaser of what is to come. Sueca is no stranger to the stage and have performed at local festivals including the 604 Hip Hop Expo and New Music West 2003. They are constantly performing to deliver an unforgettable live experience.


Are You Ready

Written By: Sueca

Are You Ready – Lyric Sheet

Written by: Matador, Kcir
Performed by: Matador, Kcir and Vin-E
Produced by: Nine


Are you guys ready, lets roll, lets roll
Are you guys ready, lets roll, lets roll
Are you guys ready, lets roll, lets roll
Are you guys ready, lets roll, lets roll

Verse 1 - Matador:

Lace the boots get ready to rock and roll
Never look back push fourth like a Trojan House
Matador, Green Jeep and Rick Flash my bro
Blow doors ten Tahoes make ya say Wow!
Lets Roll, Lets Roll
Never slow, fast like a black Stealth Bomber jet
Respect, when we enter the set, hit the deck
Quick draw like John Wayne in the wild, wild west
Seven days ‘til it turns back time against ya
Watch yourself, Watch yourself
We’re ready, we’re tough like dump truck tow trucks
With steel toe timbies no rabbits’ feet for luck
We got our backs covered with fire from eachother
Matador never for higher the wild rotwiler
Higher, higher
We ‘bout to deploy the counter, counter strikers

Chorus (X 2)

Are you ready to roll
Are you ready to roll
Are you ready
Are you ready

Verse 2 - Kcir:

I attack like a tomahawk, I’m on a Yamaha
Obtaining accolades like a phenomenon
Betters bet against, so I’m a set it off
No sedatives in this, I leave em wet and soft
Break forth the beast awaiting my arrival
Only means of gaining defeat is survival
I proclaim to gain one over my own rival
Smokes about to clear and I’m causing a tidal
No recital, dearly beloved suicidal
I’m an idol, put em to sleep like a Nyquil
I’m denying any criminal enterprising
Uprising any acts that’s poltergizing
Chastising, my reign to be uprising
Combining, electrified and exciting
Immortalizing, my death to be divided
Analyzing this curse ‘til it be dying

Chorus (X 2)

Are you ready to roll
Are you ready to roll
Are you ready
Are you ready

Verse 3 - Kcir:

I invade the mind waves of so called slaves
And imbed it in they brains there's so much to gain
I’m like a commodore, in a four with matador
Set to go set to roll now let me go
Your bones fracture causing disaster
Coming on stage we be the mic masters
I’m after to conquer or capture
We be Suéca, don’t fuck with our stature

Verse 3 - Matador:

The underdogs raw like many titties with no bras
The west coast mama we from the west coast mama
The BC Portuguese family what you expect
Never deceptive to our own blood and flesh
We seem to find ease cause we three hundred strong
The made men above the law like Al Capone
We never go alone impact like nine-one-one
Let roll bros, calvary charge!!

Chorus (X 2)
Are you ready to roll
Are you ready to roll
Are you ready
Are you ready


Are You Ready EP (suec-001)
Vamos Jogar/Holiday Maxi Single (suec-002)

Set List

The group generally performs about 10-12 songs. Some tracks are performed in full duration while others are done partially to keep the intensity and build to a climatic ending. Sueca has performed sets ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. The typical set length is about 30 minutes.

Typical list of songs:

Are You Ready
We Be Sueca
Tell It To The Next Man
Push N Shove
West Coast Respect
Holla If You Hear
Speak Ya Mind
Gon Getcha
Vamos Jogar