Suede Panther

Suede Panther

 Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

Original eclectic music residing somewhere between rock, pop, folk, and blues.


Lead vocals and guitar - Chris Hoffmeier
Backup vocals and bass - Martin Henry
Drums - Erok
Formed in 2012 and based in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Erok and Chris have played together in previous projects. Martin has been with us since mid 2013. A "power-trio" might be a good way to describe us and our sound. 


Ben Venuto

Written By: Chris Hoffmeier

I'm gonna take
Mine and get out of here
Just forfeiting the war

I think I'm late
For another atmosphere
I've got change
It's knocking on my door

I said "Hey
Don't be so cruel
To think all of everyone
Might be like you

You know you got to know
That in your youth
You once had a younger time
So sure that you knew what's right"

I'm gonna wait
No longer patiently
I've no time
For pitying the fool

I thin I'll break
And not inconsequentially
I see now
You've been playing dirty pool