Suenalo Sound System

Suenalo Sound System


This band is what you get when you mix one part Afro-Latin, one part Jam Band, one part HipHop and a whole lot of FUNK. The hottest band out of Miami is now making its way to the rest of the world. Experience the musical revolution of Suénalo today!


In the neon jungle of Miami, in dusky bars and on moonlit beaches, Suénalo Sound System has the natives dancing. The rhythms, a riotous intersection of Afro-Cuban, Latin, R&B and hip hop, come courtesy of bassist Carlos Guzmán and percussionists Luis Gonzalez and Alan Ramos, effortlessly fusing the sounds of distant continents into their own distinctive premium blend. The horn section, saxophonist Juan Turros and trombonist Chad Bernstein, bring the funk, cascades of fire and brimstone rippling through the gyrating crowds, and guitarists Phil Maranges and Gerard Glecer bring the blues, distorted wails and wah-wah injecting the mix with bar room soul and Hendrix’s voodoo spirit. Keyboardist Tony Laurencio lends his fingers and voice to the fray, harmonizing with Amin De Jesus and El Chino who spit bilingual rhymes and sing sweet, heartfelt melodies. Suénalo is a ten-piece, but its music is so powerful and intense you’d swear there was an entire village on stage.

Formed in 2002 after a series of jam sessions in Little Havana’s Monkey Village, a communal home of musicians and artists, Suénalo has undergone a number of personnel changes but its unique musical essence has remained intact, a mélange of Western, Latin, and Pan-African styles that has won the band legions of loyal fans and Best Local Latin Rock Band honors from the Miami New Times. Suénalo has performed at the Latin Funk Festival in Miami and NYC, Carnaval on the Mile, Fete de la Musique, the Calle Ocho Festival, and the 2006 Langerado Music Festival, headlined by Ben Harper, the Black Crowes, the Flaming Lips, and Wilco. In addition, they’ve shared the stage with Afrobeat heavyweights Antibalas, the Latin Grammy winning Bacilos, and Latin Grammy nominated acts Bosacucanova and Locos Por Juana.


Suénalo has released one live album, 2004’s Collages, and has just unleashed their debut studio album, ¡Suénalo!, recorded at Espiral Studios in Miami, FL.

Set List

60 minute sets of all original material.

Aproximately 5 sets worth of material.