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"Jack Hammer 1150 AM Seattle/1490 Tampa with Sue Neufeld-Ellis"

Hello Everyone!
Seattle, WA. - Join Dr. Pat Baccili Monday through Friday at 11:00 a.m. PST. Listen live on KKNW 1150 AM, Seattle or over the Internet by visiting Email or call in to express your views and ask questions. The telephone numbers are 425-373-5527 or toll free in Washington State 1-888-298-5569. Send an email to
Jack Hammer Thursday, Feb 15th, 1150 AM Seattle/1490 Tampa with Sue Neufeld-Ellis

Quantum Healing with Sue Neufeld-Ellis. Serenity through meditation and stress management. Dr. Pat welcomes Sue to the show today to discuss The Opening: Releasing the past to step fully into the present and toward the future.
Sue has practiced as a psychotherapist, counselor, healer and nurse for 25 years. Her abilities and facilitating skills create a dynamic process for people seeking assistance in areas in their life in which they are needed and wanting to change. She allows for various belief systems of religion and spirituality for integrating into the transformation process for those that want it. She teaches meditation and stress management to clients and trains health care providers to teach their clients also.
- Dr. Pat Baccili Show

"Change and Loss, Vol.4 jan'97"

Letting go of the past , staying in the present, opening to the future....
A life changing momment, its meaning and vision shared with us all....

See Photo Page for more on this article. - Sasen Spiritual Network

"When Sex becomes Addiction"

Sexual addiction...a relatively unknown, booming and destructive epidemic of the time. Breakthrough thinking from one of the worlds most experienced and progressive Sexual Addiction Professionals....L.Sue Neufeld-Ellis.

Please see photo page for details. - Journey; March'91,Vol.3

"Pat Carnes Endorsment"

“Sue Nuefeld – Ellis has been a leader in the sex addiction field since 1987. She is pioneering the way of quick and easy meditations with sonic and voice entrainment technology which helps to calm the mind. The sound track on her recently released CD, Serenity through Meditation, is done by Steven Halpern and is a wonderful contribution to the field of therapy and stress reduction.” – Dr. Patrick Carnes - Pat Carnes


Recent release of her long awaited Meditation Experience, titled:
"Serenity through Meditation"
There are sample clips of this CD as well as outakes from her aclaimed multiple appearances on; The Dr. Pat radio show. Covering areas of Meditation, Sexual and Substance addiction, from the 'home computer" to "famous celebrities"



Sue Neufeld-Ellis is a licensed mental health counselor (L.M.H.C); Certified at the supervisory level, both state and nationally in chemical dependency counseling (C.C.D.C.II and N.C.A.C.II); a registered nurse (R.N.) and also a certified clinical hypnotherapist (C.H.T.). And, CSAT(CertifiedSexAddictionTherapist)

She has worked 25 years in the fields of nursing & counseling of which she advises on addiction, sexual and spiritual issues, as well as a running a general private practice. She opened and supervised staff at one of the first Eating Disorders Inpt. Unit and adult chemical dependency unit at two hospitals. She is also on faculty at Bellevue Community College. Theoretical training includes Cognitive Behavior, Reality Therapy and Transactional Analysis (T.A.).

Sue was trained in the Patrick Carnes, Phd. model of sexual addiction/co-addiction treatment from 1989-1991. She has also been trained and coached personally, by Dr. Carnes and Dr. Al Cooper Phd. She has been providing clinical assessments and treatments of these conditions in her private practice since 1991. She has also taught multiple workshops and seminars throughout the Pacific Northwest on these subjects to healthcare professionals. She is currently on the faculty of Bellevue Community College where she will teach the 1st class on "internet addiction and cybersex" in 2004. She is a member of SASH(Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health)

She has also trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy which means "beyond the person". She took a 3 year sabbatical (1993-1996) where she travelled to 14 countries. There she studied various religious and spiritual practices which allows the client's individual belief to be integrated in the counseling sessions. She has taught meditation at many workshops and conferences nationally. Also, leading meditation for a group at the United Nations.

Some specific conditions Sue treats are; sexual addiction (sex), cyber sex, internet addiction, computer addiction, chemical dependency, gambling addiction, alcoholism, co-dependency, adult children of alcoholics, depression, anxiety disorder, phobias, sexual anorexia, smoking cessation, weight management and spiritual awakenings and crisis.
There are many modalities & techniques that Sue utilizes in her practice. If a client does not know what kind of therapy would best suit their healing process, Sue can evaluate their condition and recommend the most appropriate course of action. Therapies that Sue offer includes; Gaidon Heart Meditations, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Body hypnotherapy, EMDR (eye movement desentization and reprocessing), Lifespan Intergration, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Transpersonal Psychology, Thought Field Therapy, Addiction counseling, Stress management, Voice Dialogue (working toward integration of sub-personality parts, particularly if in conflict), Meditation, Q2 energy spa hydrotherapy, and Breathwork.

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