Sue Paine

Sue Paine


Eclectic, organic rock!! Upbeat, thought provoking music with strong, angelic vocals. An emotional ride on the musical tide.


I started out playing Violin, piano and flute like most 6 year olds do, in my schools program. I come from a long line of musicians and artists. Big Band and Swing was a huge influence on me at an early age. I started singing standards when I was 4 and continue to enjoy that music to this day. As I entered high school I discovered the guitar and Rock and Roll!! I started writing songs and singing them; to my surprise people were interested in what I had to say! I have been in many musical groups up to this point and plan on furthering my musical education in any way I can. Face time in front of an audience is very important to me, since I am a story teller and like to talk to my audience and bring them into my living room (sort to speak).


Party Cake

Written By: Sue Paine

Oh my God I think I made a mistake
I took a piece of someone’s party cake
Didn’t notice that your name was on it
And If she wanted you she sure didn’t flaunt it


And I don’t want to be
known as the other girl
Cause that’s not what I am
And I don’t want to be
Part of what we have at hand

Didn’t get the information
About this present situation
Want to tell you my intentions are pure
But being friendly sure wasn’t the cure
For Her lonely heart bleeding for you
Bleeding for you


Didn’t come down here with expectations
Now I’m faced with all these accusations
Won’t break the rules just for you
Or get in the middle of something that’s not through
Like a lonely heart bleeding for you
Lonely heart well, baby that’s you


Love should be easy

Written By: Sue Paine


I’m mirror to you and you to me
It’s hard to get that close and comfortably be
Everybody thinks that love should be easy
Everybody thinks that love should be easy

no love in your life you’ll never be the same
always relenting over some past flame

There’s a reason why you’ve come to me
It’s not coincidence it’s meant to be
Everybody thinks that love should be easy
Everybody think that love should be easy

no love in your life you’ll never be the same
I’ll never know if your life will reclaim
You’re heart again..

If I only could then I surely would


SURRENDER - Single released in 2002

4 tracks are currently in the independent film: Young, Single and Angry. 1 track is currently on the sound track for that film.

Set List

Typical set list includes all the songs on my current CD Love Should Be Easy.. Plus 4 new songs I have just written as of 2007 and any cover tune that has inspired me at the time of the gig.