Sue Rarick

Sue Rarick


Sue adds a new twist to traditional solo performers. She blends in Blues-Folk-Country elements into an entertaining mix of old and new. A performer in the NYC heyday of coffee houses. Listen to how it really was. Featured Artist - Live Blues World (October 18. 200


Ah yes, Sue Rarick, a true troubadour of Blues, Folk, and classic Americana music. This "one woman band" will bring you to your feet as she uses her skills on the harmonica and guitar to play her own style of tightly woven sounds to entertain you. Listening to her perform one remembers the early Bod Dylan, Janis Joplin, and the ever popular Mr. Frank Edwards and his one man show. She has created her own sounds and style to bring a different rendition of some of the old classics back to life. As she sits there playing I shut my eyes and think back to the 60's and fade right off into an orgasm of pure delight. She has brought me to a period of my life when music was all there was. Her own workings of Like A Rolling Stone and Heartbreaker makes tears roll down this old blues lover's cheeks.

Sue will be moving to the great music city of the south, Nashville, in January 2009 and she really wants to get the audiences out of their houses and into the many different places that she will be appearing. Once you've heard her there will be no looking back. She will capture your heart and soul and get you wondering about the good old days. So get out there and support her by welcoming her to your fine city.
All you promoters and club owners better hurry and start booking her or you will be left out in the cold while your neighbor down the street is packing them in for her shows.
I can't wait to see her in Printers Alley:)

Mike Houston

your sounds touch my raw and real. just the way i like my music.




Street Corner Blues

Written By: Susan Rarick

Sittin on a street corner
Watchin cars ride by (r)
Wonder where they goin
Where the hell am I

There's a lil ol man
with a long white beard (r)
Got a cup out for beggin
Ain't nobody here

Found me a penny
Sure wish it were a dime (r)
Got a tummy on empty
half a bottle of wine


1. Stripped Bare (Remastered 2008)
2. Sue does Dylan Live
3. Boomer Chicks Rock (Online Only)
4. Beatnik Country (May 2008 release)

Set List

Festival List

1. I'm So Glad
2. Street Corner Blues
3. Like A ERolling Stone
4. Love Somebody
5. On The Road Again
6. After Midnight
7. Just Another Day
8. Tush
9. Do Do Do Do (Heartbreaker)
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. Winter
12. Jolene
13. Let's Work Together
14. Knocking On Heavan's Door

Other Songs Performed

15. Key To The Highway
16. Positively 4th Street
17. Sister Morphine
18. Hooker Lament
19. Spoonful
20. Sweet Memories
21. You Can't Always Get What You Want
22. Amusement Park
23. Waiting On A Friend
24. Life
25. Long Legs - Short Skirt
26. People Get Ready