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The best kept secret in music



Recorded in a Manhattan Mini-Storage locker-and, judging by frontwoman Simi's vocals, singing through empty Pabst cans-can't blunt this New York trio's raw punk-metal power. Songs like "Whatcha Got" and "Love Me More" rip feckless exes over righteous hairspray-torch riffs, achieving the fusion of riot grrrl and Wyld Stallyns you didn't know you needed. B+ - SPIN


Suffrajett-eponymous debut
Suffrajett-forthcoming album (tent. title One Black Jew, Two Whiteys and a Mexican)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Simi - Vocals
Jason Chasko - Guitar
Kevin Roberts - Bass

It's not that Suffrajett lack tact and subtlety, but when your stereo blares a loudmouthed opening declaration like "Listen up shithead! I want to let you know that you're acting like an asshole" you should sit up and take note. New York-based quartet Suffrajett are not about to take anyone's bullshit and nor should they. Their raucously jagged eponymous debut is an unvarnished collection of blithely compelling anthems that manage to recall the Runaways, the New York Dolls, and the Pixies, without sounding contrived or conventional. Twelve gritty cuts that burn with an incendiary intensity, Suffrajett ditch the pleasantries and cut straight to the chase. "I feel like it's just raw rock 'n' roll," states lead singer/songwriter Simi. "It's sexy, but kinda dirty."
From the sweetened vitriol of "Love Me More" through the bluesy diatribe "Get Away," Suffrajett is the kind of album that could make even Courtney Love shut the fuck up for a minute and take notice. "It's about the ups and downs that come when you like and love," admits Simi. "If someone's pulling the strings of your heart, you're always on edge -- it's a constant state of mini-heartbreak. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, but a lot of the inspiration come from that in-between space."
Over the past year, Simi and her partner in crime, guitarist Jason Chasko, have been hard at work, writing furiously and laying their ideas to tape. Recorded in a Manhattan Mini Storage Space, Simi plays violin and handled vocal duties, while Jason was in charge of doing everything else. "We would hole up in there for days," recalls Simi. "We were the only people on the floor and our playing would just echo across the space. There was no other music going on in there, so it felt like we were in our own little world."
Both Simi and Chasko come from rich musical backgrounds that add a rich depth to their songwriting and unforgettable performances. Simi was classically trained on the violin and taught herself guitar a few years back. Ever since he was old enough fit his fingers across the fretboard, Chasko has been playing guitar. Among his numerous accomplishments, he counts writing and recording with Liz Phair for her whitechocolatespaceegg album amongst one of the most notable. "We have this very intense love/hate relationship," Simi reveals about her chemistry with Chasko. "It causes this tension between us that drives Suffrajett forward. We're totally different people, but we feel things the same way and the music came naturally."
When the duo had the finished tunes in hand, they turned to the local scene in order to round out a live band. Bassist Kevin Roberts has traveled the world playing with any number of artists, while drummer Scott Campbell has enjoyed much acclaim as one of the New York's most sought after drummers. Now that the songs could be heard with a greater audience than just the bum crashing in the storage space next door, Suffrajett plan on taking the next year to tour behind the release. No matter how good the record comes across, if you don't see the band live it's like settling down to watch The Ten Commandments on a tiny black 'n' white TV rather than at the IMAX. On stage is where this band explodes with a volatile energy that's as unstoppable as it is head-spinning.
But let's cut the bullshit; Suffrajett fuckin' rock. So lie back and get comfortable. You're about to get your Suffrajett popped!

By Nevin Martell