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Who is Sufirumi? Sufirumi is a full-time downtempo musician. He has had ALS for 5 years. 90% of ALS patients are dead five years after diagnosis, but Sufirumi is still producing music (with one finger) and he is in a serious romantic relationship. He credits his longevity to his belief that he was born to make this Rumi music and to bring joy to his listeners and to his girlfriend.
Who is Rumi? Rumi was a 13th century poet, mystic and philosopher born in Afghanistan. He is the world's favorite poet, after David.

What is this Rumi Music about? Sanctification of life, not dwelling on mortality. Focus on what you can achieve, even when faced with overwhelming challenges. Feeling righteous, not guilty. Expecting kindness, not criminality. Nurturing the sensitive, not exploiting their fragility. Feeling blessed, not forsaken. Tolerating all but the intolerant.

What is ALS? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain (upper motor neurons) and spinal cord (lower motor neurons) and affects muscle function. The motor neurons control the movement of various voluntary muscles including the diaphragm, which causes death from asphyxia without artificial respiration. Associated with the loss of the ability of motor neurons to function in ALS, the various muscles cells waste away (atrophy), resulting in increased muscle weakness. Ultimately, accumulated loss of motor neuron makes it impossible for voluntary control of normal muscle function. It is the most serious of the neuromuscular diseases - a lousy way to go.