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Danni Gee's energy and tenacity have catapulted her from the youth choir of the African Methodist Episcopalian Church in West Philadelphia to holding her own with veteran R&B performers to fronting her own New York based band, Suga Bush. This multi-talented artist, who was a principal dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, is in constant demand providing guest vocals for several acts including Def Jam poets Jessica Care Moore and Sharrif Simmons; Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge; La La Brooks; Belinda Carlisle; the "surviving" diva herself, Gloria Gaynor; and the legendary icon, CHER.

After cutting her teeth with these various artists, Danni decided to step out on her own. She needed to bring life to her own eclectic vision and in the summer of 1999, Suga Bush was born. Using her original words and music, this group of extremely talented musicians have created a unique fusion of sounds and influences, bringing to the table ol' school R&B, electric rock, a spoonful of hip hop and a whole lot of soul.

Their early live recordings and singles from their debut EP have already gained airplay in North and South America and Europe and within months of their debut, Suga Bush received mention in Billboard Magazine as the featured new band in their Internet division and was featured in the launch of BillBoard's offshoot website, Promosquad, alongside fellow Philadelphian Jill Scott and The Pharycyde. Their presence on the web is steadily growing, with sites around the world adding their tracks to their playlists. They also have pages on popular download sites such as I-Tunes, Rhapsody and MSN Music.

A fixture on the New York indie scene, Suga Bush has performed at several high profile music events including MeanyFest, a weeklong series of showcases featuring emerging NYC artists and musicians, promoted by SonicBids; the Brooklyn Lyceum Presents; and were the headlining act at the 2003 NYC Village Soul Festival. They have also been featured in Sesac’s “Writer’s on the Storm” series held at New York’s The Cutting Room and Danni has become a regular performer at the popular New York Singer/Songwriter Sessions.

Suga Bush celebrated the release of their first full length cd, "A Love Odyssey" in the fall of 2004. It is a sonic journey through the ups and downs of love written almost entirely by Danni. You can also hear Danni singing "The Wind Cries Mary" on the "Electronica Files: The Jimi Hendrix Dossier" (Exile Records/USA), which is currently in major stores and online outfitters. In support of their album, and to build their ever growing fan-base, they continue to perform at popular New York venues such as Crash Mansion, Arlene Grocery, the Brooklyn Lyceum, The Bitter End, SOB'S, The Blue Note, The Apollo and at venues around the country.

Danni and Suga Bush’s exposure continue to expand in exciting ways. They were nominated for a best artist and cd award by the readers of the e-zine in 2007, and in 2008, their single "Aint It Funny", appeared in the soundtrack of the independent film "Leaving L.A." Suga Bush was also one of 60 artists chosen from over 10,000 submissions from around the world to have their single “SomeBody” pre-loaded into a brand new MP3 Player being distributed in the UK, along with listening stations, by the electronics retailer Dixons in association with the website PulseRated. Danni also tours as a back-up singer/dancer for Gloria Gaynor whom she met and worked with in the summer of 2006 while touring with KC and the Sunshine Band's Boogie Blast Show and she appeared with CHER at Caesar's Colosseum in Las Vegas in the spring of 2009. Suga Bush has just completed recording a new full length cd to be released in early 2013 on the independent New York-based label, Earthdriver.

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Written By: D.Gee

When we were young we dreamed of handsome knights/On shiny white stallions, our futures looked so bright/Then you moved away you cried, don't forget me?And the next thing I knew you were getting married
So I called you up I got your man on the phone/He sounded kinda strange he said nah that bitch ain't home/Then I heard a sound in the background and I knew/I had to get in my car and come and get you
Why oh Why did you stay?/And let him treat you that way?/Why oh Why didn't you leave?/Whe all he did was make you...scream?
When we were young we dreamed of prince charming/You were so naive, you said nah girl he would never harm me/And you still believed while your belly grew/Tell me, do you want your baby to color Mommy black and blue?
I just want to take you home now/You can start again/Just rest your head on my shoulders/Cause you ain't heavy my friend/I just want to take you home now/Stay as long as you like/I'll keep my arms around you/It's gonna be alright


"Leaving LA" Soundtrack/Third Car Prod. Jan. 2006
"A Love Odyssey" (LP) Sept. 2004
"Electronica Files: Hendrix Dossier" (LP) Nov. 2002
"The BitterSuite" (EP) June 2001
"The BitterSuite-Live" (LP) April 2001

Set List

Typical covers include songs by Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Dionne Ferris, Lenny Kravitz, Meshell Ndegeocello, and others.