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Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica | INDIE

Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica | INDIE
Band World Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music: Reggae – “Roll It Up” by Sugar Bear"

Continuing the reggae theme, today we hear “Roll It Up” by Sugar Bear.

Originally from Jamaica, Sugar Bear immigrated to New York, where he continues to pursue his passion for music and entertaining.

Sugar Bear feeds off the energy that performing gives him.

Over the years, Sugar Bear has crafted his own musical style and lyrical delivery of roots reggae music.

After recording and producing a number of songs, Sugar Bear established his own record label which has released his latest singles.

For more about Sugar Bear check out

Enjoy “Roll It Up” by Sugar Bear!

- NORML / Marijuana Music Awards

"Tony Curtis & Sugar Bear - La Isla Bonita Video - Exclusive"

Everything about "La Isla Bonita" performed by Tony Curtis and Sugar Bear has a natural vibe to it. This collaboration between these two artists flows naturally and not the least bit forced. People are naturally gravitating to this song because of its groovy bass line, melody and familiarity. Now they have produced a music video, hailing from the sunny beaches of Jamaica, projecting a natural and relaxing vibe. Watching the video makes you want to jump into the screen, sit on the beach, and take in the "La Isla Bonita" natural vibes.

The video was directed and edited by Lamonte Edwards, a director from New York City. The lighting was done and provided by Sin. Stampede Management, the orchestrator of the project states, "While filming this video, there was a good vibe flowing amongst everyone on the set."

The song is available on ITunes for purchase and download. You can view the video on YouTube & MyVideoFlex. Look for it on your local video shows and vote for it to be shown.

"Star Entertainment : Sugar Bear, Tony Curtis, 'La Isla Bonita' video"

Tony Curtis and Sugar Bear recently collaborated on a re-make of 'La Isla Bonita', putting a reggae vibe to the song.

With a heavy baseline, Tony Curtis' melodic tone and Sugar Bear's flow on the rhythm, the duo lays down a compelling reggae song with an international flavour.

A video was also done for the song, which shows the beach, sun and beauty of Jamaica. The song and video complement each other perfectly.

As the song is titled, La Isla Bonita, which means 'The Beautiful Island', the video portrays nothing but the beauty of Jamaica.

The video was directed and edited by Lamonte Edwards, a director from New York City with lighting by Sin.

Stampede Management, which is responsible for the project, stated. "While filming this video, there was a good vibe flowing among everyone on the set."

The song is available on ITunes for purchase and download. The video can be viewed on YouTube.
- Jamaica Star


All Sugar Bear releases below are available on various internet retail sites such as ITunes, Napster, Emusic and Amazon in addition to being streamed on premier sites such as Last FM and Jango. Singles, "Roll It Up", Jamaica Mi Born", "Di Likkle Youths", "La Isla Bonita" and "Hot Like Fire" are receiving extensive radio airplay in Jamaica, particularly, IRIE FM and FAME FM.

- De Pon Mi Mind (2009)
- Powers (2009)
- Hot Like Fire (2009)
- La Isla Bonita (2009)
- Black Woman (2008)
- Di Likkle Youths (2008)
- Jamaica Mi Born (2008)
- Roll It Up ("My Boo Riddim") (2008)
- Hot Girls Come Thru (2006)
- Nuff Girls Ganja (2006)
- Tight ("Check It Back Riddim") (2004)
- You Go Sexy (2002)
- Throw Him Away (2002)



A passion for music…

Reggae artist Sugar Bear has had a passion for music since he was a kid. Born Geoffery Scott to Joy and Jonathan Scott in Black River, St. Elizabeth, Sugar Bear's foundation years were rooted deep in the joy reggae music brought him. At a young age, he was always fascinated by the classic sounds of Sugar Cat deejaying on Kilimanjaro and Stereo Mars cassettes.

The youngster would memorize every lyric of the legendary reggae entertainer and imitate his delivery so well to the point that his classmates would beat their desks and ask him to perform Super Cat tunes.

Feeding off the energy entertaining brought him, Sugar Bear soon began to experiment writing his own lyrics for fun. However, it wasn't until he first heard the compelling influence of songs by Bounty Killer on the radio that he knew music was his calling in life. He began to craft his own style which not only saw a change in young Geoffery's lyrical delivery, but in location as his family immigrated to the United States in the Bronx, New York.

As time went on Sugar Bear worked on advancing and elevating his artistry by voicing dubs for sound systems, performing periodically in various venues, promoting himself in clubs and recording and producing songs in his private studio, which he fittingly named "The Bear's Lair".

Sugar Bear built on this growing involvement in the music industry and proudly established his own record label, Black River Records, on which he has released various singles such as "Hot Girls Come Thru", "Roll It Up", "Jamaica Mi Born", "Hot Like Fire" and many other tunes of diverse styles.

These prior singles are just the beginning in a future of recordings waiting to hit the music scene as Sugar Bear continues his pursuit of his passion for music…..YU HEAR!!!