Sugarblade was started in July 2004 when Miguel Staunton and Alec Brietzke first sat down together to jam out some songs. Both musicians had just come from broken bands and had been looking forward to doing an acoustic project to take a bit of a break. Realizing that the songs had real potential the duo decided to try the full-band approach once again. Recently coming out of a band herself, (Maverick recording artist, "Lillix"), Kim Urhahn seemed an ideal addition on drums. Soon after, Greg M., an old friend of Alec's, joined the trio on bass, thus completing the band. It became obvious after only a few live shows that Sugarblade had something special. The band gained a loyal following instantly and has been playing relentlessly to rave reviews and an ever-growing fanbase. The band released a 7-song EP entitled "Faux" in July of 2006, which has been selling steadily and exposing them to more and more fans. Several independent and college radio stations have recently added Sugarblade to their regular rotation and the band is poised to take their music to the highest level possible.
Sugarblade considers themselves a rock band with a hint of power-pop. The chemistry of this foursome lies in the fact that each member comes from a different musical background in terms of influences and styles. Take an instantly-recognizable vocalist with a style that is a blend of Morrisey, Muse, and Peter Gabriel. Add a guitarist heavily immersed in the glamrock and metal of the 80's, with a incredible knack for melody. Now add a rhythm section consisting of a rock-solid drummer with an ear for detail, and a metal bassist with a love for all music dark and angry. Combine those elements with great songwriting, a love for what they do and a sound all their own and you have Sugarblade.


CD- Faux

Set List

Our Set lists can be from one three minute song
to a one and a half hour set.
Some covers would be thrown in there as well.