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Get Ya Rocks Off: Live At The Winner's Circle (3-22-2008)

God Give Me The Strength To Deal With These People (2006)

That's It!! I Quit The Band!! (Said Bob) (2005)

Lynyrd Led Skynyrd (2004)

We Have To Pay The Rent, So Buy This Recording (2002)



It was a cold and lonely night as Ryan left the house he’d grown up in. Banished by the town folk. Banished by his family. Banished by love. “How could this have happened?”, he asked himself in the slightly female sounding voice that floated around his head (and often told him the future and which lottery numbers to pick).

Regardless, he was on his own now. A loner. A lone wolf, if you will. He would have to become hardened to survive in the big cruel world he was now thrust into at the tender age of 25. Harden his heart. His body. His mind. He was just another lost soul in a world of lost soul soup. Sure, he was better off then someone with no skills. After all, he could run very fast, retain water and he was an excellent bass player. Little did he know, little did the world know, Ryan was about to change the way music existed…

But before we get to that part of the story, here are a few little known facts about Ryan that he requested be included:
His favorite color is Magenta.
He suffered heartbreak as a child when his best friend, his dog named Saxon Tribierafone, died in a mysterious fall from the top of the bunk beds they shared.
Ryan overcame a former addiction to Hostess Apple Pies.
He dated the 2-time Western US Extreme Chess Fighting Champion (Female 16-18 Division) for 3 months in High School.
He does not believe in Second Mortgages (Editor’s Note: To clarify, it is not that Ryan is against the financial risk of multiple mortgages, but that he actually refuses to believe that they actually do exist).

Ryan, after floating from town-to-town throughout Central America, had a fateful meeting while working as a busboy in Nuevo Laredo…Stephen Pearcy (who would later go on to form the band Ratt). Stephen, who was then 13, was a co-worker of Ryan’s. Stephen told Ryan that he planned to sneak across the US border and gain fame in a “new” Menudo-type band. The 2 co-conspirators hatched their plan toward freedom in America and put it into action. It is still not understood why Ryan, a US citizen, decided to sneak across the border (some say it was simply his self-destructive nature or wildly adventurous constitution), but Ryan and Stephen did just that. Stephen would talk non-stop of his plans in music during the cold nights huddled together in ditches, and it was then that Ryan began to think, “I could steal all of Stephen’s ideas and become famous myself”, and he did just that. While still claiming to feel no regret for his betrayal of the young Pearcy, there are many who say Ryan is still haunted by nightmares of a rat with a ridiculous perm gnawing at his toenails. The rest, as they say, is Rock N Roll history.

Ryan indeed came to fame. First as bass player with Doo Wop legends Sandra Dee & the Deities (the band which at various points also included current Sugar Bush members Joe and Vic), and more importantly, with Sugar Bush, the all-time best selling Rock band in the Large Town/Small City & Canadian Market. Hit after hit. Tour after tour. And, to this day, he still does it all for his one true love…you, the fan.

Love live SUGAR. Long live THE BUSH.