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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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"Mainland Mayhem - Sugar coated Killers"

Monday night Khaos With Sugar Coated Killers - The Cobalt -Vancouver BC ( Absolute Underground - Vol. 4 - #1 Issue 19 - Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2008 )

- By Emily Kendy

" What better way to start the week off, than a hangover ? " asks Khaos, organiser behind Monday night Khaos ( And bassist for the punk rock outfit, the piss - ups ) at The Cobalt . On this particular Glam rock Monday evening the rain is pouring down stedily while the doorman braves the perenial open door, waiting for the first stragglers of the night to arrive .

Off stage the band members of the night finally step through the doors of the Cobalt like a futuristic drag - queen gang of outlaws . There are three of them besides Lead singer Sevli Android : Poltergiest Candycave, guitar, Lasorface Dreamscape , bass and Acronomican , drums .

Thier live show tonight includes synchronized moves, Sevli's acrobatic floor - rolling this - is - the - last - show of our lives explotations, and songs ranging from " Eye Magic Robot " to " Children of the whores . " Afterwards, as people leave we sit along the long bench in the back , under all of wendy 13's gothic Pollok - style paintings and talk about the birth of B.C 's slap - in - the - face answer to conservatism .

" We're Trying to be like Kiss, " says Sevli , despite snickers from the other bandmates .

Sugar Coated Killers began in Kelowna as a reincarnation from two former bands, Uncle Monstors Space Circus and Halloween Fright Machine .

" We did alot of special things together , " Says Sevli, in his cop -style cap and long black , green streaked wig . " I remember the first show that Lasorface dreamscape played " .

" I was nervous, " admits Laserface, tugging on his red and white striped arm - warmers . " But I had a Subway sandwich on the way to the venue and that helped . "

" When Halloween Fright Machine formed and I wanted us to be different and dress as robotic witches , all in silver face paint ." So we kind of did that when we turned into Sugar Coated Killers . We started off playing in dresses . "

The first time I saw the Sugar Coated Killers was a few years ago at the Media club, In Vancouver . Their unique, high energy act in what looked to be homade costumes was so out of the ordinary they were hard to forget .

One night, me and the guitar player were in an alley and we went into a dumpster because we were very hungry and we found silver material that we taped onto our shoes. " says Lasorface .

" We made moon boots , " Adds Poltergeist .

True to Hedwig and the angry inch's stairway to stardom that started with a gig at a buffet restraunt , the band's first gig was a coffee shop called Jar Jar Beans .

" It was crazy , " Says Sevli . " The high school kids heard about us and like 85 people showed up . They were moshing in the front . "

They also remember their first gig as Sugar Coated Killers .

" I was wearing a black dress , " said Poltergeist .

" I was wearing a black dress too, " says Laserface .

" you were wearing a friend's grad dress " says Sevli .

" Sheila's grad dress "

" We had two stage dancers at that time , too, " says Sevli .
Banana Doll Dish was one of the guys , a slim fella . The other guy was a monkey . They did choreography with, Madonna type stuff and , you know , those moves that I do that I do came from that . "

" You know when you cut butter with a really hot knife ? " says Laserface . " Our first show was like that ... only with more beats . "

" And balloons " says Sevli .

Ironically, the band that understands what the Sugar Coated Killers went through to win over live music fans in the Okanagan is none other than The Black Halos . Billy Hopeless once complained to Sevli about being called homos when they played in Kelowna .

" You put on eyeliner in kelowna and you're going to be called a fag . " says Laserface .

While this explains how The Black Halos relate to this glam rock band but what's still not entirely clear is how the Cobalt realtes to Sugar coated Killers .

" Maybe we're so weird , we're punk, " says Sevli . Of his band he says , " we're like a relationship . We'll get together and fool around and then go back to our own lives .. then fool around and then go on to our own lives . It's a loving relationship, , the passion is there .

- Absolute Underground - Hidden Forces Publishing

"A Sprinkle Of Sugar On Theatre Rock"

- By Shannon Myers

The Sugar Coated Killers are more than a contradictory metaphor; they're the revival of theatre rock, Alice Cooper style.
The Kelowna band has gone through member and name changes, evolving from previous bands Uncle Monstor's Space Circus and Halloween Fright Machine .
But the idea has remained the same.
"We try to make the show very appealing to the eye, " says vocalist Sevli Android.
Influences range from The New York Dolls to David Bowie ( in his Ziggy Stardust phase ). Anything with a Glam rock attitude will make an impression on this band. Complete with stage dancers and drag attire, they're not here to sing anyone to sleep.
" It's like 100 percent theatre mixed in with soundtrack music, " says Android. The songs are written as a soundtrack for the visual performance, so it's really a full meal deal . " We get up there and just really rump - ditty - rump. "
If money were not an object, this band's ultimate gig would be quite an impressive affair. " It would be inside. It would have to be warm. But there would have to be some sort of cages with some fireworks and stuff ! " points out bassist Lasorface Dreamscape.
Band members want to improve on the show in the future by elaborating costumes and special effects.
An Anti- top - 40 - style ban, members would still welcome commercial success.
" I'd be happy, " says an unashamed Android. " It's be good because we'd be in the middle of all of thsi stuff that sucks. " Success would give the band a lot more freedom in terms of direction. "
" Whewn i'm writing the songs and stuff I always want to have a commercial sounding chorus anywa, built around a really weird sounding riff and bridge. You want a catchy chorus. "
The future looks bright for these Sugar coated killers, wityh talks under way about touring with some bigger name bands.
" We can't say any names cause we don't want to jinx it, " said Android.
Lasorface puts it all into perspective. " I think it's pretty exciting that I don't know where I'm going to be in thee months, " he said.

- Event - Wednesday, April 24, 2002

"Come All Ye Alt - rockers"

By Lori - Anne Charlton

They may not be your average bows of holly, chesnuts Roasting on an open fire types, but never believe that Kelowna - based glam rockers Sugar Coated Killers don't love Christmas. They adore the season, they say, think that it's a delcious time of year, and plan to celebrate it in high style with some like - minded friends, this Saturday night at the Performance Centre in Kelowna.

Expect tinsel, elves, a touch of magic and lots of saccharine aftertaste at the all ages benefit show, staged to help raise money for thr Kelowna Foodbank and Gospel Mission.
" It's pretty magical, " lead singer and mastermind Sevli Android revealed. " iIf you close your eyes while the music plays, you can envision floating unicorns - and reindeer, both of them floating together. "
Those in attendence are welcome to join the oddball fashion parade by coming dressed in different forms of Christmas - especially, Android suggests, flirty elves ( if you're a girl ) and Santa - boys ( if you're not ) .
I like wearing red and green together, at this time of year and and all year because it reminds me of Christmas and candy sauce. " Android revealed of his own style preferences.
Since their days as Halloween Fright Machine, through various incarnations and band configurations, Sugar coated Killers has developed a cult following in the Okanagan. This winter they plan to redefine their focus and hit the orad, on tour next spring. - Event - Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002


Sugar coated Killers - Three song demo - 2002
Halloween Machine - Full album - 2003
Candycanes and Razorblades - Demo -2005
Glam punk rock from outer space - Full album -2008
Blood, Sweat and Robotic Tears - Release date, 2011



These four young rock soldiers from Kelowna BC, Canada, want to bring back glam rock. This galactic hairspray, glitter rock theme is what brings the bands fans and performance so close together. The band mastermind, lead singer Sevli Atlantis Android has Sugar Coated Killers show off their brand of glamtastic glitter rock goodness with the use of makeup, costumes, choregraphy, flashy lights, and fog. Their show brings to mind elements of Ziggy Stardust ( David Bowie glam rock era ), Kiss, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alice Cooper, New York Dolls and Motley Crue.

In January 2011 Sevli Atlantis Android was recently interviewed on Kelowna's top commercial radio station, The Power 104. The radio station promoted the band on their website and mentioned the band numerous times each day building up to the show.

Sugar Coated Killers, exciting theatrical show, along with their original, catchy music, have the potential to excel to promising heights within the worldwide music scene.

Currently the band is recording their next full length album titled, Blood Sweat and Robotic Tears to be released in 2011.

Sugar Coated Killers's website is