Sugar Glyder

Sugar Glyder

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The guys and girl of Sugar Glyder pour their hearts out and into every aspect of their music. 200 live shows in the past year, 2 full length self produced albums deep, collaborating with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, mountains, glitter, owls, all wrapped neatly with a beautiful bow of rock.


In 2008 Sugar Glyder began with a crash and a bang. They're first release (the full length "We Cracked The Sky") earned them a quick ticket into the hearts and ears of Charlotte's then struggling music scene. The response propelled them into the touring game where they began their first of many tours across the eastern USA. By the end of that year they released a music video for "Grace The Fulcrum" and were able to move 1200 copies of the album by hand (not including digital downloads).

2009-2010 brought about more momentum as the guys and girl racked up more than 200 shows. In this relentless pursuit to spread the love Sugar Glyder has brought their live show to fans in cities from New York to Miami, and Minnesota to Austin and everywhere in-between. Amidst the business of this touring schedule they were able to finish writing and release their second full length album "POOR BABY ZEBRA". Off of this release they were able to put out two more videos one for the title track "Poor Baby Zebra" and the other for "Sans Matador" featured a collaboration with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

One of the few remaining independent success stories, SG plans to continue to tour extensively in support the upcoming release of their new EP LOVERS AT LIGHTSPEED throughout 2011.

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New Album
FEB 2011


Song Holiday

Written By: Daniel Howie

The face you've come to know is wrinkled and caving in. We are resigned to a view from the pickett line. The places you will go they will never be again. Don't let this light flash you blind. Hey! You there, get out the way we're on song holiday but it won't take long cuz we don't write songs and hey you there get out the way we're on song holiday but it won't take long cuz we don't write songs. No we don't write songs. We fade until we blow, we are the energy my friends. And we are designed closed bones and an open mind. The place that you call home no it will never be again. Don't let this life pass you by. We just throw together chords and the people sing along. It does not matter who it's for or if it will be there when you're gone.


2008 "We Cracked the Sky" (Full Length)
2009 "Poor Baby Zebra" (Full Length)
2011 "Lovers at Lightspeed" EP

Set List

Sleepless We Seem
I Fear I May Have Lost You In The Digital Desert
Grace The Fulcrum
Spoils of War (The Ok Song)

The Kicker
Blackbeard Has Feelings Too
People Believe
In the Rising Light of Boston Mass
Sans Matador
Poor Baby Zebra

Song Holiday
Ocean, I Love You
Deep Into Summer
One More Snow
The Work (And What May Come)

Up to 2 Hour set