Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

sugar’N’spice is a Japanese girls rock band from Tokyo, formed in 2006. The band consists of KYAO (lead vocals, guitar), TSUE (lead guitar, chorus) and MIE (drums, chorus). KYAO started the band when all the girls were freshman in university.


sugar’N’spice realesed their first album spangle in 2007, which KYAO did every mixing, mastering, engineering, producing, designing and pressing. Second album sugar’N’spice was released in 2009 and sold out as soon as released. Third album ROCK STAR was released in 2011 and recently fourth album The Hybrid Age was released. KYAO says that The Hybrid Age is so good that it could be her posthumous work. At least it is a masterpiece of this band.

KYAO spent her high school days in U.S.A. and like to listen to all foreign rock music. Her favorite bands are the Rolling Stones, Weezer, Hole, Nirvana and David Bowie. Many foreign find sugar’N’spice on myspace and You Tube and come to like their music. Once the music was used in the American movie, TOKYOPOP presents Van Von Hunter. sugar’N’spice also got in on American compilation rock album Quickstar Production Presents: Rock 4 Life International Volume 25.


2007,06,09 "spangle"
2009,02,18 "sugar'N'spice"
2011,07,22 "ROCK STAR"
2012,04,11 "The Hybrid Age"
2012,10,26 "TOMBOY"

You can download our new song "Paradise" for free on SoundCloud!!

"The Hybrid Age" is available on iTunes!!

01. Cry Me A River
02. The Hybrid Age
03. Teenage Circus
04. Paper Moon
05. Chernobyl's Lover
06. Queen Kate
07. Unpop
08. Forget Me Not
09. The Black Sun
10. Maps and Territories