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Mount Lawley, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Mount Lawley, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Psychotic Teenage Supermodels EP Review"

Psychotic Teenage Supermodels

According to Urban Dictionary, Sugarpuss is “the cutesy nickname Logan Echolls gives to Veronica Mars (off the CW’s mystery/detective show aptly named for the character) in the episode Ruskie Business.”

Sugarpuss the band, from right here in WA, do not, as far as we know, include in their line-up any plucky teen detectives, but they have solved the mystery of crafting some damn fine pop-rock ditties.

This is music created by musicians without recourse to production trickery. Danceability is achieved by the rhythmic propulsion of the drums and bass, and that hard-to-define quality which, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call sing-a-long-ability, created through deliciously dark lyrics juxtaposed against toe-tappingly buoyant beats.

Take, for example, the fantastic first track, Falling Outta Love, which is so fun and upbeat it’s easy to gloss right over the references to heartbreak (‘At night I sleep inside a shot gun; The days they play out like a re-run’), even when you’ve pressed repeat so many times you know the lyrics off-by-heart (and believe us, it’s so catchy you will).

While none of the other tracks quite deliver this same sunny-but-bitter disposition in quite the same way, Drinking Alone and Place For A Gun provide balance on the palate. Meanwhile, behind the neat surfaces of Insomnia, Masquerade and They’re Gonna Close The Planet Down, oddities thrive. A killer debut.

_ LINDSAY WEIR - X-Press Magazine


Head to the link to see all reviews by music bloggers that are tracked by Hype Machine. cheers! - hype machine


Head to the link to see all reviews by music bloggers that are tracked by Hype Machine. cheers! - hype machine

"Indroducing Sugarpuss"

Sugarpuss are a 5-piece from Perth, Australia who have a quickly endearing sound that is pop-rock at it’s most loveable level. One listen to their single “Drinking Alone” and you will see what I mean. It’s got a easy breezy feel good nature that is made to sing along in a big summer festival crowd, with a cold beer in hand. It’s the type of song that will become an earworm, stuck in your head all day, seemingly out of no where.
You hear this same good-time fun on the sugary “Falling Outta Love” which is the funnest song I’ve ever heard about this particular topic.
Don’t be surprised if you hear these guys all over the radio someday, sort of in the fashion of Foster The People in 2012. - We All Want Someone To Shout For (Music Blog, New York)

"Falling Outta Love Triple J rating/words"

rating - 4/5
"This is such a fun stomper of a track." - Gemma Pike - Triple J Unearthed

"Falling Outta Love Single Review"

Hot on the heels of winning WA Song Of The Year in the 'Love' category, local band Sugarpuss have released their award-winning song, Falling Outta Love, as their debut single. Previously a four-piece, the band has everything going for them right now. This love-laden song will have you humming how falling out of love is so much fun well after its 2.25 minutes playing time. - Marcia Czerniak of Drum Media


"Caroline/Out Of Nowhere" - early double A side release
(Out Of Nowhere streaming on Triple J Unearthed Radio)
(played regularly on 92.1)

"Falling Outta Love" - single, released 16th Nov 2012
(added to rotation on Triple J early Jan 2013)
(premiered and played regularly on 92.1)
(streaming on TrueRock radio and LastFM)
(soon to be added to RRR radio Melbourne)

Debut EP "Psychotic Teenage Supermodels" released in April 2013
-see "reviews"

Follow up EP already recorded and release-planning under way for mid 2013, follow up Album written and lots of it also recorded, will release when its ready, maybe next year. Fun times ahead!



New single "Falling Outta Love" won the "love" category of 2012's WAM Song Of The Year Competition, and received it's first national radio play later that December. Early January 2013 it was added to Triple J rotation and has since been receiving generous airplay and an overwhelming amount of downloads from the unearthed site.

"The band has everything going for them right now" - Drum Media. (Nov 2012)

"This is such a fun stomper of a track."
Gemma Pike, triple j (4/5 rating for Falling Outta Love)

"This song is siiiick!" - Malcolm Clark, The Sleepy Jackson


No-one wants to be in a ‘rock band.’ Those two words aren’t exciting, mysterious or dangerous anymore. Once upon a time, rock music was the startling sound of those on the vanguard, marked by a reckless abandon. Now it’s timeworn, musty, wallpaper – those who invented it are old enough to be our grandparents – right?

SUGARPUSS are a band whose roots taste like old school rock, but like a fine wine have matured so that if you were to open them now you would hear more of a "Pop".

Appearing (as per one of their song titles) ‘Out of Nowhere’, the group recalls the more finely crafted moments of early prog, glam, and mind-expanding art pop. But every influence is just that: an echo that finds its way into rich sonic explorations, propelled along by infectious guitar lines, stormy percussion, cascading synthesizer hooks and bass lines that swing along underneath unknowingly making you dance.
The chillingly feminine voice of Jake Webb sails above it all, a robust but fragile howl spitting out lyrics that can be tongue in cheek, sarcastic, heart felt, emotive, visual...
...take them how you will, but mind what you watch:

They have a tendency to stay with you long after the lights are out and the pretty bar girl has declared the night is through.

Over the course of their striking live show, they lead you through glimmering harmonies, subtle arrangements and wild, primal freak-outs. But no matter where they take you, you’ll be glad you came along. If you think you’re bored with rock music, think again. Sugarpuss make it sound as fresh and adventurous as the day it was born.