SugarSuite, the Alternative Southern Rock Band from the Tampa Bay area comprising of college students and college aged musicians. A diverse fan base makes for an all around, rocking good time. SugarSuite recently headlined at the 12-Hour Sebring Race Festivities.


SugarSuite is the collaboration between a couple of University of Tampa students and college aged professional musicians. This eclectic mix of backgrounds and tastes gives SugarSuite it's Old School Southern Rock sound with an Alternative Rock edge. This new, but yet familiar sound makes SugarSuite popular across diverse age groups which is uncommon for a young band.


"Scream For Me", "All I Need", "Freak", "Fall Apart", "Whole Lot Left To Lose", and the ballad "Watching You Leave" all receive substantial streaming play.

Set List

Scream For Me, All I Need, Freak, A Whole Lot To Lose, Hard To Handle, Watching You Leave and others... We can play for a good hour, longer if the opportunity arises. We play a few covers (Tom Pettys "Mary Janes Last Dance" and Oasis "Columbia" ) that a diverse crowd really enjoys.