Suga Shane

Suga Shane

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Hip-Hop with a mature and down-to-earth twist. A humble and smart artist with cunning lyrics and banging beats.


Born Dec. 12, 1978 to a street hustler and a hippie princess, Suga Shane has seen more than most. While his father was listening to James Brown, George Clinton and Sly and the Family Stone, his mother was listening to The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. During his adolescence he discovered Hip-Hop and began freestyling and making mixtapes with his friends. With such a diverse soundtrack in his childhood, it is only right that Suga Shane has grown to be an amazing Hip-Hop producer. 10 years after he wrote his first song, Suga Shane is still writing and producing and has now began to gain some recognition for his talent. He now is one of the most sought after producers in the state of Indiana but he doesnt plan to stop there. With a rocky two year stint with the Hip-Hop group "City Council" and a solo album now under his belt, Suga Shane has re-emerged, teaming up with another local producer, I.D., to form a new label, "Blue Moon Music." This fresh start has filled Shane with new life and is ready to give the world good music again. Shane is now not only continuing his solo career but is also 1/4 of The Pride, a SuperGroup that consists of Knowledge(5th Element Fame), Tha Crook, Trigg, and himself.Be on the lookout for "Suga Shane a.k.a. The Mayor - Politics As Usual" and "The Pride - As of yet Untitled" Coming 1st Quarter 2007......


Suga Shane - Inauguation Day(no longer in cirulation)
3lue Moon Mixtape Vol.1 - 3lue Moon Rising