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Out right stunning, I’m not talking about Sug Free's amazing beauty, more like her astonishing delivery on her debut release "Send Me a Text" and " Live Live.” Either way the future is bright for the 20 year old rap pheonom. Not so much for the rest of the female MC's.


Young-fresh- vivacious. New talent is usually coined with these phrases, but it’s rarely the truth. Rarely, until Sug Free, Chicago’s newest up and coming female rapper directed the spotlight in her direction. Her flow is the mic-check Chicago needs to reintroduce itself to hip-hop. By inflecting her jazzy voice and feminine perspective to everything she spits, her often hard hitting punch lines take on the softer side of hip-hop.

Tiffany Michelle Freeman more affectionately called “Sugar” was born in September 1988. First called “Sweet Sugar” at birth, the name was later tailored to fit her more subtly sweet persona. But don’t for a split second think that means she soft. Her lyrics, while delivered by an almost airy voice make a mockery of everything she believes to be “fake”. One of the best qualities about her flow is that it is always sincere and a definite threat to the other female rappers pushing their throaty lyrics and materialistic ideas. But as reflected in her lyrics, she can be 100 percent female and still kick a rhyme with the best of male rap artists.

Though new to the hip-hop arena, Sug Free is no stranger to music. Her love for music started early due in larger part to her older siblings musical influences. At the age of 13, she had already mastered over 5 musical instruments and was just getting started. Her love of all things percussion has a heavy influence on the tracks she chooses and her snappy delivery.

Though a fresh face to the Chicago music scene, this veteran musician, rapper extradonaire, and feisty female lyricist is just what we need to pump and circulate new blood into hip-hop.


"Send Me a Text" - POP Music Group/ Popular Music Inc./ Catapult Distribution

"Live Live" - POP Music Group/ Popular Music Inc./ Catapult Distribution

Set List

Intro - "Autopilot" 2min
"Money Marathon" 3:30
"Send Me a Text" 3:00
Finale - "Live Live" 4:00
Encore "HD Flow"