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SugsWorth Dinero is the ultimate artist. A writer, rapper, and producer, SugsWorth will enter the music industry with a presence like no one has ever seen or felt. He plans to bridge all the gaps and missing links of the music industry. With a signature sound and look, Sug is Worth Dinero!


Big Sug better known as Sugsworth Dinero has been rapping since he was in elementary school, and then, started refining his skills in high school, forming a group, The Grandz with close friends C. Storme, A. $herman, & Vic Evans opening for well-known artists. Recording a few independent singles and releasing the underground classic, The Cap'n, he captured the attention of all true music lovers. His debut CD is stacked with blazing hot tracks and little treats for the ladies, like the C. Storme-assisted, Lights Out (Turn off the Lights 08'). For Sug, the old saying, If you can't be used... you are useless, holds up after all. First off, Sug's street flare is so unique, he had to start his own clothing line, The C squared Collection. Then theres the fresh Jersey mixed with South Carolina flow, which he describes as hip-hop with a rock star appeal. Others say his music is reminiscent of Big Pun in his prime and captivating like Jay-Z's untouchable lyrics over his homemade infectious beats. Finally, there's the hook: experience. Sug has music in his blood. Born Shannon L. Hill of Plainfield, New Jersey and son/nephew of P-funk superstar brothers Richard & Jack Hill and gospel singer Gwendolyn Hill, Sug remembers seeing his family perform countless major events. He says, music has always been a part of my life. I knew that I was going to be an entertainer at a very young age. The rapper, presses the envelope, setting him apart from the rest. I just got tired of everybody being a thug and looking exactly alike, says Sug. This attitude spawned his debut album Lifestylin'. The album brings the fresh back to hip-hop. One listen and you'll see why Sug is feeling and doing good. Sug's talents don't end with rhyming. Be on the look out for his instrumental, chopp'd and skru'd, and accappella album versions and mixtapes. In local and major stores everywhere!



Written By: SugsWorth Dinero

(1st Verse)
It's ya boy BIG SUG here to save the hood
Don't worry bout me everythings all good
Got my new groove on time to shake my stuff
And whatever don't kill you only make me tough
Living life through rap couldn't make this up
Im in love with my mic couldn't break this up
This is forever and a day so "F" what you heard
Said I'll be right back when I left from New Jerz
Didn't tour the whole world just the best two thirds
Cause I put it all on my success through word
And the words that I spit might supress you nerds
Yet the way that I look will undress you birds
So unless you her in that fresh new fur
You can't live how I live so you must defer
And you already know I'm something you gone get
Cause I be outside just bumping my own shit

Lights Out

Written By: SugsWorth Dinero

(Last Verse)
Let me see what's under that...
(really.... unh huh)
I make you (ooh) make you (ahh) make you (ho!) like a thundercat
But you is not a hoe you a professional
I TKO your clothes, think you better let them go
I'll give it to you good, oh girl I wish it would
Last a lifetime and people call you Mrs. Sug
Eat like delicious food while all up in your groove
And since this is business told her put back on her business shoes
Thats it and nothing else now get into the bed
I dont believe in this but let me get a little head
Because its all or nathan, baby dont keep me waiting
Give it to me picture perfect like a TV station
Or you might see me skating
Girls be like (girl he be faking... you dont need him... how much money is he really making?)
Enough to know I'm caking, I'm earning all the hype
Let's get it going but first...


As an Artist:
*Lifestylin' (17 tracks)- 2005
*The Cap'n (13 tracks)- 2006
*Strangle Hold (42 tracks)- 2007
*Lifestylin' (Forever) [20 tracks]- 2008

*= Available in Accapella and Chopp'd and Skru'd

As a Producer:
Ready... Aim... Vol. I (2005)
Ready... Aim... Vol. II (2006)
Ready... Aim... Vol. III (2006)
Ready... Aim... Vol. IV (2007)
Family Jewels - Collectors Edition (2007)
Ready... Aim... Vol. VI (2008)

As a DJ:
From where? - 1998
The Gully Tape Mixtape - 2002
The Love Chronicles - 2003
Starvin' Artists - 2006
Flowers and Candy - 2006
The Rmx - 2007
Sprung -n- Broke - 2007
Best of... - 2007
Crack Music - 2008

Set List

Set: 30-90 minutes
Consists of fan favorited records throughout artist career.
1. Skate
2. Lights Out feat. C. Storme
3. Feels so good (My Body) feat. A. $herman, C. Storme
4. Best of both worlds
5. Hate
6. Come closer
7. Shine feat. V. Evans, Keys
8. Superstarz feat C. Storme, A. $herman
9. Puffin' Piff
10. Forever feat. Power
11. Myspace
12. Down
13. I'm from New Jerz feat. C. Storme
14. Plainfield
15. Private Dancer
16. One of those... (Thug Songs)
17. Bounce, shake, drop
18. So sick feat. C. Storme
19. Crazy
20. Trendsetter

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